How to Keep Your Personal & Business Contacts Separate with BYOD

Keeping your personal life and work-life separate can be a challenge when using your own device at work. However, it is not impossible to achieve this across any device that you decide to use. To help you find the perfect balance, we will be providing you with insight into some of the ways that you can keep your work apps and other information private. 

Separate Your Work-Related Apps 

Using a BYOD workplace set up is a great way of increasing the productivity in the workplace, but with it comes the challenge of keeping both work and private life separate. However, this can be achieved by simply creating a folder for Business mobiles within your phone. By having all your work-related apps in one place, you are able to work as productively as possible without them being lost in the other apps on your phone. 

Set A Storage Space For Work Data 

In addition to separating the apps, you should also decide on a storage space for your business files. Whether it is a laptop or a mobile phone, you can create a designated folder for these files that is secure as possible. This is a great way of keeping your work life and private life separate on your phone to ensure that you are working productively regardless of where you are. This folder can then be encrypted to ensure that it cannot be accessed by accident or encrypted as a result. 

Put Apps To Sleep After Work Hours

Another way that you can separate your work and home life when using your mobile phone for business purposes. One of the ways that you can do this is put out of ours on these applications. This can block the notifications during the times and allow you to stay on top of everything during the office hours. This can be changed to suit your out of office days and work with you to ensure that you are as productive as possible. Any apps that are installed can then be placed within this folder and set up with this out of hours set up, allowing you to separate work and home with ease.  

Separate Your Work Apps With A Passcode 

The final way that you can separate both work and home is to add a passcode. This will ensure that any young children that spend time on your phone cannot access these apps by accident. This is a sure-fire way of keeping work and play separate without the need for two separate mobile phones or laptop devices. By ensuring that this is kept secret, you are then able to protect work data without having to compromise on your productivity when using your own mobile phone or laptops.

With this in mind, there are several ways that you can enjoy working from home with ease without having to compromise on the regular use of your mobile phone. Which of these tips and tricks will you be using to separate work from home? 

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