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Top 15 Email Marketing Software for Business

The revolution of technology has given birth to different marketing techniques like Social media marketing, SEO, Sales and many more. Of all these, one tactic that is still on the pace is Email Marketing. It is used by most of the marketers as it generates the highest ROI for every dollar spent. With email marketing, you can reach to almost every channel. If you are a newbie to the business world and haunting for ways to reap your business, Email marketing would be remunerative.

It is a way of connecting with your audience in a personalized way generating higher ROI with the low budget.

Here’s how you can create your email list

  • Generate a signup form on your website, form or a newsletter. This Allows them to learn something from your website
  • As the adage old is gold. Create an old fashioned signup sheet irrespective of the type of business
  • If you are more engaged with your audience on social media, drive signups through social media channels

Benefits of Email marketing

  • Fly high with high ROI
  • Global audience reach
  • Higher impact
  • Easy to share
  • Drive Revenue
  • Easy to measure
  • Share targeted messages
  • Reach engaged audiences
  • Cost-effective

Creating and managing emails is soo hardcore that you can’t do it physically. You will need software to do the job. There are many email marketing software available in the market. Here are few,

1. Drip

Drip is an ECRM tool. Many customers purchase a product when you remember and nurture them. Drip can do all that for you. It will take care of the customers while you handle the business. With ECRM, see customer’s online performances i.e., the sites they check, links they click, pages visited, email clicks and products viewed. Dashboards will let you check the strategies that are actually working. It presents you the reports with 10 different stats by supplying you detailed insights on customer engagement and how likely they are to make a purchase. Optimizing has become even easier to raise customer engagement.


  • Easily Collect customer data, organize and filter all the info
  • Unique customer experience
  • Engage with the potential audiences through multichannel
  • Effortless Optimize all the data with automatic attributions, dashboards and workflows


Basic ($49/month), Pro ($122/month), Enterprise (quote a price)

2. Sendinblue

Sendinblue is an email and automation marketing tool. Emails, transactional messages and marketing campaigns are pretty much easy to handle.

Customized and professional newsletters

Drag and drop the design block that you want to create your own customized newsletter for your customer with the inbuilt templates and HTML editor.

Target audiences

Collect prospect’s contact information and emails without any special effort. Email marketing tool allows you to use

  • Custom forms
  • Contact segmentation
  • Custom contact fields

Email marketing is made even easier as you can automate emails and text messages. Personalize emails with the workflows.

Sendinblue offers you the 8 personalized workflows to elevate the customer experience.

Schedule your messages

Automatically send emails campaigns to your users at the right time to increase the engagement.

Monitor performance

Easy analysis with real-time stats, advanced click-through rates and heat map.


Free version, Lite for new marketers ( $25/month), Essential ( $39/month), Premium ($66/ month), Enterprise (quote a plan)

3. Constant contact

Constant contact will help you create emails for your business and industry. Customize and generate personalized emails with its renovated templates. Its drag and drop feature makes it easy to edit. It is compatible with any device.


  • Drag and drop makes it easy to edit
  • Mobile optimized emails that are alluring on any device
  • Automate your emails and build engaging customer relationship
  • Audience segmentation to send the right message
  • Find new customers, engage with them and build your e-commerce store
  • Easy contact upload from where ever you have uploaded it
  • Track real-time results


Email ($20/month), Email plus ($45/month)

4. Aweber

Aweber is a targeted email automation tool. Create an alluring email pop up to collect emails from websites, social media and mobile. To build a tight connection, tag your subscribers based on the type of emails and links they click. This way you can deliver the relevant content based on the email they’ve clicked.

You don’t need any coding skills. There are many customizable and mobile optimized templates with which you can generate high-class emails. The drag and drop feature makes it easier to edit. Integrate with third-party apps. Its analytic dashboard will present you the complete stats on clicks, sales, subscribers and many more.


  • Easy deliverability of messaging
  • Send unlimited emails
  • Store images on your server
  • Access to stock images
  • Send your blogs to the subscribers automatically
  • Automatically removes the bounced subscribers
  • Test designs and sees what your audience prefer more



5. Reachmail

Reachmail is an easy marketing tool that can be used by any type of business. The messages are compatible with the desktop and mobile. It provides a gist of professionalism. Not only email marketing, But It also addresses the specific needs of customers.

It’s drag and drop feature makes it easy to design a great email content that is enticing on every device. Manage your files with its unlimited storage and check. Reach mail is equipped with the special feature called Litmus preview. It will help you preview the messages ensuring that they look perfect.

Manage multiple brands and as many domains from a single account and share content with the linked accounts. You can give access to your designers to complete any tasks.

It allows you to automate the emails, sign-ups and campaigns. Get detailed reports on analytics and insights.


There is a free version available. If you need some advanced versions to switch to Bronze ($10/month), Silver ($40/month), Gold ($70/month), Platinum ($180/month), Diamond ($360/month), Premier ($599/month)

6. Campaign Monitor

Create imposing and modernized email campaigns with campaign monitor. Generate customized emails by changing the fonts and colours. Make it pixel perfect by adjusting the spaces in the image.


  • Easy to use
  • Completely customizable
  • Mobile optimized
  • Manage templates for your team


  • Choose the templates according to your requirements whether it is regarding the product offers or promotions
  • Create emails that are compatible with any device
  • Integrate both email and video in a campaign. This ultimately drives higher traffic and generate most of the ROI
  • If you need a completely new template, code your templates with the HTML email templates


Basic plan ($9/month), Unlimited ($29/month), Premier ($149/month)

7. Cake mail

Cakemail is specially designed for a small business providing baby steps in your marketing. Keep the message ready that you want to deliver for your audiences, choose the colours, fonts you need in the template and rest, let cake mail do the job. Create a library of content in the provided blocks. Convey your message with the customized emails. Manage your contacts and send the right message to the right contact.


Choose a plan depending on the number of contacts in your email list.

For 500 users ( $ 8/ month), 1000 users($12/month), 2,500 ($24/month), 5000 users( $39/month), 10,000 users($59/month), 25,000 users ($119/month)

8. EmailOctopus

EmailOctopus Spend less for email marketing with Amazon SES (simple email service) with the increased deliverability. Features include,

  • Integrate with the third party apps, products and services with the Zapie integration tool.
  • Powerful automation for time-based onboard and drip sequences.
  • It is armed with the beautiful templates allowing you to create an alluring email campaign on all devices
  • Real-time analysis of each and every campaigns. Within 30mins from the campaign set, it displays the results from the number of clicks to the bounce rates
  • With the hosted forms grow your subscriber list easily without any coding. Use plugins to generate the subscribers from the websites


Choose a plan depending on the number of subscribers. Every plan is available for a 14-day free trial

  • Tuna (10,000 subscribers, costs $19/month)
  • Stingray (50,000 subscribers, costs $39/month)
  • Shark (100,000 subscribers, $59/month)
  • Whale (250,000 subscribers, $109/month)

9. MailChimp

MailChimp will help you create email templates that are easy to send and clickable. Engage with your audiences through campaign builder. Drag and drop allow you to switch between the layouts. Reserve all your files in MailChimp content studio and you can get back to them whenever needed.

Say goodbye to the extra work. With its inbuilt photo editor, you can edit and resize the images. The effort of all your team is needed to deliberately grow your business. Collaborate with your team and test emails.

You even have a MailChimp mobile app where you can test email campaigns at any time.


A free is available. To be a pro you can switch between premium ($299/month), standard ($14.99/month), Essentials ($9.99/month).

10. ConvertKit

ConvertKit is an email marketing tool designed for creators. Emails are considered as the biggest assets for a business. Induce customized forms and get the right audiences to your website. In case if you don’t have a website it even allows you to create landing pages. Segment your audiences based on their interests. You can do this by tagging your customers based on their interests. This is a simple way of organizing the contacts and deliver the right message to the right audience.

Automate your emails and increase the conversions. With the inverted funnels know where your audience is and look at the way they respond to your emails. Integrate with other e-commerce tools or any tools that are apt for your business.


Select a plan depending on the number of subscribers for your website.

0-1k subscribers ($29/month)

1k-3k subscribers($49/month)

3k-5k subscribers($79/month)

11. Mailerlite

Email marketing is made simple with the Mailerlite. It is packed with the latest features that help you grow business. You can create your emails without any HTML code. Customize your emails with the essence of uniqueness. Easily automate your email campaigns without needing any special skills. Create responsive emails and convert your subscribers into long-lasting customers. Integrate with the websites that can help you leverage your customers.


  • Create impactful campaigns
  • Chain your subscriber list
  • Send the right message to the right audience
  • Optimize your campaigns with split testing
  • Track website performance


  • 1-1000 subscribers(12,000 emails)
  • 1-1000 subscribers ($10/month)
  • 1001-2500 subscribers($15/month)
  • 2501-5000 subscribers ($30/month)
  • 5001- 10,000 subscribers($50/month)

12. Litmus

Litmus is an email marketing and designing tool. Create, design and monitor every email. Edit and preview your emails instantly. It also integrates with other email platforms. Errors take away the performance of your website. Litmus traps all the malware that show a negative impact on the website.


create an alluring email that it reaches the inbox, not to the spam folder.

Accelerate ROI with advanced analytics, geographical data collection and send time decisions.


Basic plan ($99/month), Plus ($199/month) and if you are an enterprise (you need to quote a price)

13. Mailgun

Mailgun is an email service tool specially designed for developers. Its API will allow you to send and track the emails. Wiping away the clutter, it is easy to send bulk email with SMTP integration and API. Email praising will allow you to break down the complex emails into easy to consume structures. Testing and reporting are made easy with the A/B testing. Validate your emails and increase conversions.


Choose a plan depending on the number of emails you send. A free version is available where you can send 10,000 emails. If you need beyond that. You can switch to Production($79/month), Scale( $325/month).

14. Benchmark

Benchmark is a simple email marketing tool that is easy to use even for a newbie. Customize your designs and set responsive email campaigns. Automate emails and send your message to the right prospects at the right time. Induce the signup form in your websites and social media in order to increase the audience to your website. Monitor and analyze the results with real-time tracking.


Choose a plan depending on the number of subscribers.

15. Mailjet

Mailjet is a free email marketing tool that will help you create, send and scrutiny your analytics. Collaborate with your team and design attractive campaigns that your reader engages with it. And see that the message reaches right into the inbox.

Present your readers with the responsive emails that look great on any screen. Design your forms without any need for coding. Marketing is about catching customer’s attention with a gist of human touch. Generate emails that build a connection with your reader.

Personalize emails and generate emails based on the location, name and activities. Easily work with your team from a single Mailjet account. Create a sub-account and invite your employees. Assign their roles and permissions. This way you can improve the work efficiency and have full control over the work.

It has a dashboard that tracks the number of people reached and read your email.


There is a free version available where you can send 6,000 emails/month. For advanced version switch to,


Email marketing enables you to reach most of your potential customers and generate the highest ROI. Create responsive content in email forms and newsletters. Ensure that they look perfect on any device. In the end, the content in your mail is what attracts the customers. So, write a unique story and turn a subscriber into a permanent customer.

The above mentioned are few Email marketing software. Choose the one that suits your business.

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