Top 10 Best Electronic Signature Apps

Signing a document is always a huge task. You need to receive the document through your mail, take a copy, Sign it, scan and then resend it. Sometimes you need to travel very long for just a signature. Such a long process, right. Huff!! Doesn’t this seem irritating? In the world of the digital era, a physical signature is outdated.

Wondering how you can sign your documents without a physical signature?

Electronic signatures can be your saviour. E-signatures can make both your personal and work life much easier. It allows you to collect the signatures shared electronically, without seeking a  person for signature. This can save you both time and money. A person can easily share their signature online. These trusted apps will allow you to share sensitive documents online and sign in the document with just a click. These are secure and verifiable and legal. Electronic signatures are like low hanging fruits.

Most of the companies use e-signatures to convert the contracts and paperwork into documents for which a client’s or employee signature is required.

The e-signature app you use should compensate the following,

  • It must be compatible with any device
  • It must be safe and secure for both the user and the recipient
  • Easily track the shared document
  • Enable permissions
  • Storage capacities for third-party storage for document creation

Want to know what are the apps that can make your signature job easy?

Here are the ten electronic signature apps,

1. Adobe sign

AdobeSign is compatible with both desktop and the mobile version. Which allows you to sign your documents at any time from wherever you are. Adobe Sign is one of the most heard software companies. It is the very first company to start the e-signatures. The features in the app are easy and fast. It ensures that the documents are clear and concise.  You can customize your own signature. It can be used by individuals and the best option for business. It is globally standard and can be used by any business irrespective of the type of business.

How Adobe sign works?

  • It is as simple as sending an email. Type the emails to whom you want to send and mention exactly where you want a signature and click send
  • When an email received your receiver has to just click on the link and sign from the device they are using. No download option available
  • Bid goodbye to your waiting. You don’t have to wait for your receiver to send his signature. You will get a notification immediately when your receiver clicks on the link and signs the document
  • Each step performed is recorded electronically and is secured. Everybody will receive a signed copy which can be stored

Price – For individuals users, the price is $9.99 and for a team, it costs $24.99. For business and enterprises, you need to contact them to quote a price.

2. Docusign

Docusign is one of the most popular e-signature apps. With the very few steps, you can sign your documents from anywhere, anytime and any device.

There are no difficult steps to sign a document. DocuSign provides you with a single straight forward step to sign the document. It integrates with third-party tools like Google, windows, apple etc., and also easily integrates with your current system. It presents a paramount of security for the data.


  • Fast and reliable
  • Electronically Sign from anywhere and any device
  • Easily integrate with other apps

Price – For a standard plan and a single user it will cost you $25/month and if you are in need of a more advanced plan it will cost you $40/month. Before trying a priced version, you can also try a 30-day free trial.

3. Secured Signing

Secured signing is a cloud-based signing software and can be used from any device. The name itself defines how secure the software is. It provides a special feature where you can identify the receiver with a video confirmation. You can invite the other signer and negotiate with the documents. It also supports the PDF files where multiple signatures can be included.


  • Stops documents from getting modified after signing
  • Save time
  • Simple and reliable
  • Easily automates your signature tasks
  • Secured with PKI technology

Price – Pricing depends on the number of people and the number of documents.

4. Hellosign

Hellosign is the fastest way to integrate, flexible and presents you the best user experience with its unique features. It mainly focuses on customer services and allows easy customization. Its API will let you embed the signature in an elegant way.


  • Elegant user experience
  • Secure and legal
  • Easily customize your brand


  • Completes your document workflow in just a few minutes
  • Fast and secure
  • Elegant signatures with API

Price – A free version will allow you to share three documents/month. Pro version will cost you $13/month.  For business, it costs you $40 dollars (4-5 senders).

5. OneSpan Sign

OneSpan Sign is a software that is designed for both small and large companies. It is used by most of the large companies like IBM, US Army sound for starters etc., It is a well optimized, easy to use and ensures the workflow being compatible with different devices. Protection is the ultimate goal of the onespan sign.


  • Easy
  • Secure
  • Audit trails for a comprehensive demonstration
  • Flexible
  • Scalable
  • Cost-effective

Price – $20/ month per user. Quote a price for enterprise plan. Before going for a priced plan you can also try a 30-day free trial.


SignEasy is the fast and efficient software to get your documents ready. It can make all your complicated signing efficiently within no time. There is no special training required as it can be used conveniently. It is a cloud-based software which can be accessed from anywhere and anytime. From desktops to macs it can be easily accessible on any device. You can note down who can sign your documents and these can be saved as templates for later use.


  • Sign any document from anywhere
  • Reduces the friction in business
  • Will save both time and effort

Price – A standard plan will cost you $10/month, plus plan costs you $15/month and a premium plan will cost you $60/month.

7.  KeepSolid Sign

Keepsolid Sign will let you sign the documents from anywhere at any time. Anytime in the sense, you can even sign your documents offline. Isn’t it like beyond anything? It offers you the best user experience. It is compatible with all the devices. It can be used in sales, by an HR, service provision and Real estate.


  • Collect the signatures
  • Make templates of the documents
  • Get notifications
  • Allows you to sign even in offline mode
  • Easily collaborate and manage your team


  • Secured
  • Legal
  • Can be used for both professional and personal use


  • Personnel use – $99.99/month/per user
  • Small team – $349.99/ annually/5 users
  • Large team – $599.99/ annually/ 10 users
  • Enterprise – quote a price depending upon the number of users

8. Signable

Signable sticks to the laws of the UK and European Union. Each and every document and the contacts that are shared through the signable stick to the laws of the European Union and are acceptable by the court. It is that secured.

All you need to do is to upload your required documents to your signable account and enter the name of a person to sign. You need to specially state where you need the signature. A signer doesn’t need any special registration and can be signed on any device. In case if you want to send the document to multiple users, jot down all the names and share.

Price – Get started with the free trial and if you wanted to continue you can switch to the paid version which costs you about 1 euro per document.

9. PandaDoc

PandaDoc is the advanced signing software. It doesn’t make you wait for any kind of approval. The process is all automated, you can instantly get the signatures from anywhere at any time, with just a single click. Even pandadoc adheres to the European Union Regulation and so all the documents are shared through a secured encrypted link. With the pandadoc, you can share the document in person directly from the mobile app or through the desktop version. It easily integrates with the other third-party apps.

Price – For a business, it costs about $49/ month and for a business, you need to quote a price.

10. GetAccept

GetAccept allows you to easily integrate with the other CRM tools. You can keep a track of all the documents when the deals are ideally ceasing.  Not only the signatures it will also sting your insights and also initiates you to improve yourself for the next deals.

Features and Benefits

  • Video Recording
  • Electronically sign your documents
  • Raise your deals
  • Integrate with other tools
  • Archive documents
  • Track Report
  • Document Analysis

Price – $35/month for a starter kit and $45/month for a pro version. You need to quote a price for the enterprise and API version.

This is all about the Electronic signatures. Electronic signatures are truly time-saving. A single signature is all you need to culminate your business deals with just a click. Do try one that suits your business and have a peaceful journey in your business without worrying about a signature. A right E- signature app can do it all for you.

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