How to get followers on Twitter?

Are you on Twitter? As a businessman, do you know the analytics for your business? Are you planning for maximum exposure for the content strategy you created? Want to know how to gain more followers in a limited time?

For all this, the social media giant Twitter is a robust platform that generates traffic to your website or blog. This drives more eyeballs for your content. This helps in promoting your services and products. At the last, doubles the influence on the social web.

To make an online presence on Twitter, include the following demographics in your bucket list and try to achieve maximum followers.

  • Buyer Persona and buying style
  • Interests
  • Likes/dislikes
  • Occupation
  • Education

By following this you will get an opportunity to meet and connect with the customers and form deep connections that will have their own advantages in an immense way.

Want to gain more followers– here are the tips

Twitter followers have a real value for businesses and most of the marketers said they have gained more customer views by using Twitter. Hence, possessing active followers on Twitter is stature and they are just the numbers.
This article will reveal some of the ways to maximize your Twitter followers. The mechanics below fit into one of the following four categories.

  • The content should be so enticing so that, the user should have a feel of retweeting it
  • Follow others so others will have a chance of following you back
  • Tweet the content for possibly more visibility
  • Promoting the twitter account efficiently

Getting more followers is a daunting task and following these tips makes the path easier. when you do this the sky will be your limit.

Pin the best tweet

You can link Twitter to your most recent promotion. A powerful tool for linking your best work. There should be a high-quality so that people will be interested to follow you and stay updated. Get hold of the information by pinning down the tweet at the top of your profile page.

How to Pin

  • Open an account
  • Scroll to the tweet
  • Tap the “More” icon in the top right-hand corner
  • In the drop-down menu, Pin the tweet to your Twitter profile

This will stay on top of your profile page. Pinning is an efficient approach to promote your content substantially. change is inevitable. According to changing situations our priorities changes. For this, you can continuously update your pin, for the tweets to stay on top of the profile page

Have a perfect bio and human face

Having excellent bio matters a lot. Don’t agree. Give it a try and see the difference. They are mostly indexed by the search engines like Google, Bing etc. This is the primary point of contact. You can use emojis that sets your mood. Hence while creating a bio choose the words or emojis wisely and organized. It tells tons regarding your brand.
Use a human face if the brand is small or too large to include a company logo. Think staff,  managers, founder as the character in your story and frame a content calendar. The face is the index of the mind. The same applies to the Twitter human face for your business.  

Add location to your bio

Having a local presence is the utmost importance for any business. Set your location settings perfectly on Twitter. Include geographical locations especially if your brand is constrained only to a specific neighbouring locality or city. For Instance, If your restaurant or retail store is located in London, select London in your Twitter account. By doing so, you will be astonished by the increase in engagement level. This makes local influencers to engage in your brand and follow you. You can even select the location for the Tweets on mobile applications such as Twitter for Android and iOS.

Share in other social media platforms

For attracting your audience, don’t go out and follow each and every individual. There are many people and who are willing to follow you. But for this, you need to make the way out and tell them about your Twitter profile.
Note that, to include the link of your website in other social media networking sites such as Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, your blog etc. If there is a participation in other accounts or guest blogging, ask them to mention your account.  This is a great way to maximize the followers’ list.

Apply Twitter buttons

Go one step ahead and use Twitter buttons. With these buttons, your followers can have a seamless experience with your tweets. Let the new audience know and follow your account. Allow existing customers to get engaged by questions, queries,  and feedback. Turn the tables by Linking your account to blog posts. Make it easy for the people who want to retweet you or like your content.
How does Twitter button work
When your follower taps on the tweet button, a pop-up window with a title and the URL ( a custom URL can be set) opens up. Here the user can add more information if they wish prior to addressing the Tweet.

Write well and edit

Among other social media platforms, Twitter has been a tour-de-force. Succinct, short and to the point with 280 characters. Brevity is the soul of the Twitter account. It is also the soul to engage the audience. Earn more retweets for both organic and promoted Tweets with only 70-100 characters.
Edit-Edit-Edit, till your writing succeeds you. An extra pair of eyes will save you from this grave danger. Edit broken links, minor apostrophes, related humiliations, and any outdated facts.
Few guidelines for Writing well-curated content for Twitter

  • Always wear the shoes of your follower and write engaging content
  • A shortened URL which is a sure way to drive followers to your website
  • Using tending #hashtags are the skeletal structure for your Tweets. Include Hashtags to enhance your brand visibility. Users can find and communicate with your Tweets based on this so choose them wisely
  • Your tone of the content takes a long way. Converse with them
  • Humour is a fierce tool on  Twitter. Include them on your writings

In a nutshell

These are a few handy tricks. Stick around with these tips and some other. It takes time to build the road, have patience. Same goes with Twitter. Meanwhile, Post your tweets consistently, interact with your potential customers and have fun.

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