08 Nov 2023

Exploring the top 3 Microsoft Teams alternatives for improved business communication : Zoho Cliq, Slack, and Google Meet

Any successful business relies significantly on communication tools to connect employees, streamline workflows, and enhance collaboration in today’s fast-paced, digital world. Three notable tools that have transformed business communication are Zoho Cliq, Slack, and Google Meet. Let’s explore the features, advantages, and distinctive qualities of these top three business communication

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28 Feb 2023

iMind: Whether the Service is Worth Its Attention

As the world has shifted towards remote work, videoconferencing services have become increasingly important. iMind is a relatively new videoconferencing service that has been gaining attention in the business world. But is it worth considering for your organization? What Do We Know About It? iMind offers a wide range of

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16 Mar 2021

The Five Essential Software Development Practices To Increase Team Productivity.

Software developers’ productivity has increased strongly in recent years, despite the pandemic. This increase in productivity is due to the deliberate effort of major corporations to improve their codebases quality. Bug fixing and debugging have become an increasingly crucial task in complex software code that relies on regular maintenance. This

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21 Jan 2021

Top 10 Accounting Software for Business Owners

Many entrepreneurs know how important it is to keep track of their business’s finances. Accounting software helps business owners monitor the accounts payable and accounts receivable, file their taxes, bill clients and assess their profitability. With so many accounting software to choose from, business owners can make the right pick

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08 Oct 2019

Top 15 HR software for the Business

Sometimes it is so amazing to see how technology has changed the lives of people. Be it for personal or professional. These softwares have made the work easy and fast. It has entered in every department of your office like finance, sales, production, general etc. It has now impacted the

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06 Jun 2019

what is Cardano cryptocurrency and how does Cardano work

Globalization in the technology has given rise many norms that have made the financial system effortless. Of them, the evolution of bitcoins has made transferring of money, saving value and exchange of money easier.  There are about 4000 alternates of bitcoins called alternate coins. Out of these, ethereum, ripple gained

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27 May 2019

Top 10 Best Automation Testing Tools

Trends in technology have been increasing with emerging of new software. The developed software is generally tested by the group of software developers or testers. But the developed software might have a lot of defects. Well, how would it be if your newly bought dress has damage and you bought

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18 Apr 2019

What is cPanel Hosting?

Planning to build a website or initiate the blog. By now, you’ve probably known that you need some form or the other type of hosting. You might have even consulted a few hosting providers to test. Providers enquired you about the cPanel settings. You got confused and had a blank

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15 Apr 2019

What is Cloud Hosting?

Cloud hosting refers mainly to managing the network, virtual hardware, composite solutions and storage by a cloud vendor. The popularity of cloud hosting is growing daily. It is very convenient to have and has many useful functionalities. The user takes help of fundamental specifications to host its own services, applications,

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10 Apr 2019

What is Windows Web hosting?

Are you planning to launch a website to beat this competitive world? Many organizations are at present embracing this new shift and developing a mindset to emplane on this massive culture. Are you the one who wants to cross your desk globally and reap the benefits of the internet boom?

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