08 Dec 2022

How to get followers on Twitter?

Are you on Twitter? As a businessman, do you know the analytics for your business? Are you planning for maximum exposure for the content strategy you created? Want to know how to gain more followers in a limited time? For all this, the social media giant Twitter is a robust

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10 Sep 2021

How to Install and use WhatsApp on any Windows PC or Laptop

What do you think the most popular messaging app on the smartphone used by billions right now? Whatsapp, guessed it right. Almost every operating system like Android, iOS, Symbian and Windows has WhatsApp in their store. It has reduced the sending and receiving of SMS among many people. To tell

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01 Sep 2021

How do you like something on Instagram?

Instagram a king and queen of social media. It is a lightweight platform which focuses on photos and videos. Edit the filters, add captions, engage and be active by following others, add captions and what not its an end-all-be-all social network. Explore Instagram and have an edge on it. Keep

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11 Oct 2019

Tips to Adjust Your Content Marketing Strategy for 2019

In this digitalized world, content marketing strategy in one-in-all strategy. It is all about sharing information. The data can be of educational, insightful and entertaining. This ultimately earns traffic to your website and improve brand recognition. Thus, effective content marketing tactics are constructed on two pillars that primarily comes under

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08 Oct 2019

Top 15 HR software for the Business

Sometimes it is so amazing to see how technology has changed the lives of people. Be it for personal or professional. These softwares have made the work easy and fast. It has entered in every department of your office like finance, sales, production, general etc. It has now impacted the

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20 Jun 2019

How do AI and ML impact your content

Did you hear about Alexa? The answer would be an obvious answer, Yes. It is an AI, Artificial Intelligence which has become a household name for many. Though this is not a new concept this has become a new phenomenon. The modern buzzword of AI has been here since 1956,

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18 Jun 2019

How to Brand Your Company Effectively on Social Media

The mainstays, why audiences go for your product, is, they rely on your brand. If you establish strong trustworthiness then people value your surprises. Hence as a business owner building, a prodigious brand recognition needs to be on top of your list to achieve. This platform has become a forerunner

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10 Jun 2019

What are the ways to design a logo for your startups

Logos are the face of your businesses. When starting a business it is the most important thing to look into. Though they are very small to look it conveys a deeper meaning about your company. They quickly and effectively tell what tour company does. As your company is just a

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04 Jun 2019

How to Setup and start business in France

France is a country which is governed by the government sector. It interferes in various affairs of the business. It is not a country free for entrepreneurs. Many prefer to work in the public sector instead of setting up a business. The governmental charges are skyrocketing and getting insurance is

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04 Jun 2019

How to add/integrate WhatsApp to WordPress Website

This is the era of mobile usage. Mobile is on the wheels everywhere. You can imagine a day without mobile. Every application you designed has to be mobile-friendly. It is not a pontification but a true. According to research, Mobiles are beating the internet while there are 91% of online

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