How to Grow Your Business Using Podcasts

Imagine you are all alone travelling to a distant place or diving a car to work. You can be a homemaker with staying lonely at home. What do you do mostly? Yes, exactly you listen to the radio or songs. Play videos. What else do you wish to do? You listen to podcasts right and of course for a good reason.
Do you know there are 49% of households who listen to podcasts among 51% of the population in the US? Yes,  the statistics hold true. Podcasts listeners are very affluent, loyal and educated coming in the top of the ideal customers.
Gone are the days where you travel all alone or staying at home all alone. Now there are smartphones, smart homes and smart equipment. Hence it is time for updating and content to develop wiser too. There are devices like Alexa, Amazon echo and Google assistant which plays these podcasts. As the saying goes, Content is the king and so companies are becoming more smarter to reach the targeted customers through email, video. Now it the time for podcasts.
If you ask one thing among the growing trend in content marketing, it is nothing but the podcasts. When this becomes a part of your marketing strategy, it generates more leads and attracts clients. You can become one of the popular industry leaders in your area of expertise. Podcats brings brand recognition and grows the audience.
You now understand the importance of podcasts, now let’s have a look at how to make better podcasts to grow your business

Sell your peculiar points

You are now lagging behind, there are many business podcasts out there in the market already. You need to have some exclusives to tell and impact the real audience. When you are in the business you need to know that raising money, scaling fast and getting profits is far from reality. Every business while making podcasts are focusing on long-term benefits. They don’t get press coverage that easily. Frequently every business owners have to record their voice and project themselves with their favourite topics. This has a lot of impact on potential customers.

Grow audience

Once you have a planned show,  focus more on growing your customer base. Try contacting people and interview them who have a greater say about your product. Provide a graphical representation and easy descriptions.   Don’t afraid to contact the leaders or influencers in your industry. Many will accept and if they share their views, it’s an excellent way to lure a new audience. As your podcasts grew, you may reach out to other companies and ask them to partner or sponsor for your shows. This can be a win-win situation for both companies. Give interviews on various podcasts and mention there about yours.

Convert listeners to customers

The main motto of making a podcast is making your listeners become a customer. Create a seasonal episodes-where the listeners can opt-in for downloads and use automated mail services to welcome them and know more about your offers and businesses. Sponsor your podcasts by creating a space for mini commercials and promote your services and brand products. Include CTAs at the end of the episode and make your listeners either to buy a product, sign for an offer or call for your products. There are Various success stories to prove that podcasts can work for you. If you follow a few steps the next story can be yours too!


There are various formats you can opt while creating a podcast. They are

  • Interviews
  • Educational
  • Informational
  • Solo-casts
  • Conversational
  • Storytelling

Build an audience based on your consistency and based on the subject you chose to speak. Consistency in your blog style, frequency of posting the content and the show format. Your audience will eagerly wait for the next episode, So announce the date and time when it will get uploaded. Be well-prepared and if you go with your mind blank, it will be hard for the audience to stay in tune with your podcasts.


Podcasts are still an in-thing this is not at all an ephemeral. They convey different types of messages and hook people with the hosts. They are the best friend for every 21st-century individual. Your audience will even listen to podcasts when they are at work. Whenever they are in virtual beaks. Listen to podcasts while sipping a coffee. By feeling the smell of aromatic petrichor. The thing with podcasts is that the audience need not pay full attention to the podcasts. They can listen while eating, drinking, driving, travelling, and working out.
So while designing the podcasts it should be theme based and attract the attention of people to some necessary keywords. It should be unified branding with the highest resolution and vector foundation. Big, legible and easily recognizable concept divided into small units with few words.


Initiating the process can be a tedious task. But not anymore with the right set of equipment. They are many pieces of advice you get especially when you are a newbie. Ultimately you end up confused as what is the best microphone for podcasts available in the market? What is the type of mixer you need? The quality of your headphones etc. There is a need for useful software and equipment to help you deliver the best podcast. Few of the types of equipment are

Microphones: They are microphones which differs in quality. They are even professional mikes. If you want your voice to be heard consider the appropriate microphones. For instance, buy Samsung Q2U, Road Procaster or any other microphones which enhances your voice and be heard off

Pop filter: Another equipment which captures vocal points of your sounds is prefilter or widescreen. It minimizes all the filler words such as your P’S and T’s and produces better quality output.

Headphones: They serve as the audio monitor. Many podcasters use this while recording. At first, it sounds like a weird voice, but the best way to check any overlapping noise. Reduces the overtakes by giving ample time to concentrate on other things. Headphones such as Sony MDRZH310-WQ can serve your purpose.

Editing Software: Once you are set with the right external equipment, now its time to focus on software. Purchase a well-developed software and use it on your computer. You have to select the software based on the operating system of your computer. There are various open-source cross-platform software programs like Adobe Audition, GarageBand. You can either use it for PC or Mac. Invest time in choosing the best podcast recording software and sound like a pro.


Podcast marketing can work wonders for your business. It reaches a wider audience globally. It builds trust and loyalty among the targeted audience. In addition, it doesn’t require any massive investments except a few for the equipment. Allocate time for yourself in producing quality podcasts on a regular basis.

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