How to Install and use WhatsApp on any Windows PC or Laptop

What do you think the most popular messaging app on the smartphone used by billions right now? Whatsapp, guessed it right. Almost every operating system like Android, iOS, Symbian and Windows has WhatsApp in their store. It has reduced the sending and receiving of SMS among many people. To tell you the fact, Whatsapp not only used in conveying messages but it can also serve as sharing videos, images, Gifs, emoticons files etc. It is completely free and no need to worry about charges like normal SMS. If your partner has sufficient mobile data or WiFi, they can instantly receive the messages.

It’s the name where every individual loves to hear. It has become part of their’s daily activity all over the globe. Like a bottle of wine to a gentleman, it has become addictive for everyman. Whatsapp is like water, it does cool thing always. Regularly updating itself, it is getting better day by day. Hey! a piece of good news for you! Now you can use Whatsapp even in Laptop or PC. This is useful when there are issues with Smartphones. Nowadays, you can even send messages to others without saving their numbers on their smartphones. In this article lets drill further and see how to install WhatsApp and use it for better use.

In earlier days, WhatsApp was released only for smartphone users but not for PC or laptop.  But it later realized the use of WhatsApp for computer and Laptop users and released a novel feature referred to as “WhatsApp Web”. It didn’t stop there. Later in 2016, WhatsApp has officially offered a desktop app messenger. With  Commitment and creativity, it has moved and proceeded further.

There are basically two ways to install Whatsapp

  • On Laptop/computer through QR code
  • Using Bluestacks

Method1: WhatsApp through QR code

WhatsApp is the quickest and comfortable way but you require WhatsApp which is already installed on a smartphone. If the WhatsApp is already installed in your smartphone, just follow simple steps below
Go the official website “” and look for the QR code through that website
Open WhatsApp on the smartphone like Android and tap on three dots located on the top-left corner of your WhatsApp. Through the menubar click on WhatsApp web.
Through a scanner on your smartphone Simply scan the QR code.
Scanning the QR code on different devices
Android or Windows Phone 8.1 and later version Chatscreen>>Menu>>WhatsApp web
iPhone 8.1+ – Setting>>WhatsApp. It shows the last active and on what OS the WhatsApp is installed
Once scanned, it will automatically log into the WhatsApp web.
This is the easiest way without any further hustles.
Ensure that the main camera is functioning properly on your phone when you are not able to access the QR code. If the camera is broken, blurry then also the QR code will not be scannable and auto-focus will not function properly.
There are still more ways to do

Method2: Installation through Blustack

For those who are running earlier versions of OS-than Windows 8 or MacOS X10.9, follow below steps

  • Install Bluestack app on to the computer
  • Prior to installing there should be 2GB space left on your desktop’s hard drive. If there is no 2GB Ram, error message pop-up. Simply ignore any graphics related messages.
  • Now Download WhatsApp after there is a complete installation of Bluestack. Click on Whatsapp from the list and install it.
  • After successful installation, You see WhatsApp installation status. Click on the icon and open WhatsApp messenger.

How to configure WhatsApp on your computer

  • Open WhatsApp and agree on the terms
  • Continue and provide the phone number in the following page
  • After providing the phone number, enter verification code to confirm ownership and continue
  • The last step is setting the profile info. After completing it takes you to WhatsApp messenger.

In a few cases, you will receive a verification code late. In such cases use call function.

Requirements to install or use WhatsApp on Laptop/Desktop/table

Supporting web browser (Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera or any other)
SmartPhone devices like Blackberry, Android, Windows Phone, Nokia
An account WhatsApp account
Updated WhatsApp account to later versions
Good Internet and Wi-Fi connection on both devices, computer and mobile
Ensure that you have all these requirements

Some useful functions for WhatsApp PC

Cut (CTRL+X)
Copy (CTRL+C)
Paste (CTRL+V)
Zoom in (CTRL+Shift+=)
Zoom Out (CTRL+-)
Delete Chat (CTRL+Backspace)
Mute (CTRL+Shift+M)
Archive chat (CTRL+E)
Mark as unread  (CTRL+Shift+U)
Previous chat (CTRL+Shift+[)
Close (Alt+F4)

Usage of WhatsApp

  • There are no additional costs but should have a proper internet connection. 2G/3G/4G/Edge to message or call friends. Even you can video call your close ones.  Hence, there will be no charges for every call like a normal telephone call.
  • Receive and send photos- Audio and video. You can even send and receive voice messages
  • Enjoy Group calls and chats and stay in touch with your family and friends
  • After installing on to your computer, you can use WhatsApp Web right from your desktop/tablets
  • There are no international charges or roaming facility. Chat with your family and friends around the world
  • No need to remember all usernames and Passwords. Just feed in your What’s app phone number and integrate with phone’s existing contacts.
  • View even offline messages when the phone is turned off. It remains as unread until the next time you open the message.
  • Exchange contacts, share location and set wallpapers and enable notification sounds. Broadcast all your messages to multiple contacts at one go and much more.


Like keys to the bike, WhatsApp an instant messaging app is to the mobile users. This ease of use and noteworthy has even entered into the dream world of desktop and tablets. With just an active WhatsApp account and a WiFi, you can install onto the computers and use them conveniently. By installing you can work it as you work on smartphones.

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