What is Linux web hosting?

Web hosting is an online store, where your website data is stored. The storage place is termed as web servers. These are high-powered computers. Through these servers, your website is accessed globally.

Take, for instance, many individual house owners rent their houses. Even they give a part of the house, as a guest room to stay. This is similar to subscribing to hosting packages. Same way, we put our website files/content on the hosting providers.

Web hosting is that space on the server where the internet is made available globally via a modem or network. There are numerous web hosting services made accessible to people. They range from free services to the expensive ones. The options you select depends on the purpose the website is made available. The cost of that depends on the use.

Very fast networks are used, to connect your data to the URL users used and the web address into the search bar. After the users type the data, the information instantly travels via web backwards to the computer.

To put it in different words, this makes your website accessible to your users through

  • The space left in the server
  • domain name
  • Bandwidth

Linux Hosting

For those, who are working on web hosting, might be thinking of the best-operating systems you would be installing for your personal computer. For those of you

Could be the best. There is a lot of flux around the Linux OS. Hence, while looking out for the flavours, query yourself with how long does the current version support?

What is Linux hosting

Linux is any kind of hosting that uses a Linux operating system on the server. It is similar to a Unix operating system offered as an open-source, free choice. Linux is the most widely and commonly used operating system in the industry of web hosting.

The fundamental concept behind introducing and including in the Linux solution stack is ‘LAMP’. The archetypal model, with its acronym as

  • Linux OS
  • Apache HTTP server
  • MySQL database
  • PHP programming language

Linux tops the number among the leading operating system.

Software components widely used with Linux

Apache- Traditionally, web server is supplied by Apache and then came other services such as Ngnix. It is maintained and deployed by the open community of software developers under the Apache software foundation. It is an open-source platform. A wide-variety of functionalities are supported, implemented and compiled that extends the core functionality of Apache.
My SQL- is a multi-user, multi-thread system. Since its inception, MySQL is available in its source code under the umbrella term GNU(General public License). The abbreviated form of MySQL is Structured-Query-Language. My SQL with its interface language SQL is used in web applications like Joomla, Drupal, WordPress and PhpBB. It is even used by many websites such as Google, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, and YouTube. It performs multiple and significant tasks such as update, view data in relational tables, insert and many more.
PHP–  is a server-side programming language. It is mainly developed for web designing and web development. The PHP code is decoded through the interpreter called PHP processor module. This generates the web page. Moreover, Hypertext Preprocessor is abbreviated as HP in PHP. The code is embedded with HTML code and executed along with CLI-command line interface. There are various templates pre-installed with web CMS and web frameworks. This is an alternative for MS ASP.

Choosing Linux hosting

  • Without a second thought, Linux hosting can be beneficial to use as it supports CMS like Joomla, WordPress. Linux provides the best-in-class secured environment by ridding website owners from the disturbances of hacks and virus attacks.
  • As it is backed by cPanel, it becomes easy to use web hosting software. So, you can move your hosts without any disruptions
  • Linux costs less for the hosts. This benefit can be passed on to the customers by further saving it
  • There are standard rules to shift from one host to another which is easy to work
  • A well-designed platform configured as per the LAMP standards. These standards help you to manage and run a modernized and acceptable online portal.

Features of Linux hosting

Linux comes with more specifications for website owners and webmasters. Hence, unless there is any particular requirement of Windows hosting, go for the Linux hosting. The following are the features that come with Linux hosting.

  • The Linux hosting packages cover databases such as PHP and MySQL
  • A perfect custom-made hosting plan will be generated as per the client’s wish.
  • Provides cPanel, Softaculous and Fantastico for better performance
  • Offers free autoresponders, malware scan &Anti-virus software
  • There will be 24/7 website monitoring and round-the-clock customer support (Phone, Email, and chat)
  • CSS/JS compression for faster loading and free website builder, free installation
  • Auto-stop for the spam content and the website or the blogs which contain unrestricted content will be blocked.

Key differences among Linux and Windows

  • Linux offers full access to the source code and provides quicker upgrades and bug fixes. With the windows, this is a daunting task, as it will not provide access.
  • With the Linux GPL-authorized framework, you are freely allowed to utilize, change and even republish. You can even download a solid and solitary duplicate Linux application. With the Microsoft suite, you are bound to have limited usage.
  • There is an underlying myth for using Windows OS globally. The user believes that, as the windows are the most commonly used it is simple to host windows. But, Linux has an excellent user interface which is fully automated.
  • With Linux, you can evacuate, hunt down and include the applications easily without web acquiring. In windows, there is no way of doing like this. You should have a thorough knowledge about where to discover the product, download it and run setup or install.  It is again a myth that adding applications on windows is far more manageable than Linux. But establishments under Linux is easy, brought together and straightforward.


Linux is commonly used and one of the most significant operating system. It is now adopted by many hosting companies. Linux is considered as the best alternative to the windows OS for its own advantages. It is highly powerful stable, secure and flexible in nature accessible for free. It is becoming popular because it is using LAMP(Apache, MySQL, and PHP). The most well-known company Google use Linux to run their websites. The interesting fact is their mobile Android device is based on Linux.

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