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How Snapchat Creates Money

Snapchat is a messaging platform to share videos, photos, text and drawings. You can freely install and send messages by using it. In a very short period of time, it has become very famous especially among millennials. The is one unique feature available in Snapchat. Do you want to what it is? The messages will disappear after a few seconds from a recipients phone.


After all this, it is very easy and simple to use. You take a picture using a camera phone and forward it to your favourite people. While sending the message, determine how long will the message visible. Once the time is expired, the message disappears from the phone. Though the details of the sender and timespan remain as a notification.
When initially started, Snapchat only focused on sharing photos but as the updates came, it is used for various tasks including sending short videos, messaging,  live video streaming or chatting, creating a caricature like 3D animations like Bitmoji avatars. These are used for mood exhibitions while a mini-me Friendmoji for friends.  There’s even a designated area to showcase short-form content from publishers such as BuzzFeed.
You can even send images during a call, leave a video or audio notes when using the messenger functionality. A10-sec video clips that are named as notes can be sent.  These are usually sent as reactions and played with audio when tapped on it.
One among its nifty feature which supported its popularity is a simple drawing tool. Users can draw their own pictures, draw on top of already existing photos, and add text on the images prior to sending them.
The world is your canvas with Snapchat with lot many tools available in the toolbox.
With all the features available out there. Does every individual wonder how Snapchat makes money?

Snapchat makes money

Similar to other social networking platforms Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat is. They are using every available platform to advertise their products. With all its unique features, the company is having a powerful say in the market. We will see each specific feature in particular.

Snap Ads

The revenue for snaps is earned mainly through advertising. They only display a 10-sec screen video that is relevant and interactive. When viewing the video, users can preferably swipe up and read more content. It can be a blog post, longer video or app installation. Yo can show brand advertisements between stories.
More business owners and marketers are inclined to join this platform as there is the various set of ads. According to the data, the revenue with Snapchat goes increases as there are more active users. They are viewing Snapchat more than Instagram or Facebook. The ad of your brand in Snapchat captures 100% of your screen.
In spite of having this amazing feature, Snapchat will never intrude in users privacy issues. That’s why companies didn’t have access to advertise in user’s private spaces. Along with Snap Ads, business owners can leverage the revenue from other sources also.


Life is bliss when you start sharing and expressing and living in the present moment. These are the exact words you’ll notice in Snapchat’s description in the app store. It’s all about how you capture your wonderful moments and share your experiences with your friends and followers. You can automatically feed the details instead of providing them manually. Whether they’re in excursions, popular landmarks or national events Snapchat provides excellent filters. They need not explain to their dear ones about where they are, what are they doing and why are they in that location. Users are even inspired to create user-generated content and share it in their social circles. For example, you can take a video while climbing the mountains and share it with your friends.
How Snapchat earns money from this feature? Snachat is no at all charging for designs who used Geofilters. If you wish to have a specific on-demand Geofilter then you can create it for yourself.
Snapchat charges $5 dollars for 20,000 sqft coverage. This is the area required for medium-sized businesses. But the maximum area that can be purchased is 5 Milion sqft. A few city blocks can be covered with this. As a business owner, you can select the time frames. How long does the video stay ranging from 1 hour to 30 days? Apart from companies, even individuals can also use it for their special events such as birthdays, weddings and anniversaries. Make the event memorable with Geofilters in Snapchat.

Lens Filters

In Snapchat the most appealing feature is lens filters. Many large companies came forward and sponsored their lens filters. These are just the same as the Geofilters which appears in various locations. Moreover, lens filters are more reciprocative and active than Geofilters. To increase the user’s participation, lens filters even plays a sound when active. These filters and lens enhance the experience of users.
Remembered those taco bell lenses on Snapchat? According to the study, it is the most viewed or used ad in history. Taco Bell spent nearly $75,000 and got 224 million marks on their favoured lenses.

Discover section

Snapchat is catered to the millennials and gen-z whose age is 18-34 yrs old demographic. According to the research, 69% of American teens have a Snapchat account. That surpasses many giant social media platforms like

  • Youtube (85%)
  • Instagram (72%)
  • and Snapchat is beating
  • Facebook (51%)
  • Twitter (32%).

Snapchat provides different options to your company’ brands and gains exposure to young buyers.
Last year, in October Snapchat, expanded its horizons to video content by offering “Snap Originals” mini five-minute videos accessible through Snapchat’s discover feature.

How many users does Snapchat have?

The monthly subscribers for Snapchat are 330M and are increasing daily. The daily subscribers are 188M with users spending over 30 min on Snapchat.

Are you in the list of knowing how to make money using Snapchat?

Here is the click!
Do you have 100s of followers? No! then also there are few ways to monitize on Snapchat.

  • Advertise your company’s brands on your friend’s timelines
  • Add links to your snap masterpieces and connect more personally and interactively with your followers
  • Are you a small business owner? POst and invite people to interact with you through a snap story. Build trust and move on.

Okay let’s assume you have 1000s of followers then you can pitch in with some of the following suggestions

  • Sell shoutouts
  • Have a partnership with brands and deal with them
  • Do affiliate marketing or sell your own products.


Earlier, people were flabbergasted, as to why Snapchat was so much worth when the revenue model isn’t clear. But today it is the app where every individual uses and installed in everyone’s mobile. It is a must-have app along with other social media apps. So seize the moment and have effective benefits.

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