Top 10 LinkedIn Marketing Tips

Wondering what LinkedIn can do to your business? Of course, your business has a lot more to do with LinkedIn. It provides business and employment-oriented services. This is not only used for unemployment but it is also used by most of the business professionals. Through LinkedIn, you can reach your ideal customers.  By creating a LinkedIn marketing page, you can generate leads, drive website traffic to your page and increase brand awareness. You can connect to your relevant communities which initiates in the brand exposure.

To get started, you need a LinkedIn page which will help you attract genuine customers. Create personalized ads and promote your business with linked ads. Analyze your ads with the campaign manager.

The reason why most of the businesses approach Linkedin is its Professionalism. From conversation to partnerships and transaction, it is used for building your business. Unlike other social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter Posting and updating the status alone doesn’t do the job. You need a strategy and a special approach to reach your prospects.

Stick with the article till the end to get to know the tips that you need to follow while marketing on LinkedIn.

1. Create a Business profile

Getting started, create a business page from your LinkedIn profile. If you don’t have one. Create your Linkedin profile with all the details like your education, previous works, your current stage in the business world. People do business with people. Create a human to human connection. Jot down all your skills, achievements and most importantly add a summary. A summary must be written in a complete sentence and in the first person point of view. A profile creates the first impression for anyone who searches for you. Having your own profile picture of you is compulsory.

Ask your employees to be on LinkedIn.

Yes, even your employees need a LinkedIn profile which increases the brand power.

Your company page must provide all the opportunities for your customers. This allows them to have an idea about the company and your employees. Produce relevant content and engage with your customers.

Benefits of creating a business page,

  • Join the conversations that matter
  • Know and reach your audiences
  • Engage with the audience

Need extra benefits? Then you must definitely switch to LinkedIn premium.

2. Know your audiences

Define your company goals and accomplishments to know your audience. Linkedin is a great tool to put your business in front of the professional audience. So, it is more likely for a person to buy your product. Create ads, sponsored content and text ads through an inmail. You can now target your audience with the matched audience tool.

  • Target audiences based on their recent searches on your page
  • Build audiences by adding your email address (Contact targeting)
  • Account based targeting to target other company accounts

This tool will help you manage your audiences and develop your business targeting professional audiences.

3. Optimize your page

The Goal of Optimizing your company profile is to increase visibility. A well-optimized profile is a need when your audience search for you be it on LinkedIn or off LinkedIn. Optimize your page to an SEO friendly.

Insert keywords in your profile which clearly determines your company goals, accomplishments, who you are and what your company does. If you are stuck on what type of keywords to use. Step into the shoes of your customer and think what phrases or words your prospect may use while searching.

Create a custom link for your company. This an amazing way to boost your page. Ask your employees to add a company profile to their account. This generates a backlink to your page.

Deliver relevant and high-quality content. This improves the rankings of your page. When you regularly update your page with the content, it appears publicly allowing Google to index your content. The more you push the content the more engagement you get from your audience.

4. Increase Email Marketing list

If you are already into business, you might know the importance of collecting emails. Here’s a way to do it. Invite your customers to join your email list. When they approve your request, send them a customized crafted letter saying “Thank You for joining us”.

You can send to 50 members at a time. Embed the email sign up link and tell them the benefits of signing up to your email.

5. Publish engaging content and use Media

Whether it is an image, video or a written piece, content is paramount on any platform. Publish content that is compelling and interesting. A click, like, share and comments are like encouragements to your content and also increase the engagement. Sales content doesn’t really work on LinkedIn. Most people approach to your website when you address the pain points, provide tips, and answer queries.

Choose a topic, create a strong headline, design an enticing image and share all your thoughts on the topic.

It is not always about writing a post and sharing it. You can also share content which is written by others and is relevant to your business this builds a thought leadership process engaging audience to your page. Include Links in your text to hook up with audiences.

A human consumes visual content faster than the written content. Include images, infographics and videos into your text. This makes a user engage with the whole article.

6. Sponsor your content

When you update the content that is highly engaging and that which generates most leads. You can sponsor the update with the “sponsoring content” feature. It is a type of advertisement on Linkedin. It directly reaches to the desired potentials or audiences. With this, you can target the audience depending on your niche, and drive leads.

7. Create and join groups

Be the part of Linkedin groups and be active. Join the groups that are relevant to your business. This particularly useful for small and medium-sized business. Interact and share your ideas. This way you will get to know what your audiences are talking about.

The best way to find your ideal customers is to “create a group of your own”. After creating a group, as earlier said join other groups where your prospects might be waiting for you. When you’ve Joined the groups, search on the member’s list of the page to find your prospects, filter the list and later invite them to your group. Keep the members of your group updated.

8. Create an Ad campaign

Apart from the sponsored content, there are two other ways to promote your content. They are self-service ads and manage ads. Keeping aside to the type of ad you use. There are three options to get the fruitful results.


There are about 400million people on LinkedIn and still counting. Focus on the audience and segment your message. Target the audiences with educational and employment-based attributes to resonate your message. Strategic targeting will lead you to better engagement and helps you to drive traffic to your website.


Advertising products on LinkedIn is like a price auction. Which means if a customer wins a bid, they will have to pay for the minimum price of the product and beat the second highest bidder. Linkedin displays the result of who won the bid. Depending on your campaign goals you can set bid per click or click per thousand impressions (CPM).

Measurement and optimization

Launch your ads and monitor them. Run different variations of ads and see which works the best. Track your ads both on LinkedIn and on your site. If it is a sponsored content you can also check the engagement rates, shares and comments. Make a unique URL for increased off-site performance.

Linkedin displays the ad in such a way that it determines who won the auction. Higher the CTR (click through rate) higher will be the chances of winning an auction for your company. While focusing on the ad variations, spend only on the ads that are performing well. Cut the prices or spend the least on low performing ads.

9. Use Inmail

Inmail is a LinkedIn strategy that costs you a little. But it’s worth every penny. Activate Inmail and contact with anyone on LinkedIn. You can leverage with the members you filtered in the group in a personal way. It performs 3x better than a normal email could do. Inmail is the most powerful tool to directly reach your audience.

10. Claim Your URL

Create a custom URL and claim. Make sure that URL has your company name in it. This is especially needed if you have contact with potential clients and the ones in the b2b sector. A client before meeting you will search for you on Google to get an idea on who you are and what your company does. This increases the probability of your page appearing at the top in search engine.

Linkedin not only helps with the unemployment it is also useful for business. Be it a small or large business, LinkedIn marketing is helpful to everyone. Try it and get professional prospects to your business.

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