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How to repurpose Snapchat stories

Marketing, it all started with Orkut and landed on Facebook. But, still it dint settle there. Facebook then integrated with Instagram and finally, it stopped near Snapchat. How often do you click pictures on Snapchat? Heard you!! Too many times, right. Snapchat’s funny anime filters make us click pictures.

Every social media platform has an impact on your business that you can’t ignore. If your targeted audiences are teens. Snapchat is the ideal stage. It is said that almost 72% of teens use Snapchat as a part of their daily routine. It is even used by young adults and old age people. Snapchat is more than just clicking pictures. It is now added into the marketing tool list which can be used to reach and engage with the audiences who are only on Snapchat.

Snapchat is the right place for marketing if your targeted audiences are between 12- 34 years. Not only Instagram and Facebook, now engage with your audiences in the most alluring way through Snapchat.

Features of Snapchat marketing

  • Set up, and optimize your ads in Snapchat ads manager in a budget-friendly manner
  • The quickest way to get in touch with your audiences
  • Make an impression and drive results
  • Meet new customers across the world


  • Less competitive
  • The fastest way to engage with the audience
  • The authentic way of marketing
  • Global audience reach

As always said content is paramount in any marketing. It may be video, image or a blog post. Irrespective of the type of content, You can share them either as snap (image or video to a specific user) or as a story (shared with all followers). Do you know that you can repurpose the content from Snapchat stories? Yes, you can and use them elsewhere.

As your video is already graphically appealing, you can share it on other platforms like Instagram and Facebook without any further editing.

Here’s how you can do it

1. Take a snap

First things first, Capture a video or an image by picking up a filter you like and deliver your message.

2. Save your snap

When you are done with capturing, there appears a screen of your previously captured video or an image. Below that you’ll find the options “save”( a downward arrow) and “add to story”( indicated with +). If you want you can add the captured snap to your story.

To reuse it, save the snap. It will give you two saving options.

  • Memories: It is a personal collection of snaps and stories which are backed up by Snapchat. When you save the snaps to memories it saves phone storage.
  • Memories and Camera roll: It will save the snaps in your phone storage where you can reuse them.

3. Download full story

In case if you’ve added the video to your story without saving. You can download the full story. Go to your profile where your story is added and find the download option. Download the file and post it on other platforms where you want to post your content

4. Download from memories

If you want to download any for your old image or videos. Go the icon which is present right below the camera. There you will find all your saved memories. Choose the image/video that you need to repurpose and say “export snap”. Choose the option save it to the camera roll.

After the completion of selecting and saving the snaps. Here are a few ways to repurpose

  • Every story you post should provide some value. Post valuable content like educating audiences about your brand or launch of your new product. Add the snap to your snapchat stories for vast visibility and repurposed shared content on your Instagram and Facebook and ask people to follow you on Snapchat.
  • When you need to share something on the spot. Snapchat would be great as you can shoot the video or an image instantly and share it with your audiences right away. This is the quickest way of sharing the information with your customers.
  • Generated a video with a catchy theme. Upload it to youtube if you think you could stand out from other videos because only the unique content could get all the applause.
  • Here’s the funny part. You can also create personalized GIF from your snaps and share it with your friends and colleagues.
  • Save your time and money by connecting with your audience in the most enticing way.


Never ignore the surprises given by technology. Of all the surprises, Snapchat is most liked and accepted by everyone. It has got appreciation both from the marketers and non-marketers. For the businesses, it is the attractive and funniest ( as a gist of humour is also necessary to make your customers happy) way of connecting with the audiences.

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