Top 10 Best Automation Testing Tools

Trends in technology have been increasing with emerging of new software. The developed software is generally tested by the group of software developers or testers. But the developed software might have a lot of defects. Well, how would it be if your newly bought dress has damage and you bought it unknowingly? Can understand how it feels. Unlike your newly bought dress, if a newly developed software has bugs or defects, do you really dare to use it? The developed software with defects? Well, that would be a disaster. To culminate the situation Automation testing tools gets into the action.

What is an automation testing tool?

Test automation is special software used to control the performed tests of the predicted outcomes with the attained outcomes. Automation testing is the use of an automation testing tool to execute a test case.

Automation testing is a very important aspect of the organizations to yield an exceptional outcome to maintain your position in the technology world.

Why should you use automation testing?

The testing team make headway to detect and trash the bugs. But the creepy bugs always find a way to come back. The manual testing doesn’t perform the job completely, you need something powerful and automated like automation testing tools to remove the creepy, cringy bugs.

Benefits of Automation testing tools

  • Saves time and money
  • Increases test coverage
  • Improves software accuracy
  • Both the developers and the testers can be benefited
  • Attains depth and scope
  • Most importantly, improves the quality of the software

What are the top automation tools available in the market?

Here’s the list of top10 automation testing software available in the market,


Selenium is an open source software. It is an easily understandable and lighter version. Selenium is a set of different tools each with a unique approach for testing. The entire selenium is a set of testing tools precisely geared up to fulfil the needs of testing all types of web. The testing tool is equipped with a lot of options to trace UI elements.

It also compares the obtained test results with the predicted test result. A key feature of selenium is, it supports one test on multiple platforms. With the selenium, you can write the test reports in different languages like java, python, c#, PHP, Ruby, Pearl that can run on multiple systems like Windows and Linux.

Advantages of selenium test automation

  • Repeated testing
  • A developer gets a Quick feedback
  • Unlimited test case executions
  • Support for software development and development methods
  • Orderly documentation of test cases
  • Defect reporting
  • Tracing defects that are not tested by manual testing

2. TestComplete

TestComplete is a functional tool developed by Smartbear software. It provides the ability to test the software on Microsoft, web, Android systems, and iOS. Test complete is a keyword-driven software that can be scripted or manually created. It is used to test automated playback and logging errors.

TestComplete is an automated tool can be used for testing mobile, desktop and web applications. In testcomplete keywords are the native support for BDD (behaviour driven development) both technical and non-technical software can switch the business requirements drafted in plain English syntax called Gherkin into automated tests in the most desirable way possible.

Features of Testcomplete

  • Automated UI tests
  • Object recognition with artificial intelligence
  • HTML test automation
  • Separate test commands to cease the efforts by data driven testing
  • Progress and analysis by automated test reporting
  • Keyword driven testing
  • Increases productivity with automated test reuse

Pricing: Depends on the type of module Desktop ($2,398),Mobile ($3,118), Web ($2,398).

3. Cucumber

Cucumber is an open source tool that tests business readable specifications against a given code. Cucumber runs acceptance tests that are written in behaviour language is driven into development language.

It performs the software behaviours in a specific logical language that a user can understand. Cucumber is written in Ruby programming language. It supports many languages including Java.

4. Microfocus QTP/UFT

Microfocus is a Borland test automation process and integrates with any automated processes. Microfocus covers the web, mobile, rich client and enterprises. You can improve the quality of the software and increase software velocity. Microfocus is a unified functional tool tested by Hewlett – Packard which was previously known as a quick test professional. Microfocus offers a 60-day free trial.


  • Cross-browser
  • Multiplatform compatibility
  • Optimized testing
  • Provides testing solutions
  • Object recognition by image

5. Qmetry automation studio

Qmetry holds on the open source automation test frameworks like Selenium and Appium to bring about the structure, efficiency and can be reused. Qmetry is an advance-coded automation tool where a manual tester can transcript the test reports to the scriptless automation. Qmetry supports the testing of mobile barcode scanning, touch id, location change.

Qmetry is very much suited for the microservice apps with the complex components for testing.


  • UI and visual component testing which provides unique results
  • Sticks to the BDD (behaviour driven development) and TDD(test driven development) which can be easily used by everyone
  • Speeds up the spying and prevents from reposition of elements from automated testing
  • Provides the dashboards and reports with insights
  • Web record of automation process and converts the steps

6. Appium

Appium is an open source software that is used for automating native mobile web, iOS, Android and Windows desktop and other desktop platforms. Native mobile apps are the ones written with Windows SDK, iOS and Android. Appium is a cross-platform as it allows you to perform tests on the multiple platforms using the same API. It supports languages like java, python, PHP, javascript and c# which can be used as an extension to web driver protocol.

7. Ranorex

Ranorex automates the testing for desktop, web and mobile applications. It provides the complete testing tools for the testers to test the mobile, device and web applications through a single license. It tests on windows and executes them on android mobile devices, iOS or through simulators.

Paralelly it also accelerates the cross-browser testing. You can actually view the test report on Ranorex and save it as pdf. Automatically you can get an email attachment. Reduce the debugging time with video reporting test results.

8. Cypress

Cypress has made the end to end testing easy. It makes the setting up, writing, running and debugging tests reports easy. Cypress will help you unlock the ability to do TDD with full end to end tests.

9. Katalon studio

Katalon studio is a free automated testing tool. Katalon is specialized automation with the IDE interface for API, web and mobile testing implemented on eclipse rich client platform (RCP). Keyword libraries are a combination of API, web and mobile testings. The languages used for scripting are groovy, Java, Javascript that can be executed on all the modern browsers, android applications, iOS etc., test planning can be tested suits that with the variables.

10. SoapUI

SoapUI is the API testing tool. You can perform functional, load, security and compliance tests on the API. It is a testing application for service-oriented architectures (SOA) and representational state transfers (REST). This testing tool performs web inspection, development, mocking and simulation. SoapUI is built on java platform and uses swing for UI. Soapui can test JMS, AMF as well as make any HTTP and JDBC calls.


Every automation tool mentioned above has it has own functions and the ability to test the software’s varies depending upon the type of the software. As trends in technology increases, different software and different automation tools may evolve. Try using an automation testing tool that suits for your software. Save your software from the bugs and defects.

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