Top 15 HR software for the Business

Sometimes it is so amazing to see how technology has changed the lives of people. Be it for personal or professional. These softwares have made the work easy and fast. It has entered in every department of your office like finance, sales, production, general etc. It has now impacted the work of HR also. Traditionally HR work was treated as a paper and monotonous work where salary decisions are taken, Employee grievances are addressed, team building sessions are organized and hiring and firing people are made. Gone are those days and new challenges are faced by the HR department. To spark those novel innovations are made. For instance, recruitment processes are mainly done through social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter etc.
Furthermore, industries are also looking for ways to simplify their work and integrating with technology in their departments too. Though many companies are still following the traditional paper method, as the business grows it becomes a nightmare for managing all the HR activities manually. So, it is essential to implement HR software into your system as soon as possible.

Business needs

Moreover, as you know there are two main types of activities related to HR, based on these HR software have been developed. Hence choose the one which suits your business type and delve into it.
The main HR activities are

  • Core HR functions like processing payroll, attendance tracking etc.
  • Strategic functions include hiring, retaining the best employees, and firing

In-built features of a software

Based on the HR activities the software has built and has the following features

  • Stores all the important documents of your employees at one place
  • Enrolling for benefits and manage their options
  • Tracking job applicants and managing recruitment processes
  • Helping new employees by improving their speed and training them in need
  • Track the performance of employees yearly, set goals for the next year
  • Analyzing employee data and creating customized reports such as attendance, employee satisfaction, turnover

Top software for your businesses

Now you understood, how to choose software based on the activities you are involved and features some of the software providers. Let’s delve into deeper and look into different compilations of HR software


BambooHR is a cloud-based software that caters to small and medium-sized businesses. It is user-friendly software with excellent features.BambooHR lets focus on the employees and not on the processes. Using BambooHR is clear, intuitive and easy.
You can access BambooHR’s automation tools in various languages and in multiple currencies. This provides HR managers to track employee data such as turnover and retention.


  • Supports electronic signatures
  • Multiple Administrative seats
  • Tracking job applicants through Applicant Tracking Software(ATS)
  • Hiring employees-Offboarding and onboarding
  • Time tracking and paid time offs
  • Performance management
  • Employee satisfaction(eNPS)

You can save and optimize the HR workflows when all you need is just a few clicks rather than, the paper-job. On top of everything, this software is a mobile friendly with all the customizable tabs, fields and tables. They have free access to videos, forums, training videos, and whitepapers for you to get on track.


They have a free trial. For more benefits, you can have a paid subscription also. They charge based on the number of employees in your organization. In addition to the one-time implementation fee.

Zoho People

ZohoPeople is an effective and simple tool that serves all your HR needs. It is opted by small, medium and large business owners. Focus more on people by implementing Zoho and managing all your HR activities. Create customizable modules by adding tabs and forms based on your organizational needs. It offers flexible drag-drop
Zoho People allows users to create custom modules by adding forms and tabs based on needs. It offers drag-drop functionality.

The employee self-service feature allows employees to access, update and modify their own records as per the organizational compliance. The File Cabinet feature helps HR staff store and share HR and company-related documents. With its drag and drop and self-service feature, employees can modify and update their records as per the business compliance. To share and store Zoho has come-up with an enhanced feature called File cabinet.


  • Attendance and leave tracker
  • Time tracking and handle shift schedules
  • Customize your performance appraisals through modules like Goals and KRA
  • Initiate, sort, track and resolve the queries on time
  • Employees can apply for leave, fill in their details, submit approvals by eliminating middlemen


Initially, it comes with a free plan and has four paid options. It charges on an employee basis and per employee, it starts from $1/employee/month and extends up to $5/employee/month. It even has annual plans starting from $9.96 and goes up to $49.92


Namely is a platform which caters all the mid-sized companies and offers HR and payroll services. Build better workplaces with it. On the contrary, it is not suitable for micro and small businesses. Namely is building HR for humans. They are coming with a technology that supports HR data and thrives for excellence. It converts the culture and makes innovative choices or decisions. Their strategy is simple that connects and empowers the employees.


  • A centralized, streamlined, flexible for recording all the employee data.
  • With social news feed stay updated with company’s pathways
  • Through mobile, keep connected with all the company’s data on fingertips away
  • Track key events such as anniversaries, birthdays, time-offs with company’s calendar
  • Automatically update any salary changes, promotions and more
  • It syncs all your HR and Payroll data
  • Enables you to file tax simply by handling W-2s and more

According to most on the clients, through Namely, there is an enhancement in employee engagement and productiveness. It’s all because of its design. The look and feel of Namely is like any other social networking platforms. This made it more easy to use and collaborate.


Zenefits offers a new world of HR activities. Its fierce, intuitive tools grouping together on one platform. By minimizing administrative overhead costs it doubles the employee engagement. To put it in other words, there is less paper-work and more system-related work. It includes some of the core and strategic activities of HR like

    • Staying up to date on tax formalities, earnings, deduction
    • Tracking and managing time-off requests
    • Employee-record-keeping activities
    • Reporting
    • Approving leaves without any middlemen intervention

You even know that people are occupied with their own works. They can track their information on insurance, medical reimbursements, more on their smartphone by installing an app. These features are quite handy.


CakeHR is deployed for the purpose to solve all the HR challenges and focus on business strategies. CakeHR not only has massive experience in this field but also developed their software in other fields too. Like Sales and marketing. This is the perfect solution to build any product. Though it began as a Small-Lativian Start-up back in 2011, now grew its wings and serving more than 1000 cities.

It has gained the name as a trusted HR partner. When it started it was only a leave management tool but now it has fully-integrated modules like shift scheduling, timesheets, performance and expenses. Weekly there will be an update for this software and new enhancements bringing the best HR tools for their clients.


According to the module, you select the price ranges differs. You can always enrol yourself for a free 14-day trial.  


JazzHR is developed with the initial motive to streamline the entire HR process of hiring. Build your dreams with a user-friendly JazzHR which scales your capabilities for finding and hiring a great pool of resources. At present JazzHR is focusing more on the recruitment aspect and providing real functionalities in the niche area. With instant access to this software, you can start receiving and reviewing resumes, start sourcing with only a few clicks away. You can even record the interviews and compare different candidates in a well-systematic way. Customize your search based on your business needs. They are different needs like seasonal hires to franchised locations. Their hiring needs are unique. Hence with JazzHR capabilities make your process exclusive.

If there is a need for wide-range of HR solutions, you can easily schedule and integrate with HRIS, branding and background checks. The process seems to be seamless for both the parties. The mantra for them is simple: If you need your recruitment right, then JazzHR is there for you.


The basic option starts at $39/month and goes to a pro version at $309/month. Both on an annual plan.


Bullhorn, a cloud software designed primarily for ATS(Applicant tracking System), CRM(customer Relationship management) and salesforce. It can be accessed on the web as well as on mobile devices. Its main mission is to create an incredible customer experience by fostering innovation, inclusion, philanthropy and driven by core values and a crew of expert leaders. The core values mainly depend on ownership, energy, speed+agility, service and being human. It streamlining the task of recruiters and improving job applicants exposures. It prides itself of having a culture which encourages

  • Career development
  • Community service
  • Teamwork
  • Innovation
  • Fun

More importantly, it leverages data and creates staffing-related actionable reports. The total journey of the recruiting process from scheduling, organizing and giving feedback is handled by Bullhorn. It demonstrates urgency by integrating with other platforms like LinkedIn, Gmail, and outlook. As the business frontier follow their mantra of finding the right resource, by making more placements and work smarter not the hardest way.


  • CRM
  • Applicant tracking system
  • Onboarding
  • Middle and Back office
  • Time and expenses
  • Invoicing
  • Pulse
  • Onboarding
  • VMS integration
  • Executive search software

They’re even coming up with new updates and at present, it is bringing in a new model Pay and bill into their business ventures.


It provides its services to small, SMBs and enterprises by pricing them in four different levels. But the only drawback for this is it doesn’t give any free trails. Ranges from Team, Corporate, Enterprise which is popular and EnterprisePlus.


Ease simplifies your daily activities by reducing paperwork for your HR services. It is number #1 rated administrative and HR software for small businesses employees ranging from 2-250 employees. A number of businesses are now relying on ease to help them grow their prospects. This is specially powered by insurance brokers. Finally, a product which solves all your challenges and grows, protect, and digitize the world has come up. Over 60,000 businesses rely on ease as it is enabled with G2crowd. With a fast set-up, it digitally-maps rates, enrolment forms, eligibility, contributions and more for individual clients. It even supports clients 24/7.

Key features

  • Compensation statements
  • Online enrollment
  • Client Management Reports
  • Employee scheduling
  • Payroll management
  • Benefits administration

This software can be used on various cross-device platforms such as desktops, laptops, tablets, and mobiles. This offers its clients with compliance management specifications and a customer Reporting & Analytics engine.


This software is usually deployed by agencies and preferred by clients. It is mostly about by the insurance brokers.
For an entry-level paid subscription it charges 349/month billed annually. This is only to replace the paper works for 1000 employees.
The most popular is the agency which is 649/month. For 6 agency users over 5,000 employees.
If your business is large having unlimited employees with 10 agency users then go for Enterprise package with $1,199/month.
These services are provided either on a monthly basis or annually and can be availed through Phone or email. Call for a free demo

Dayforce HCM – Ceridian

Dayforce is a modern-day cloud-platform with all its comprehensive features to manage all your HR functionalities. It’s a global platform that transforms the experience of employees. It combines HR activities like payroll, workforce management, talent management, and benefits in a single unique application. It can be implemented to fit the real-time updates and address all the strategic and complex regulatory requirements. It has a flexible and single approach to calculate employees pay continuously through their tenure giving manageable tasks for administrators to know the high-quality pay-time. This provides time to review the pay and audit it whenever there is a time and submit accurate and complete payroll.


Get a complete employee data, whenever and wherever you are. It can be anything from compensation to performance
Monitor all the key trends and indicators like location, turnover by age, etc. and have a huge impact on your company
Empower employees by giving direct access to Dayforce, and let them manage their own activities in the organization. This reduces the burden of doing administrative tasks on HR
Automatically calculate your tax, without and file them before the due date. This simplifies the effort of managing taxes


If you want to understand more about the ROI you can place a call. Even the pricing is available for the one who requests a quote. You may also request for a demo and learn how Dayforce fits your workplace management.


People HR software can really matter to you if you want to scale your business, make an impact by getting noticed. With this software replace any traditional method you are practising such as paper files and spreadsheets and implement modern online HR software that reduces costs by identifying opportunities and growing your business. It is very easy to use without any complications.

Just open the browser and start using this user-friendly for quality performance. For a layman, it is easy to lean without any technical knowledge. Engage your employees by giving them access and allowing them to use anywhere they are. There is an app for iOS and Android users which can be conveniently used to engaging your employees globally.
You can use this software on desktops, tablets, laptops, and mobiles. There are a few flexible integrations too. To manage payroll, you can use services like Star, Moorepay, Ceridian, Sage. You can use the services of People with Dropbox and Google Drive.


  • Supports ATS(application tracking system) used for jobs
  • Vacation-leave calculator
  • 24-hour timesheets
  • Expense logger
  • You can customize the workflows and created automated emails and welcome emails for new hires and schedule their on-boarding training.


People provide a selection of four plans- Team, Professional, Enterprise, and Elite. The initial price you chose will be remained fixed for the lifetime. The starting price is at $4 per month charged on per employee basis.

Lanteria HR

Lanteria HR is a customizable and collaborative HR software based on Office 365 and Sharepoint. It is a digitalized HR partner available for large and medium scale businesses. It offers modules in different areas of HR such as recruitment, attendance, performance, application tracking and internal linking. It offers benefits as per the professional category for HR, IT and Executives.

Benefits for HR

  • All your HR needs are streamlined under a single dashboard
  • Customizable HR software as per the individual organizational needs and all your needs are met accordingly
  • with its user-friendly features, you need not waste time. There is a handy instruction booklet that lets you work easily
  • Migrate to new software reliably and adapt it to your company consistently
  • Lanteria HR is there for increased engagement, collaboration and communication

Benefits for IT

  • Run any version of SharePoint 2016 0r 2013 and leverage an on-premises cloud environment
  • With its customizable and configurable software meet all your HR requirements
  • Integrates with business intelligence(BI) and analytics
  • Accessible on-premises SaaS solution integrated with MS Azure and Sharepoint

Benefits for Executives

  • Customizable files, reports, BI dashboards and charts for entire business opaqueness
  • Improve employee and company performance by increasing productivity
  • Save money and enhance ROI with cost-effective solutions

Breathe HR

BreatheHR is a Uk-based that combines all the diverse data together into easy-to-use dashboards for the company and employees. Basically designed for SMEs, it automates and simplifies your people management. Start with a 14-day free trial period and transform the way your HR manages your employees. Over 6,000 companies trust BreatheHR an implement it to manage their 19,000 employees. It reduces the paperwork by going digitalization. Managing HR online is easy by accessing all your employee documents, vacation planner, and performance appraisal from wherever you are. With customizable reports and streamlined automated approaches, HR software offers you the tools to support all your business needs.


  • Say Goodbye to outdated paperwork and spreadsheets with fast and quick online holiday approvals. Handling employee vacation plans have been easy after Breathe HR.
  • A centralized and seamless application for self-service holiday requests, manager approval and maintaining calendar records are the thing of the present
  • View a dashboard and know how many days you have booked for the vacation and how many days are left to avail for sickness.
  • Breathe document management efficiently streamlines all the admin processes
  • It’s a smart way to increase communication in the company, manage all the business documents, and keep updated compliances
  • Any company trainings your employees have completed and number of training you need to complete yet
  • Key objectives, goals and deliverables
  • With a single click, your employees can request for a training and one-on-one meeting etc

Orange HRM

OrangeHRM is a compact HR software who focuses on core HCM specifications and is available for free. To support startups and Small HR teams, this personalized software has brought your employees together. It doesn’t require any downloads, maintenance costs, and tedious setup processes. It will let you manage your operations via smartphones. Customize everything which includes languages, and develop desires modules as per your business needs working in parallel with professionals. Contact teams for any support like implementation, training, configuration, and for any technical assistance.

Control workflows and carry all the productive administrative jobs at your workplace. Manage the types of leaves across multiple departments in an organization with this open source tool. For some modules, it is open source software but for more advanced payroll and benefits management functionalities you need to pay.

Unique Features

  • Free to use and no need to download anything as it is cloud-based software. A professional module is accessible by enterprise users
  • Have access to important company information and determine their work
  • Process all sorts of leave request by flexibly calendering the leave policies


Sage HRMS is a user-friendly cloud-invoicing that gets your work faster. Start small by dreaming big and free yourself with easy, clever features built around you. It fits your business if your enterprise is SMBs. It manages and helps HR in each and every phase of the employment lifecycle. Manage recruitment cycles and talent management through your computer, laptop, tablet and phone wherever you are. Ease your workload and payroll functionalities on real-time data. Without any experience and thorough knowledge add new functionalities with all the updates time-to-time and make your workplace run smoothly.

Sage HRMS provides a number of updated tools to help them evaluate your employee performance and determine any issues. Identify the people who need more training and development and point out the teams whenever there are promotion cycles.

Unique features

  • A compliant and secure system. By adhering to industrial and governmental policies to avoid risks.
  • Effectively combine all the modules of HR like benefits management, payroll, performance review, ATS, into a single unified HR-payroll solution
  • Improve businesses processes and realize ROI easily

Breezy HR

Breezy HR is there to modernize your HR activities by providing an end-to-end recruiting solution. It helps you attract the new employee and hire them without any effort. It is that simple.
It provides actionable insights to track candidates pipeline to improve the process to make it better. Have informed hiring choices with less effort and time.  With drag-drop, technology automate your daily tasks. Create an attractive job post by using it and post it online and on social networking platforms like Google Jobs, LinkedIn, Career Builder and more.

Streamline the communication and schedule interview by integrating with chrome extension at any point in time. Automate emails, SMS and schedule interview by discovering customization options by having a real-time conversation with prospective candidates. Proactively hire the top talent from the candidate database. Source through sourcing extension and fill the pool of talent resources with a few clicks.


This is a compilation of a few of the software that gives the best out of your HR staff. Majority of these software cover aspects like tracking applications, hiring process, organizing HR activities and also monitor employee leave and performance appraisals. Apart from that, it covers payroll, benefits and taxes. Ensure and supervise the training needs and go for it whenever required. Most of them can be accessed through mobile app along with desktops, laptops, tablets. Anyhow, it depends on the business needs and mechanisms.

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