How to create a new Gmail account?

A few days ago, Google has turned 15. What a piece of good news it is. To reminiscence, the world has changed completely for the benefits of people. As the days pass by at the breakneck speed, the communicating channels also changed. We have jumped from writing letters, phone calls, text messages and now everything online. The future looks much bright. It is difficult to fathom a future without the cellphones or the internet. With Gmail being around, it has become more simple and easy like a bagatelle.

You are the individual or running a business and communicates around the globe. Google is there for you as a sparkling diamond.

It is one of the most preferred email software available for the people of today. It provides a plethora of tools with the ability to sync all the multiple email accounts into one. Once signed all the Google services such as Maps, calendar, Docs, Gmail, Google Drive, and YouTube.Perform all the tasks by this Gmail login.
It is a free communication platform for small business owners and freelancers. It is easy to set up like a walk in the park and use.

As far as we know that Google is there to make more precise tasks. Let’s get into the advantages make it as clear as a bell.  

Advantages of having Gmail Account

  • Group all your emails together with email threading and have a conversation style.
  • There will no extra cost for virus and spam checking. If you try to open these messages, it will give a warning message prior to opening.
  • You can store 15 GB of email messages free of cost. in fact, for additional storages, you can purchase at an affordable fee.
  • It is the most reliable resource. If your business needs authenticity, go for Gmail account.
  • Use additional suits like Docs, Calendar and drive and import the contacts. Having a business account in one is convenient. With its convenience at par, It has become the light of life for all the people.
  • They are beautiful themes out there in Gmail account. You can customize them and create one for yourself. Your inbox need not be bland.
  • Enhance your business productivity with to do list. Operate it from Gmail and calendar. Having a task list tool makes updating information like a snap.
  • To find the misplaced email, have filters and search option in Gmail handy.
  • Gmail is a user-friendly email platform. Practice keyboard shortcuts and save time.

Now, you know the advantages of having Gmail for your businesses, create one and have profits.

Creating a Gmail Account

  • Visit and select Create Account or click on Gmail sign-up button
  • In the Sign-up form enter all the  required details

It will ask for the details:

  • First and last name. You can modify it later. Enter the nickname on which you want to have an account. For instance, Gmail may include alphanumeric characters. The size of the characters should be from 6 to 30 character length. While signing in if the username already exists. try a different username. It even accepts special characters
  • Enter the password, passwords should be at least 8 alphanumeric characters. Use a combination of Uppercase and lowercase for a strong password
  • Enter the date of birth, according to the terms of Google, you should be more than 13 years. Hence, pay attention while creating
  • Choose the gender and then the mobile number. Entering the mobile number is optional but give it. When you forgot your password, you can recover it from the phone number
  • If you already have another account, enter your present email address. Linking your old and new account aids in retrieving the password when you forget.
  • Skip the captcha code but in the next step enter the code sent to the phone. This completes the registration.
  • Tick the terms and conditions box. This tells that you have agreed to the terms and conditions of having a Gmail account. After you filled up the form, click next.
  • You can set a personal profile, it can be done instantaneously or later
  • Click continue. This will redirect you to your inbox

Good Luck!! you’ve finally created Gmail account. From now, use Gmail to send and receive messages

Changing Password

Google, the father of Gmail recommends you to change the password frequently. Say, for every 2-3 months. To change the Gmail password, follow the tips below

  • When you change the Gmail password, you also change the password for all the devices like YouTube, Google Drive, GoogleMaps etc.
  • Turn off the caps lock when entering the password.
  • The security of your password depends on the length of the password. It should have alphanumeric characters. symbols and numbers. A combination of uppercase and lowercase.
  • Modify or reset by clicking on the button “Change Gmail password”.

Another way of implementing this:

  • Go to setting tab, and select “Accounts and import”
  • Tap on Change-your-password. Enter the current and new password
  • Confirm the new password and click “Change-Password”. As mentioned above the password criteria, the same applies over here
  • After changing the password, you will come back to the login page
  • When you access Gmail next time, use the newly changed password

Adding and editing the contacts

Everyone likes to store contacts in a secured place. Like all major email providers, Gmail understands your requirements. You can have all the contacts kept in an address book. Finding difficult to memorize the addresses? With Gmail you don’t have to. You can also store other information such as phone numbers, physical addresses, any special events such as birthdays, anniversaries etc.
Adding contacts

  • Like all major email providers, Gmail lets you keep an address book of contacts so you don’t have to memorize everyone’s email addresses. You can also add other contact information, like phone numbers, birthdays, and physical addresses.
  • Add a contact through
  • A drop-down menu in Gmail,
  • Select contacts
  • Your contacts screen is on top of your desktop.
  • Tap “Add new Contact”
  • Insert the person’s email address and name.
  • Select Create

Bravo!! Contact has been added.
Insert additional information is you wish to do so. All modifications will be saved automatically.

Editing a contact

In the drop-down menu of the contacts page, Click the contact you want to modify. By clicking on the contact, you can make changes. When you send an email to the person, by default, Gmail adds the contact and store it on the inbox. You can modify the information if need be.

To summarize

If you own a small business and want to communicate through emails, Gmail is a fierce tool to use. They are many benefits of using which you can reap from. Setting an email account is easy. If you like the services of Google, you can take hold of other tools. Google Docs, Sheets, Calender, photos etc. Set up an account and enjoy emailing.

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