How to use StoryTelling in Content

Stories are everywhere, but only a handful of stories succeed as they are great. They can capture the attention of a large and targeted audience. A great story need not be a true story and can be a factual representation as it is authentic and consistent. Great stories even promise about the companies brands and products. They promise safety, fun and a shortcut. The promise needs to be audacious and bold. It’s either worth listening to and an exceptional.
With great stories comes the credibility. Trust is the infrequent resource you’ve to withstand. They are more trustworthy. With all this said and done, no marketer succeed in telling a great story, it has to come with a lot of hard work and patience.
Storytelling is an essential part of online content. Similar to copywriting, it’s a way of turning bored, monotonous bland forgettable content into an alluring, captivating, fascinating content pieces. Moreover, storytelling has become a pivotal component of virtual and online marketing.
The good news is always at the next door! that is even if you are a newbie and doesn’t know how to crack it, you’ll soon be an expert at it by knowing a few details from this article. In this guide, you’ll be knowing

  • What is storytelling
  • How is it effective
  • Tips on how to integrate into your own content

All about storytelling

Art and science of telling stories in order to lure the audience and targeted users. Storyteller conveys information, message or shares knowledge in an enthralling way. Non-verbal tools and literary techniques are the best tools. They are more conveyed for joy and delight. While telling the story your focus point should always be on the audience and how to influence them to take a step forward for natural conversation. You can tell a story to a potential audience and convince them to buy your product by taking a call of action.
That is the reason they are very exquisite and finely knitted. Surprisingly fewer details it projects the powerful the story becomes. Talented and accomplished marketers accept that allowing people to think of their own conclusions is more effective than announcing the punchline.
Stories need not be logical. They happen fast and touches the heart of the people. First impressions are always the best impression. There are more powerful than we think. They need not be the ten-page document or an oral story. Either you are ready to listen nor they.
Great stories are complementary to each paragraph. They don’t contradict. For instance, if you run an online digital marketing blog but doesn’t have any articles on digital marketing then there are possibilities of losing. Consumers are very clever they sniff once they are on your site. Hence, craft the story with all the correct elements.

Effectiveness of storytelling content writing

Storytelling is not a novel concept. It is an age-old method where every digital marketing person is using. Companies of all sizes whether it is big or small have to engage their customers. For this, the best approach is to write a story. In addition, the chance to tell stories as part of indirect and direct marketing has become imperative. Here are a few benefits for brands that use storytelling in their marketing strategy

Conveys about your brand personality

Storytelling is the best platform to know your audience about your brand’s personality. Not by selling of course by narrating stories, marketers create a brand for businesses. Effectively telling your vision to customers and employees is substantial. Making sure your shareholders and stakeholders understand who you are and what great difference you can create for an existing and new customer. Gary Vaynerchuk once exclaimed that no matter what and how you do, your job has to be telling a story.
When discussing your brand’s goals, aims, vision and mission, it’s important to showcase the company’s culture. Storytelling is a great pathway to do this. Whether you create an email campaign or write content, your company’s image will always shine through this storytelling technique.

Builds memories

This is not at all a rocket science. In addition, it is psychology. As humans, you are tuned to remember beautiful stories from childhood. Did you remember those nursery rhymes where your parents made you recite that has a pleasing moral? Yes right, these will end up being a better person. These are all supported by storytelling techniques. These life lessons are taught in story formats as they are engrossing, entertaining, engaging and more importantly memorable.
The impact that stories bring on us will never change even in adulthood. You still like those tall tales and stories. Don’t you agree? It’s a fact right. You still remember them. Though you may not recall in-between the lines, you recollect the gist when anyone tells you the name of the story. That’s the secret behind every story and the powerful tactic every marketer should implement.

Unique proposition

You wish your brand need to be the best, better than the rest. But how is the big question? To reveal the hidden treasure the secret is storytelling. What makes you special in front of your audience is that delightful reading. It has to be like a  novel reading with all the vibrant illustrations. It prompts readers of what truly is inspiring and makes special about your brand.
Your services and products have some unique point of sale and features. The attributes that will differentiate you from your competitors is your peculiar story. You might have seen the appealing Coca-Cola’s new year commercial. They are very unique and memorable. That’s a variety that pulls out your super bowl.
The tagline- “It’s beautiful” conveys a lot. It can be just be stated America is wonderful and beautiful, so is the coca-cola. This is meant for everyone. It is a magnificent advertisement that promotes positivity all over and celebrates humanity. It’s beautiful shows how American families really enjoy their brand. This also projects how coca-cola brings friends and families together daily.

Act as a natural motivator

All the motivational talks which you hear starts with their own story structure. There can be a personal story about their achievements. Brands can also utilize this strategy and drive traction. Rope with a story and create an excitement for CTAs.
With only a few words knitted together, they create expert stories and motivates their audience by adding emotion. Your new targeted audience can take action based on the stories you share. Marketers designed their stories which align with the brand’s mission that are ideas worth spreading.
Stories are a natural booster for marketers as their primary job is to get people to act upon for CTAs.Hence, create stories with a specific targeted audience in mind and build long-lasting relationships.  

Builds loyalty

The majority of your content need not be particular about your brand or product. They can be about your customer experience also. In fact, they convey the most convincing and powerful stories. These stories create a strong foundation of trust and loyalty around your brand. However, merely creating a story doesn’t achieve your marketing goals. The kind of story you knit has to allure you and must make them buy your brands product.

Creating new with the old

Perhaps old is gold means without neglecting the old ideas we have to move forward with all the new ideas. Many content marketers are following this idea and creating articles and posts with fresh content daily. Therefore, it is a challenging job for them to generate ideas freshly that add value to your brand.
Storytelling helps you ease your process and create a new spin to your product. It specifically addresses novel interests and needs of your targeted audience. Not only making the old ideas polished but also increase the chances of conversions.

The secret behind creating a compelling brand story

When you craft a solid narrative, the good brand story automatically flows through it. This makes the audience identify your brand. For instance, Airbnb created their authentic story, which crafted around their customers. They are both hosts and guests of their product.  They made their customers the hero. Create the brand by giving useful sidekicks crafting around the buyer’s journey.
Add testimonials written by customers about the brand and highlight it in your content. For example, A customer’s review helped a lot in pitching Airbnb sales. The post looked something like It was great to be a guest1 they made the room feel like a home. Space was quite clean and tidy. There was a smooth communication and with a smirk of a smile around their face. Look forward to meeting them again.  Tell stories about the people who appreciated your brand, who valued your brand most and be trustworthy to your brand and more.
Remember, there are numerous opportunities for creative storytellers. But the tag line is you need to be more effective. Tell a story and win the hearts of your audience.

What and how does it look like?

An excellent story starts with an introduction with characters and plot settings (Place and time). Followed by a conflict in the story. It also sets the mood of the story.

The next step is raising action where the actual conflict starts brewing and arouse the tension in the reader.

The third is the climax which is crafted for the betterment of the protagonist

The fourth is the falling actions where unexpected incidents happen. The suspense of the story is revealed

The last part of the story is the conclusion where you find the solution for the problems faced.

Think of the storytelling act as a possibility that takes your reader on a roller coaster ride and allures them with all the benefits of your brand.

Few tips to tell a story

If you wish your story to stand out and be impactful, it really boils down to a few important elements. When you are out of ideas, vet them in your content that will create a stronger and better story.

Know Yourself

Step one for crafting a wonderful story is figuring out who you are. What are your beliefs about your organization? What’s truly special about your brand? Why tour audience matter to you a lot?
Generally, if you don’t craft the story, your customer doesn’t know where you stand in the market place. Merely telling them isn’t enough. Every individual should recognize your logo whenever they see you on the hoardings. For instance, whenever you see the line “I’m lovin’ it” you easily recognize that it belongs to McDonald’s. They have created a story around that lips smacking burger. Maurice and Richard the founders of McDonald’s know their vision, goals and created a wonderful story among tiny miny burger.  
This requires a lot of introspection about your product and industry. You need to know the ins and outs by listening to your prospects, customers and employees and their buying decisions and leverage the brand. Know what your competitors are up to and what are their terms on which they are standing.

Is your story meaningful?

Everyone is coming up with a content shock. They are millions of brands that are trying for attention, hopping on their competitor’s bandwagon. That’s why most of the brands are turning towards infographics and interactive content. But they don’t get the traction they desired for? Why? As many brands are aimed at creating what they want instead of focusing on the audience’s perspective.

Every content should serve a specific purpose for the people that they consume. Ask yourself a few below what’s before diving in

  • Why do you want to tell a story?
  • What’s is your uniqueness?
  • What value does it give to your audience?
  • What is the takeaway from this story?

Ought for a clear vision

Once the brand has gained its own identity and thought of creating meaningful content. It is now time to venture out and remain consistent. Here let’s share a beautiful quote by Benjamin Franklin which means, Tell the audience and they will remember, teach them they may remember and involve them in your brand, they start learning it and appreciating your product. Only the stories have that power of involving. This also shown how the business has changed and made them unique.
For instance, 2006 founded cooler brand YETI, gives an illustration of how it has used its vision and purpose and incredibly created a video. Now customers eagerly spending dollars on their products.
Develop a vision statement and ensure to stay consistent. For example, the slogan of Yeti “Wildly Stronger! Built for the wild!! tells about the brand’s value. Their goals for the future and also serves as a reference tool. When launching new campaigns include these vision statement and stay steady.

Know your audience

The story you create is nothing without properly understanding the audience. You can pick the correct story when there is the right demographic for your product or brand. Understand their motivations, needs, fears, wants, and dreams.  
After self-discovering your product, the next step is understanding your target audience. Thinks what gives more happiness or satisfaction with your product. Don’t think in perspective of life right now. Think about greater benefits you can give it to them. This improves their overall analyzation.
What did you do in the past that resonates your audience? Look at that, and draft a creative message based on that. Did any creative message in earlier days, created uptick? Did any people search for your product or click on your website?  Analyze these queries. This will surely guide you to have interactions and force you to develop relationships. At the same time, don’t let the past to take up too much of today. A true story is inspirational when it is well supported by actions and facts.

Conquer their personal feelings

You can write all kinds of stories. Be it entertaining, encouraging, or educational. The stories you knit have to be cry-worthy, relevant and impactful. This drives them to the story and creates CTAs. This journey is a never-ending, hence the stories you craft need to improve your audience’s life. Then only there is growth, improvements and adversities. You take it and frame it again for continuous growth. the ultimate question you need to pose is why and what does it take to invest in your story. It takes only time and patience.
Stories conquer the world and touch the heart. There is a story in every person’s heart and everything. What makes that picture hang on that wall? How you got a scar on your face. How did the customer attract to your brand? What made customers buy the product. But the secret behind it is stories should be simple with a nerve-breaking feeling.
Remember, if there’s always a space for a story. With that story, you can transform people from one destination to another. Without it, there is no addition of new people.

Emotions matters

The best and most wonderful things in the world are felt with the heart. A story which is emotional and empathetic affects people’s buying decisions. If you can trigger that emotion in the initial paragraphs of the blog, then audience hooked to your brand. Facing with all sort of challenges and issues is a smart way to do this. As conflict and the way you solved it arouses interest in your potential audience. Storytelling by adding statistics, questions and anecdotes are effective and provocative. It raises adrenaline and releases oxytocin by generating a satisfying resolution. Emotions have to solve your daily wants and needs. The best example for this is J.Crew who developed a video content on How-tos for their clothing brand. Their blog showcases its products by giving tips, tricks and enhances the product content consistently. In one of the article on How to get the job you want, it added professional interviews, expert suggestions and vibrant visuals and tied together with discussions and ideas of how exactly the outfits will be and what type of professional outfits to buy.

Don’t make it complicated

All the great things are said and done in simple and minimum words. One of the common mistakes many content writers do is, they lay too emphasis on storytelling by adding too many words. Keep it as crisp and simple as possible. Add emotional touch instead of bombarding them with different stories. You could narrate a beautiful story about the challenges facing in your industry but showing how these affect the audience by focusing on a particular concept is easier to connect. To summarize, concentrate on an individual person or a challenge at a time and don’t confuse or distract your viewers.


The goal of storytelling is playing with human feelings. Even buyers are prone to emotions and storytelling while they are making smarter decisions. So stories matter in many organizations whether it is big or small. Stories telling requires a lot of hard work and a different approach to sales.  

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