How to Land a Job in Digital Marketing

A professional degree or a career in DM(Digital Marketing) is an appealing option. As you land in this job, everyone looks you with dignity. Getting paid while viewing Facebook is usually a living dream of any individual. Don’t you agree? Yes, it is!! While Digital Marketing involves a lot of time on networking sites, social media platforms, blogging, and creating and using cute GIFs. There are of course many reasons why this job is a desired one.
It’s a new industry altogether and constantly evolving and growing. It needs analytic and creative skills. So you are always on your nerves and toes. Hence, if you are a creative person, you never feel bored with your job.
Moreover, the best thing about DM as a career is that it doesn’t need a linear entry path and things are more straightforward. You don’t require to hold a marketing degree to get a job. However, read a few of the practical tips and suggestions on how to acquire a job in digital marketing ¬†

Required skills sets for a Digital marketing job

Digital marketing is a multi-fold job which requires thinking in all angles. It calls for a person who is commercial and creative mind-sets. Some of the important skills attributed and assigned to this role include

  • Strong and determined writing ability
  • Exceptional communication skills
  • Awareness of buyer persona and consumer behaviour
  • Critical and logical mindset
  • Numerical and problem-solving abilities
  • Knowledge and experience about blogging platforms, social media and PPC
  • Proficiency in graphic design
  • Web designing knowledge

Relevant degrees

A digital marketer not only restricts themselves with daily tasks, like Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Email marketing
Pay-Per-Click (PPC)
Social Media Marketing (SMM)
Blogging and content marketing
Along with analyzing, strategizing, and reporting.
So in sum total, there is no mandatory qualification required for a job in specified digital marketing. By enrolling and triumphantly completing the course in digital marketing, you will heighten your chances of getting a job in digital marketing. Plus by earning credentials in more specialized areas or competencies, you gain knowledge and be on the competitive edge. The competition in every field of digital marketing is immense yet, marketing rookies break the glass ceiling into the field daily and even you can do too.
As the competition is heavy, a degree which supports one or more skill set is mandatory and help you land a job. For instance, the one who has a degree in Journalism, creative writing and English Literature can be efficient content marketers. While those having a course in web design or development can become SEO or PPC professionals. Other degrees include Business Studies

  • Advertising
  • Economics
  • Management studies
  • Computer science
  • Psychology
  • Management to name a few.

Best tips for landing a career in digital marketing

Though a degree in marketing gives an added advantage on a resume when hiring marketer interviewers always pay more focus on experiences and skills.

Get experience and learn everything

Gaining experience in Google Adwords and Facebook advertising may take a while, but it’s worth learning. Start with an internship and obtain wealth to knowledge either by taking help of peers or on your own. Do some tweaks and start blogging, website or create a page in social media platforms. ¬†Just remember that there is a thin line of difference between spending all your money on getting trained and becoming an expert. There are even free tools, apps and videos available online, try to practice them as much as possible. Offer help to family members and friends who have small and medium-sized businesses and looking for an elevated online presence. The more you show interest, passion the better the chances are.
A note to remember is in today’s fast-changing world, the marketing strategies are also changing. The techniques which are working for this week may not work for the next week. Be determined and keep on updating yourself.


Your business resume shows your presentable skills. This is how you present to the business world. Hiring managers are more interested in knowing your skills and want to know how proficient you are in that. The first and foremost thing you need to do is remove all the unnecessary information and be visible to other employers. Consider the below key points and get noticed by being

  • Approachable and findable
  • Considerate and Empathetic
  • Irresistible and overwhelming

Achieving this is quite simple. Use all the relevant words on the resume and LinkedIn profile to know employers that you exist. Build connections and make your self approachable.

Don’t waste the time of the hiring managers and save their valuable time.

Have influencers

Go prepared for the interviews by following few influencers. They are chances of asking about the influencers you follow. Most of the millennials have many influencers compared to Gen-x and Gen-Z. If you are so passionate and interested in digital marketing, you have to know a few of the big names in that particular industry. Kissmetrics, MobileMonkey, Wordstream, Entrepreneur and Moz are few names. They built the highest community of SEOs and brought a change of transparency in the industry. The main vehicle to success is following influencers. An influencer is someone who has

  • 10K+ followers
  • Engage their brands to promote their services/products/messages
  • Shares helpful tips and information about the products they love
  • Expert in their particular field

Below is the list of few names for the influencers whom you can follow

Influencer Blog name
Neil Patel Quicksprout
Rand Fishkin The Moz
Barry Schwartz Search engine roundtable
Danny Sullivan Search engine land
Larry Kim Wordstream
John Rampton John Rampton blog
Avinash Kaushik Occam’s Razor
Aleyda Solis
Ann Smarty

Key takeaways

Know why you are so passionate about digital marketing. Find a subject you want to excel at and start learning in and out of it.
Utilize your personal network and reach out to them first. They know your capabilities and can advise you in a better way.
Understand your own abilities and whether you can work for free. If digital marketing is your dream, don’t hesitate in the initial stages. You’ll learn by practicality and gain some experience.
Build credibility by joining different social media platforms. Be active online. The chances of earning a name are endless. You can podcast if you are good at it, or go for blogging, video marketing on YouTube and more.


The most challenging, exciting, and fast-paced job as of now, is digital marketing. You have a passionate career forward and will never be bored with it. This industry is plunging in more faster and there’s no better time than this to get into the track. Be prepared with a few of the tips above and more. Keep on your toes and skate into the industry. Overall, this industry is a competitive industry.

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