What is cPanel Hosting?

Planning to build a website or initiate the blog. By now, you’ve probably known that you need some form or the other type of hosting. You might have even consulted a few hosting providers to test. Providers enquired you about the cPanel settings. You got confused and had a blank face as you don’t know the answer to this.
Building your own website either as an individual or an organization is one thing. Managing emails, controlling the files, and adding domains and subdomains is another thing. You are now, thinking is there a smarter way to do this work? Isn’t it?

In this regard, managing these assets is not anymore an alarming task. In such a situation, the control panel becomes an in-thing.

For web hosting, cPanel is the most well-blown Linux based control panels. In an easy and empowering way manages all the services in one place. As a geek, you can control and mage all the files.
Bouncing around to know more and have food for thought!!

what is term cPanel all hold for?

cPanel aids you in administering the Linux-based hosting accounts online.

In this era of technology-driven, managing daily tasks manually becomes arduous. Don’t you? No, don’t get fret as cPanel takes care of managing your manoeuvring emails, setting mail forwards and resetting passwords. Whilst, it also allows taking backup archives from websites, managing and uploading files, addon domains, security and FTP measures.

cPanel is an easy and complete CMS, web management tool. Years went by, it has come as a good fortune to many webmasters. It is like a diamond which is precious to the commons. cPanel recently has become everyone’s cup of tea, isn’t it? It a favourite web professional because of its convenient GUI. If you want a hassle-free management system admins, then cPanel is your choice. cPanel can be used for managing, creating databases, downloading and uploading your desired files, deleting, modifying and creating files, and many other essential features. Unbelievable right, try it once.

CPanel is used on Linux-based platforms such as

  • Mandriva,
  • SUSE,
  • Fedora,
  • CentOS and many more.

The SSL version of cPanel can be accessed on ports like

  • 2083
  • 2082

Features of cPanel

Web hosting with cPanel has come up with many specifications that cover file management, security, and app installation. Let us have insights to pump your understanding

FTP accounts

File transfer protocol (FTP) allows users to download, upload move or delete their files with the help of FTP accounts. Done with your signup in cPanel, FTP account is now gets created automatically within the cPanel.

Without unwarranted users accessing it, you can create as many FTP accounts as possible. cPanel gives you permission to determine, the access level for the users and have a particular directory.

Database support

cPanel is backed by PostgreSQL and MySQL. This makes the difficult tasks done easy. The tasks of database management were once held by an administrator. Now, anyone can manage with ease. External hosts can also access the MySQL databases. The exemplary GUI makes it simple for everyone to follow the steps required for database management.

Multiple domain names

No 2 companies are the same, right. Why invest in a one-size-fits-all cPanel? With the control panel

  • Add multiple domains and sub-domains
  • Design MySQL database
  • Use the system to do any task you like. For instance, modifying and creating tables.
  • Import files into a database
  • Do you know that your users can browse your domain name in different ways? Yes, it is possible with cPanel “Domain Aliases”
  • Additionally, they can even redirect to a specific web page using redirect feature


Install the applications by installing a script installer, Softaculous. With just a click user can install 400  and more applications.

Some of the web applications are

  • Joomla
  • WordPress
  • Drupal
  • Magento and more

cPanel has become a widespread toll among web professionals as it is a saviour for everyone.

Functional features

Get a grip on web pages and websites with its best features and add-ons. Make the experience more creative and aesthetic.  design your own website with fun and frolic around. Express the need of the website and your business. Make it appealing for the viewers to visit. Make it interactive by allocating some time to it. Managing your time correctly and knowing how to organize the apps using cPanel makes a lot of difference.
Are you a freelancer, corporation or running a business? Take the advantage of cPanel and step ahead in this beautiful virtual world.

Email functions

Want to keep everyone in the loop and stay connected? They are plenty of options, Email functions become an easy and great way to work with. This is the world of professionalism and competence. It is essential to keep a professional outlook. With this tool in hand:

  • Create, design, edit, modify and delete the email accounts
  • Mailing list options are also provided to make your job easy
  • Modify or change the passwords
  • Filter out spammy emails
  • Limit the mailbox quota
  • Configure the emails with your Gmail account
  • cPanel offers a mailing list options where-in you can send emails to multiple users at the same time


  • As cPanel offers a graphical user interface, it can be used by anyone conveniently. Even the new users can hang hold of this without much ado
  • The requirements for cPanel is very simple. It just requires 512 MB RAM, 266MHz Linux-based system and less than 100 GB available disk space. If you on a dedicated server, don’t worry about those requirements.
  • With the integration of fantastico, it provides tons of script. There are 50+ one click Auto-installer scripts. With these simple scripts, the user can easily manage the application
  • With Spam Assassin in its place. You can filter the emails. It scans each and every email  and scores the spam emails if any

  • Using cPanel, upgrade your application to Apache, Tweak MySQL etc. it is even portable. Even the new entrant can perform server migration with barely minimum complexity
  • No need of any other panels if your web hosting provider installs cPanel. With this built-feature monitor the performance level of your website. You can even keep an eye on
    • Resource utilized
    • Disk space used
    • Speed


Though they are obvious reasons why you want to have cPanel web hosting, there are even reasons why not to go for cPanel beneath the surface.

  • cPanel is meant for only small and medium websites because of its restricted size
  • More vulnerable and prone to a security risk. Generally, cPanel gets nightly updates. If there are any updates, it can have a huge impact on your lost data
  • Obtaining a licence is a bit expensive. It can only be attained once this license cost is incurred

Final Thoughts

With the help of cPanel, you can thus run a profitable presence online. It is fierce yet remarkably interface. With its speed and ease, cPanel manages manifold subdomains. It makes a dependable, versatile and truly stable Linux-based tool.
Do you want to go for cPanel and have its rich features? Without a doubt, you need to have it. Even if you have limited technical skills and excellent capabilities create a feature-rich website smoothly.

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