Top 10 Marketing Automation Tools

With the evolution of the digital era, many businesses use some kind of marketing techniques to keep themselves satiated throughout their business journey. How do you manage all your business tasks? Here’s the solution for you. Now, you can automate all your tasks with the use of a marketing automation tool. It does multitasking like creating campaigns, customized emails, tracking and many more.

What is Marketing automation?

It is a software that manages all the multifunctional marketing campaigns across multiple platforms. It easily automates repetitive tasks such as emails, posting on social media, and other website actions. It makes everything as a low hanging fruit.

An automation tool is like a captain of the business ensuring that everything is safe and directed towards the right direction. It allows you to easily target the desired prospects by sending them automatic messages through emails, web, social media and texts by following certain instructions called workflows. These are the templates and forms created from scratch or a campaign that drives the best outcomes.  

Most of the businesses use an automation tool to automatically set campaigns. It also helps with the lead generation and overall measurement of ROI.

Why marketing automation tools are important?

  • It is used to nurture your prospects by providing them with high-quality content
  • By automation, convert prospects to long-lasting customer
  • Implement new techniques that can generate some revenue
  • Automate the important tasks to boost ROI


  • Generate and nurture leads
  • Creates a personalized experience for prospects
  • Provides data for smart business decisions
  • Create sales and marketing on the same page
  • Integrate with a CRM tool to build a vast customer relationship

Looking for some Marketing automation tools? Here are the 10 Marketing Automation Tools that can assist you throughout your business.

1. Pardot

Pardot is a co-product of the salesforce. It is a B2B marketing automation tool enabling the sales and marketing team to nurture the leads, close the deals and generate a maximum ROI. Pardot provides you with the tools to create and manage marketing campaigns.

Build data-driven campaigns to generate leads and speed up the campaign cycle while paving a path for your customer to purchase the product. Visualize and test the program for better customer understanding. Filter the insights to understand the campaign performance.

It enables you to,

  • Generate Leads
  • Engage buyers with personalized campaigns
  • Capture ROI


  • Lead management
  • Lead generation
  • Easy email marketing
  • Sales Alignment
  • Measurable ROI reporting
  • Artificial Intelligence

Price –

Growth ($1,250/month), Plus($2,500/month), Advanced ($4,000/month)

2. will help you generate targeted emails, notifications, and SMS to create a customer relationship and get subscriptions. Initiate an experience for your subscribers and help people get some value out of your product. Segment your audiences based on the events. Create a sending logic rather than hard to handle codes.

With your company can know everything about a person. i.e.,

  • Sites they’ve visited
  • Everything they have done online
  • Subscriptions

This way you can send personalized messages based on their needs.  Analyze, test your campaigns and the performance of each campaign. Measure your campaigns by a number of conversions and the ROI.


  • Flexible data integrations
  • Customer segmentation
  • Work follows Automation
  • Equipped with message editors
  • Measurements and optimization
  • Secured and private

Price –

Basic ($150/month), Premium ($1000/month)

3. Hubspot

Hubspot marketing automation tool will help you scale your business allowing you to spend less time on the repeated tasks. Automate the email campaigns that drive prospect towards the end of the sales funnel. Build emails without any coding. Choose the actions and send the right email to generate the right leads. Create a workflow in such a way that every audience is served an equal amount of attention.

The advanced segmentation allows you to know who has enrolled in the list. You can automate many tasks and manage your data in bulk.

Price –

Quote a price depending on the size of your business.

4. Constant Contact

Emails perform a huge role in marketing. On an average about 3.7 billion use email.Out of which 61% of them are checking and sending messages through the mail. It helps you to connect with prospects and generate leads. To automate this process, use Constant Contact.

It is an email marketing tool that helps you create the templates which are mobile optimized. The drag and drop feature makes it easy to create customized and professional emails. You can use this for any type of business. As it is compatible with any device, it makes it easier for you to engage with your customer from wherever you are.


  • Create, edit, drag and drop made easy
  • Automate emails and generate leads
  • Pave a path for email marketing
  • Contact management
  • Real-time email tracking


Email($ 20/month), Email plus ($45/month)

5. Marketo

Marketo allows you to target the customers with its flexibility. This is a place where you can easily find and engage with the customers. Create automated campaigns in every channel and generate personalized experience. Focus on the prospects and lead generation. Make a sales call right when you find the ideal customers. Measure the analytics and check the impact of the customers on your ROI.


  • Online marketing
  • Email marketing
  • Lead generation and management
  • Real-time measurements

Price –

Spark ( $895/month), Standard ($1795/month), Select ($3195/month)

6. Adroll

Adroll is used to automate the campaigns. It can help you create and launch the campaigns easily. You can generate an ad from scratch, integrate with other marketing tools, and site the campaigns. Reach your targets on top networking site, social media and email.

Run campaigns which are compatible with the desktops and mobile-optimized sites like Facebook, and Instagram. Ad management software makes it easier to create a personalized experience. Integrate Adroll with your e-commerce websites to present the vital ads that feature the abandoned products in the cart. Not only clicks and shares it will also attribute to check how the marketing channels work.


  • Easy to set up
  • Automated campaign


It starts at $1000 and over $10,000/month. Choose a price depending on the type of the company.

7. Oracle Eloqua

Oracle Eloqua is an automated marketing cloud specially designed for B2B marketers. Which can be used for email marketing, demand generation, and lead management. It satisfies all the buyer needs across all the channels in their buying journey.

It induces the personalized experiences driving sales in different channels like email, social media, web etc., It provides the user with the tools to create campaigns and engage with the customers. It renders real-time insights and reports. You can integrate with other platforms to create a personalized experience with customers.


  • Streamlined engagement
  • Efficiency
  • Real-time insights
  • Lead generation
  • Personalized user experience

Price –

Basic ($2000/month/10 users), Standard ($4000/month/50 users), Enterprise (customized plan and can be used by unlimited users).

8. Bizible

Bizible is a B2B marketing tool allowing the teams to effectively track and optimize efforts. It reduces complexity and makes everything simple for B2B marketers. Supports any type of reporting, be it account based or revenue reporting. Bizible gives centralized details on the engagements and campaigns.

Price –

Quote a price

9. Act- on

It is a marketing automation software that maximizes lead generation driving sales to your business. Integrate with CRM tools, and web events for the better sales process and to drive audiences. Act- on is equipped with a feature called A/B Testing which allows you to reverberate with the targeted audiences before you launch a new campaign. Before the conversions, It also ensures that the emails, landing pages, and forms are optimized.


  • Email marketing
  • Search marketing
  • Social media marketing
  • Landing pages
  • Nurturing Leads
  • Lead scoring
  • Automated programs
  • Visitor tracking

Price –

Quote a price

10. Leadsquared

Leadsquared is marketing automation and CRM software. It helps in lead conversion. Workflows will allow you to change the direction of lead stages i.e a step closer down to the funnel, generating leads. You can automatically update the leads when a lead is added. The system will send a notification when a lead is nurtured. Create workflows to automate the business process. You can also integrate with other websites.


  • Analyze and effectively improve the drip marketing
  • Personalized emails that are compatible with any device
  • Advanced email insights
  • Design responsive landing pages
  • Real-time reports
  • Generate Leads
  • Filter the active leads
  • Integrate easily


Essential ($150/month), Basic($400/month), Standard ($1200/month), and Enterprise ($2500/month)

Final thoughts

Automating marketing process is beneficial for any type of business saving you a lot of time and money. Choose the right marketing automation tool that sets you into the pace of marketing fulfilling all your marketing goals.


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