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How to Get Followers on Instagram


Do you have an Instagram account? I can hear you, the noise is so loud. I mean who doesn’t have an Instagram account. According to a survey, there are about 1billion active monthly users on Instagram.  Anybody can create an Instagram account, what do you need to do that someone can follow you? What type of content do you need to provide that a user can follow you?

Instagram was once designed as a fun app but know Instagram is mostly used by business and individuals.  With Instagram, you can connect with others, share your brand status, showcase the product and about your company.

A user urges for the content that which provides value. Serve that special type of content.

Instagram is a photo and video sharing app, you can capture and share the moments with the world. Instagram is one of the most popular social networking sites.

Now, the big question is how can you increase followers on Instagram?

Here’s the answer,

1. Create and optimize your profile

Create and customize a good looking profile. A good looking profile is about the quality of your profile. A good profile provides is a view of who you are and why they need to follow you. Create a username which is reachable and recognizable.

For a business profile, you can use the basic profile username or you can also include the brand name.

When you want to grow your Instagram followers change your privacy settings. Remove the account from privacy and make it a public profile. Fill your bio with creative and actionable information, which gives a reason for a user to follow you.

2. Switch to a business profile

Do you run a business? Do you have an Instagram profile to maintain your business online? If your answer is No. This is for you, There are about 25 million business profiles on Instagram. Go, get a place for your business on Instagram by just creating an account. You can manage your business through a basic Instagram profile but the results may not be that effective. So, switch to an Instagram business profile. With the business profile, you will have access to all the analytic tools.

Advantages of a business profile,

  • Access to Instagram insights
  • Run Instagram ads
  • Add extra buttons like call and email
  • Track your promotions

3. Bio URL

Do you really want to fill your bio with a single URL? Isn’t it boring? You need to update the link in your profile with the new post of your blog, new video on YouTube etc.,  and use this link to drive followers to your account.

4. Repost the content

You can use the Repost app to post others content on your page. As Instagram has updated its privacy policy and you are required to ask permission before reposting. Don’t forget to mention the credits.

You can repost the content that which is similar to your website, or something which is most suitable for your page. Reposting the content is one of the highly impactful strategies for a beginner on Instagram.

5. Join Engaging Groups

Are you a newbie to Instagram? Worried about the followers? Join the Instagram engagement group to grab the followers to your page. The engagement groups will actually help you boost your Instagram engagement. But it just doesn’t happen on the go, you need to be creative, consistent and patient.

How to find an engaging group related to your niche?

  • You can find them on Instagram – facebook related pages.
  • Search them in the facebook groups.
  • Find someone in your niche, ask them to join in theirs.

So, after finding a group, send a request to join the group and wait for the invite acceptance. After you officially joined the group, you will be notified with the post notification when someone has published a new post to take an action ( like share and comment).

6. Photo tags

Only feature with user-generated content related to your brand. Approve only the tags that are similar to your content. You need to be careful while choosing the tags because once you approve you will not be able to delete them.

7. Hook-up with your style

Isn’t it common to maintain an Instagram page, but it takes something special to be unique. Stay different from what everyone else is doing. Think out of the box and create something different for your followers. There are many brands that provide unique visual content.

8. Creative hashtags

Hashtags are an important tool to help you grow your brand, you can follow the hashtags and also can add them to your stories. Remember to add the trending hashtags to your stories which increases the number of followers. Instagram post with at least one hashtag have about 12.6% more engagements than without hashtags.

You can add up to 30 hashtags but the appropriate number of hashtags is fewer than 10%. There are two main types of hashtags, branded hashtags and community hashtags. Branded hashtags are sources to follow and start a conversation with people in business around the world.

9. Descriptive Captions

Captions are the descriptive content of your post. Instagram is all about visuals. But, don’t you think the visuals are meaningless without any captions. For example, just think someone has posted an image of a cake without any caption. What is the first thing that will come to your mind after seeing that image? The post would be better if a caption is written saying they own a cake shop. In fact, this would bring more engagement to the post.

So, never take granted of your captions. Captions will make a post meaningful, impactful, understandable and give a reason to share your content

10. CTA

Call to action completes the question of what’s next? Call to action are the guiding steps to your followers. Call to action may be a question, invitation to content, invitation to tag, to like, share and comment on your post.

The call to action must create a sense of urgency. While writing a call to action always use an active voice. Make and an impactful statement that you are directly talking to the one who’s reading your post. Use power words like Register, click, buy, share etc.,


Attracting someone to follow your account isn’t easy. These are the 10 ways to increase followers on Instagram. You can definitely follow these tips to increase your followers.

All you need to do is to create an Instagram profile, post, test your analysis and engage with your followers. Be creative and unique while creating your posts use filters, edit and make it aesthetic. Create a strong foundation of your account in your niche and connect with your followers.

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