29 May 2019

Top 15 Email Marketing Software for Business

The revolution of technology has given birth to different marketing techniques like Social media marketing, SEO, Sales and many more. Of all these, one tactic that is still on the pace is Email Marketing. It is used by most of the marketers as it generates the highest ROI for every

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23 May 2019

what is bitcoin cryptocurrency and how does bitcoin work

There are a lot more expensive things in the world other than gold and diamonds. And to occupy that space of expensive things. Bitcoins are on the race. Keeping aside the controversies and the financial debates on bitcoins. In 2017, Bitcoins occupied every individual’s mind. Wondering what is a Bitcoin?

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21 May 2019

Top 10 Marketing Automation Tools

With the evolution of the digital era, many businesses use some kind of marketing techniques to keep themselves satiated throughout their business journey. How do you manage all your business tasks? Here’s the solution for you. Now, you can automate all your tasks with the use of a marketing automation

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21 May 2019

How to Land a Job in Digital Marketing

A professional degree or a career in DM(Digital Marketing) is an appealing option. As you land in this job, everyone looks you with dignity. Getting paid while viewing Facebook is usually a living dream of any individual. Don’t you agree? Yes, it is!! While Digital Marketing involves a lot of

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20 May 2019

what is business indemnity insurance

Are you into the business world, providing professional service to clients? If your answer is yes, you must know what is business indemnity. It protects your company from financial loss due to a third party (client). With the service there comes the risk. It is always to good to plan

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16 May 2019

Top 10 LinkedIn Marketing Tips

Wondering what LinkedIn can do to your business? Of course, your business has a lot more to do with LinkedIn. It provides business and employment-oriented services. This is not only used for unemployment but it is also used by most of the business professionals. Through LinkedIn, you can reach your

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14 May 2019

what is a forex trading

Trading is the real world market. Forex trading is a place where the prices of the exchanged units change. This is the world’s largest market place for trading. It is an act of buying and selling different national currencies in exchange of other. Currencies are always used to trade and

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07 May 2019

How to outsmart the Facebook Algorithm in 2019

Facebook, a social networking site, is evolving continuously and ensuring its users to stay engaged. You can share your memorable photos, post comments, and links to interesting content on chat live, web and Short-form video. Like Instagram and Snapchat there are even Facebook stories which you can share for 24

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06 May 2019

How to Install and use WhatsApp on any Windows PC or Laptop

What do you think the most popular messaging app on the smartphone used by billions right now? Whatsapp, guessed it right. Almost every operating system like Android, iOS, Symbian and Windows has WhatsApp in their store. It has reduced the sending and receiving of SMS among many people. To tell

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30 Apr 2019

How to Hire Sales and Marketing Rep

An organization starts with a founder and with his goals, mission, and an idea. An idea can change your life is the age-old adage. Same works well with the company. As this seed called idea gets nourished and fleshed out, other employees like marketing and sales rep come on ship

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