How LinkedIn Premium Can Help You Find Your Next Job


Finally done with your graduation? But, what about the next step. Take a deep breath, relax and gear up for the next important phase of life i.e., to find a job and to get settled. Nowadays Finding a job that you love is a nightmare. But LinkedIn has turned that nightmare into a beautiful dream. LinkedIn has a premium version called Linkedin Premium with additional benefits.  

Do you know that 92% of the recruiters use social media to maintain their presence and the one which they mostly use is Linkedin. Yet, it is found that only 36% of the job seekers are on LinkedIn. With free LinkedIn, you can put yourself ahead of the competition but for that special deal, you need to change your free account to Premium account. But, it’s not that easy. You’ll need a well built LinkedIn profile to have leverage on your competitors.

Some are benefited from the free version of LinkedIn. while the extra benefits are obtained from the LinkedIn premium. Other than the job search on LinkedIn, a Linkedin premium account allows sending a  message outside your network.

Before directly getting to the premium account, you need to know what a free LinkedIn account does.

  • Maintain a professional identity
  • Build a network with others
  • Provide and receive recommendations
  • Search for people, companies, jobs etc.,
  • Receive emails from the recruiters
  • Follow the jobs and recruiters you like
  • Save searches and get weekly alerts
  • Build a professional identity on the web

LinkedIn premium offers you a wide variety of uses other than these.

Features of LinkedIn premium that can help you find your next job,

1. Premium Profile

To get hired 2x faster you should select a premium career plan. After a 30 day free trial you will have to pay 19.69 $ per month  So, depending on the type of profile, a Premium profile feature allows a larger profile picture with a customizable background. Stand out from the crowd, yes LinkedIn will help you stand out of the crowd. With a customized background, you can target industries, professional sectors, and the recruiters.

2. Expanded Profile Views

With the basic profile, very few can view your profile. But with the premium membership, you can check the number of profile views from the last 90 days.

And here, in the premium membership, you can also see how people have approached your profile. This allows you to personalize and strengthen your LinkedIn profile.

3. Featured application status

The benefit of being a premium member of LinkedIn is that you will be ranked at the top with the additional benefits.

So just go Premium.

4. Inmail

With Inmail messages, you can message to anyone on LinkedIn. But with the free version, you can’t connect with anyone without sending an invite.

Inmails will include some professional background information so that your recipient feels confident about who you are. In case if you don’t get a response, your account will be credited to message someone else’s account.

When using a free LinkedIn profile, you can also purchase your Inmails at 10 dollars each.

5. Advanced search

This premium search tool will help you to autotune the searches and save time while you search for a job. You can search for the people based on the company, hashtags, fortune 500 ranking, seniority etc.

If you subscribe to the highest plan of your premium search, you can search for the premium and talented filters such as groups, experience, role of the job, with the “New to LinkedIn” you can search for the people who are new to linkedIn, and connect with the people who can fit your criteria.

6. Open Link

An open link will allow anyone to contact you without sending you an invite or introduction. While the basic members can connect only with an invite or introduction. You can send an invite or follow your favorite recruiters with it.

7. LinkedIn mobile app

The LinkedIn job search is available for both the ios and android users. You can apply, save, track and receive the notifications regarding the jobs you are interested in. With the help of Easy apply you can filter the jobs and apply from your mobile.

8. Degrees of Connection

The degree of connection you have with another member affects how you can interact with them on LinkedIn.

There are three degrees of connection,

1st-degree connection: You can connect with the people as you have accepted the invitation and the same happen when you send an invite shows the 1st-degree icon next to their name.

2nd-degree connection: When someone connects to you from a 1st-degree profile, You will see a 2nd-degree icon next to their name in the search results.

3rd-degree connection: People who are connected to you through a second-degree profile, you will see a 3rd-degree icon next to them.

The degree of connection will help you build your network by accepting or inviting others to your profile. This way the number of visitors to your profile increases and definitely the best way to get hired.

9. Job list Break down

When you search for a job you can use this feature, as it allows you to find the fellow competitors by a level of experience and skills. This feature lets you take the decision about whether to apply for the job or not.  

10. How you rank

How you rank is a feature of Linkedin available even to the basic members. It allows you to compare with the limited number of your connections. The best thing about this feature is, it provides all the suggestions on how to improve to your rank. But with the LinkedIn premium, you can see the ranking of the top 100 professionals.


You will never know the value of something until you try it. LinkedIn is worth every penny spent. You can also try 30 days free trial to experience the worth. If you think it isn’t beneficial after a 30-day free trial you can go back to the free profile.

With LinkedIn You can connect with the business professionals, a higher response to Inmails, increase profile views and have higher chances of getting hired.

If you are someone who values time. Just go for a premium Linkedin profile and get quick results.


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