How to Brand Your Company Effectively on Social Media

The mainstays, why audiences go for your product, is, they rely on your brand. If you establish strong trustworthiness then people value your surprises. Hence as a business owner building, a prodigious brand recognition needs to be on top of your list to achieve. This platform has become a forerunner for building your brand. In fact, In the initial stages, many businesses are using this platform for keeping contact with the targeted users. It is the medium for the customers to respond, give their opinions or feedback and shares news, information or ideas. Ultimately they communicate in a much more profound way.
According to the estimates, 80% of customers draw conclusions about their favourite brands on social platforms. The number of social media users as of 2019 is 3.4 billion. That is more than half of the consumers are active on social networking sites.
For instance, Essie is a cosmetic company that used Instagram and asked followers to tag the brand for a prospect to be featured. In this way, they have collected all the user-generated content and tagged images directly from Instagram profile.
At last, building a brand consumes time and effort. But in the long run, it paves the way for successful brand awareness and recognition. Follow these 10 steps for fostering your brand and ensuring that you have a great online presence.

Keep your choices open for different social media

In this world, where everything is evolving in a jiffy, choosing the right social media is a little tedious task. You cannot pontificate and make decisions on yourself. In the rat race world, you need to compete and work hard to get the right online presence. For every second there is on or the other social media apps where you need to pitch in. It seems to be easy to jump and grab all of them. But that chosen platform has to be aligned with your brand. Otherwise, it becomes difficult to succeed. Each social media platforms have their own strengths and weaknesses. By understanding your business, targeted customers you need to choose the best social media platforms.
Twitter is best for ephemeral businesses. If your business is just fledgeling then updating your everyday news, information, announcements are as important as doing all other business activities. It is also important to post listicles, quotes and articles.  
With over 2 billion active users Facebook is the largest social networking site. Most of them are the native of America in the age range of 25 to 54. Facebook works better in

  • Generating Leads
  • Advertising
  • Building connections

Through Facebook, you can post images, videos, and textual content.

Youtube is a video-based social media platform for publishing DIY videos, educational information and tutorials. This is best suitable for

  • Medical professionals
  • Home services
  • Product creators and
  • Beauty products

Instagram is a social networking platform which is graphics-heavy. It attracts many millennials and Gen z. Suitable for retail, food, art, or beauty

Hang on with visual branding

When it comes to social media branding, visuals are the cornerstone. Creating it is not a child’s play and needs a lot of effort. If you want to be consistent throughout your journey, then it comes as a handy. Visuals are worth projecting as it sticks on the mind of the users for a longer time. This makes them easily recognize whatever app or website they are using.
With the advent of print and digital marketing through television, Visual aids have been one of the best advertising resources. One such brand is “coca-cola”. Whenever you visit their online page on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram you will notice a consistency in design and colour. Based on that, here are a few tips to create more captivating visual branding
Choose the colour palette that impacts the user and make them perceive your brand. The best way to use colour is on the logo.
Use the same logo or avatar for every social media platform. Keep it simple and which Typifies or resembles your brand. When people view your avatar they need to easily associate it with your brand. For instance, if you see “Swoosh” avatar you easily associate with the brand Nike. It symbolises the sound of speed, power, movement, and motivation.
Have coherent filters and share images on Instagram or other graphics-based social media. Using separate images for every individual image looks like unorganized.
Create templates with consistent fonts, colours and designs. You can use any open source tools like Canva or Photoshop.

Make good time with your company’s voice

Brand’s persona should reflect on all your social media presence. This is the way your brand interacts through Facebook posts, tweets and snaps. Though it takes time, it has been consistent that eventually gets succeed. For example, If a famous political leader swaps his party then the fans get offended and there will be a loss of fans. So how do you develop your brand’s personality? It can be done through product, service or demographics. Imagine your product to be a replica of a person, then how do you react to your audience, what kind of language do you use, What type of information do you share. Similar is the case with your company’s brand. To find the voice of the company you need to consider these three elements.
Company culture: what is your company’s environment? The environment is what you stand for. Your mission, vision and goals.
What is your product all about and what makes it special? What users challenges is it solving?
For instance, Hootsuite in Instagram tells the inside culture of their organization. The #hootsuitelife shares all the photos of employees participating in meetings, or team outings, arranging special events in the company.
Communicating in a way that your audience connects immediately is a way of sticking with them for a longer time. Be clear in your tone and add some particular flavour to your brand’s voice. Try for a personal, honest, humble, direct clinical and scientific while speaking to them. There is a beautiful saying which goes like this “Don’t give customers something to talk, assist them with somebody so that they can talk”. This works best for the brand.
For example, Pen Marker-Sharpie shines on Instagram with its creative, fun and fully articulated voice.
Funny, casual, witty, humour, conversational, personal all goes well with the language you use. But being authentic embodies your brand value. Identify the main reason and goal and stick to it on all the social channels. According to the recent surveys honest is the best trait that works well with the brands on social media.
For example, if you look at “WeWork” twitter account it shows its authenticity and speaks directly to the demographic. One of their images on Twitter “Dream big, work hard and make it happen” shows how genuine and authentic their brand’s voice is.

Have a habit of creating a calendar and post regularly

You create a business profile account, send welcome tweets, tag your friends and dear ones. All of a sudden you disappear nowhere. This happens with most of the businesses. But if you want to drive traffic to your company, and have a long relationship, then you need to converse with your audience frequently. Otherwise, you’ll see a drastic reduction in traffic. Select a few topics that pertain to your industry and publish on social media. To stay on par with the social noise create a social calendar and make postings a priority. If you have a documented strategy then it will be easy to manage the posts which you are sending out. Ultimately, balance these value-added posts with promotional activities. Schedule even what updates to post well in advance and save some time for yourself. If you post really useful content regularly then there are many possibilities of getting higher ranks.  Again, it depends on the targeted users and industry. Below is a simple schedule for budding entrepreneurs

  • Facebook: A couple of updates daily
  • LinkedIn: Once a week
  • Instagram: Once daily
  • Twitter: Thrice daily

Setting up a calendar makes your work in a more organized way.

Behind the closed doors, compelling story is what entices

From childhood, we have been captivating for stories. That does not change much as the age grows. This is not rocket science. Strategically knitted builds memories and leaves readers and viewers in the next level. Stories are fundamental to human existence. They can be turned, twisted and create a new idea by claiming as their own. Similarly, stories about your brand can turn the tables and become more compelling. Involve and make them engaged so that they will turn into leads.  Storytelling can make something new.
For example, TOMS a shoe retail store does a prowess job on FB, by sharing their images. Those pictures speak about the contribution that they have made.

Design your logo with a colour statement

A thriving logo always depicts the brand and its philosophy. Hence when building a logo so many features comes into the picture. While designing a logo the following things have to be considered

  • Size
  • Space
  • Colours
  • Typography

These all can be achieved with the powerful free tools. Even those who are nascent to it can create professional logos with these. These days, where social media rules creating a logo needs to be adaptive through all the social platforms. It should look unique and noticeable in different forms that include facebook thumbnail, Twitter icon, and Flickr buddy. On the other side, use the same colour across different media online and offline and have a professional appearance.
Avoid too many wordings and thin lines and overt descriptions in your designs. Any logo that is too intricate doesn’t suit and is not visible when the picture is resized.
For example, As a real estate broker, use geometric shapes or a house but not any front door or windows. Don’t spend much time is browsing the clips for unnecessary things. It has to be productive. Always have fun with shadows, gradients and with your photoshop filters.

Stay connected with influencers

When companies like Starbucks and Nike posts a new image or posts on Instagram, Twitter, they get a lot of traffic. This is because they’re already established and have millions of followers. If you are just an emerging company then its a conundrum to have a massive audience. Your content will not reach many users as you are new to the industry. A good way is to achieve more results faster is to build relationships with top-notch people or influencer. They are many social media influencers who motivates others through their accounts.  For example, if you have a travel website then approach Rachel Ray or Anthony Bourdain for travel advice and gain traffic with their followers. Since these influencers have gained the trust and many rely on their followers tagging them on social posts carries a lot of weight. Keep in mind having a lot of followers will not come under the umbrella term of an influencer. They should possess certain traits like

  • Active
  • Authentic
  • Expertise
  • Engaging
  • Leadership

So how do these influencers impact you? They can help you in
Building a huge brand value
Maximises your company’s reliability and credibility
Bring in more leads and sales
Increased conversions

Share relevant content

The last important way to build your online presence is to stick with a topic. Create and share the content which is relevant. This helps in attracting the right kind of followers and build ever-lasting relationships.  An example of this is Chobani. This is a yoghurt company but the content shared is not only about yoghurt but revolves around fitness and health. From exercise to food. They used Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook to attract targeted customers. That’s the way their branding works and want to showcase their businesses.


Social media is a great tool for developing your brand and gaining an online presence. It’s easy to focus on the relevant content and share useful information. In this ultra-tech world, publishing content on social media frequently helps in growing followers. Engage them and delight your customers with a strategic calendar. Put a lot of efforts and time to earn better results. Create a brand that resonates with your targeted audience and let it reflect the same across all the platforms.

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