Things to Do if Potential Investors Don’t Seem Impressed with Your Presentation

It’s frustrating when you start to present your ideas to potential investors and realize that they don’t seem impressed with what you’re saying. They don’t even hide how they feel. You can sense the lack of interest based on facial expressions and gestures. Since you’re still presenting, you might get distracted. It hurts your chances of delivering a good performance. These tips will help you if faced with that situation.

Stop analyzing the investors

You entered the room to present. You prepared well for that presentation. You even went for the projector on ceiling option to make the meeting room more conducive for business pitches. Use it wisely, and don’t allow yourself to get distracted. Avoid obsessing about what the investors think. Besides, their facial expressions don’t really say much. Some of them intentionally make faces to see how focused you are. If you put meanings into them, it will only hurt your chances of getting their approval. 

Pause for a while

If the sudden reaction threw you off a bit, you should pause for a while. You can’t continue talking when your mind goes blank. Gather yourself first before you continue talking. When you’re ready to speak, you can proceed with the next part of the presentation. 

Throw some punches

If you feel like the investors feel bored, pull your biggest cards. Go straight to the point in your presentation and make it harder for them to ignore you. Highlight the most significant parts of your business ideas, and they will pay attention again. 

Allow the investors time to think

The investors already attended several pitches. They won’t even agree to the meeting if nothing is interesting about your idea. Therefore, you can’t lose hope if you feel like no one is listening to you. Once your presentation is over, the investors will take the time to review your documents and remember what you said. They will be taking out a huge sum of money if they agree to invest. Hence, it’s natural for them to think hard before saying yes. The point is that you shouldn’t conclude that there were decisions on the spot since it’s not true. It could only happen if you messed up everything that you planned to say. 

Finish the presentation soon

If the investors aren’t hiding their frustrations anymore and you’re certain about it, you can end the presentation. Cut it short and go to the last part. However, even if you felt that the investors didn’t like what you said, you should still feel grateful. You might meet again next time. Perhaps, your future ideas will be better, and these investors will agree to them. You can’t break relationships over one presentation. These investors also run in circles. They might tell others how terrible you are and to avoid investing in you. It could hurt your chances of finding any investor. Be a good sport and accept that your ideas weren’t good enough. Work harder to do better next time. 

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