What is WordPress hosting

Are you in the process of launching your website? If you want to launch a website, you will need a system that can manage your content. And one of such content management systems is WordPress. If you are launching a business profile, WordPress can be paramount. Once you choose a website you will need hosting. Hosting will provide you with a server with which your website is connected to the internet.


what really is this WordPress hosting?

WordPress hosting is like renting space online to maintain your website’s presence i.e, it makes your website approachable through world wide web. WordPress hosting optimizes your website inducing improved performance attaining security. In WordPress hosting, You will either have one-click WordPress updates or automatic updates according to the requirements.

WordPress hosting is cost-effective, enhances performance, and provides the best user experience and security.

Many hosts provide two types of VPS (Virtual Private Server) ie, Managed and unmanaged.

  1. Managed Virtual server – A managed virtual server is best for the users who don’t to do a lot of manual changes.
  2. Unmanaged servers – Unmanaged servers is best when you know to configure a server.

Basically, there are five types of WordPress hostings available.

1. Shared WordPress hosting

Shared WordPress hosting is very useful if you own a brand new website. Though it provides very fewer features, it is packed with all other options. Its key features are bandwidth, server space and many other administrative options.

You can build your site, traffic and audience until you get an upgrade. Pricing of the shared hosting is low compared to other hostings ($7.95/month). You can’t have it all, This is because you will have to share your server with other websites. Here you can optimize your site’s performance.

You will either get a one-step WordPress installer or some hosts provide a pre-installed WordPress host.

There are few WordPress hosts who provide an automatic update. They even update your plugins and themes. Keep your website updated which is very important to maintain the security of your website.

You have a very limited site space and performance with very few support options, this is where you need to think about before purchasing. But shared hosting is the most used as it is cost effective.

2. Managed WordPress hosting

Managed web hosting is when your service provider looks for any other servers which are compelling to your website installations. Unlike any other hostings services, installations, keeping it updates and backup are performed by the managed WordPress hosting too.

Benefits of managed hosting include,

  • Better performance as the server is specifically optimized for the website.
  • High-quality support
  • Scalability to increase your traffic

The best thing about WordPress hosting is premium support. It offers support from the WordPress team rather than other host providers.

If you are looking for an updated and secure platform, managed WordPress is what you must prefer.

3. Dedicated WordPress hosting

The name itself describes that it is wholly dedicated to you. Yes, a dedicated WordPress hosting involves the use of a single server. If you are the one with a larger site, to maintain a rapport with the traffic and data you will need a larger server. This is where a dedicated server comes into the action. It is very commonly used by corporates, enterprises, e-commerce etc,

It provides you with the ultimate security, bandwidth and server resources. But with its prices little too high. In a dedicated website, you will be the whole and sole doer for your website and you must be equally responsible.

4. Virtual WordPress hosting

Virtual WordPress hosting utilizes the virtual parts of a dedicated server which means that it is a shared server but you will be having your own share of your server with full access. You need to share your details with others. You can customize your configurations in order to use the power you want.

5. Cloud WordPress hosting

Cloud WordPress hosting offers a VPS, but each virtual machine is distributed through the multiple servers to create a huge virtual network. It is very closely related to virtual hosting. It fulfils all the needs. There are no specific limitations. A cloud can jump to the same resources repeatedly. Unlike mobile or a laptop shuts down after battery usage, this VPS will run out and the computer shuts down. Plug into the socket and you can use your computer or laptop after rotating power supply. This type of software is used by businesses.

Cloud software is very beneficial, even if one of the servers fails your website will not crash as it is in the hands of many servers.

Choose the right hosting service according to your website preferences and make your website run smoothly. Happy Blogging!!!

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