Top 10 Tips to Improve PPC Performance

Before technically knowing what PPC is. Here’s a question for you. Have you ever observed any ads displaying alongside the search engine? Yes, they are PPC ads. You’ll get to see the ads that are relevant to a keyword that you’ve typed in the search box.

PPC is a strategy that lets advertisers promote their products online and you get paid only when a visitor clicks on the add. This indirectly hauls customers to your business. PPC is a result oriented and effective marketing strategy. Want to drive traffic? Who doesn’t want to? All you need to do is to optimize your PPC ads.  

Benefits of PPC ads

  • Instant and real-time customer reach
  • Independent of Google’s algorithmic changes
  • Budget-friendly
  • Quick results
  • Accelerates web traffic and gets qualified leads
  • Brings up offline sales
  • High ROI
  • Remunerative marketing channel

PPC is a paid traffic and generator. You need to be very careful while opting for it. Stay updated with the trends, understand customer needs, market status, and most importantly know your business goals. Generate a strategy that would be remunerative.

Are you in search of any tips to improve your PPC performance? You are in the right place.

Here are the 10tips to improve your PPC

1. Define your PPC goals

Unlike any goals, you need to set your PPC goals. Unless and until you define your goals it becomes difficult to optimize the campaigns. Setting an ad campaign is the foundation followed by optimizing it. Create a flowchart before starting a campaign. This helps in measuring your PPC goals. The more clear your goals are the more results you drive.

When you are done with setting campaigns. Compare your goals with the analytics to see if you’ve reached the level.

Plan and a strategize the campaigns to get the desired results.

2. Choose high performing Keywords

Thinking from a customer point of view, your customer will type a specific keyword to get the desired search results. You need to check for highly used keywords by your customer. A keyword is a pillar of your PPC campaign. There are different tools available to find out high performing keywords like Keyword everywhere  and Google keyword planner

In order to optimize your campaigns, you will need a high performing keyword. They bring higher Profits to your business. Adapt to changes by bidding your keywords. Check for the bid score of each business and see which keywords are high performing keywords. Don’t fill your Adspace with the excess keyword, include them only when required.

3. Bidding strategy

Bidding is like an outline that is required for the campaign. Adword provides you with bidding strategies that can fulfil your needs.

Conversion based strategies

  • Increases website conversions through “Target cost per acquisition(CPA)”
  • Used to boost conversion with “Return on Ad spends (ROAS)”
  • Automatically adjusts your bids to gain conversions in the future. This is done with the help of “Enhanced cost per click (ECPC)”

Impression based strategies

  • Automatically makes your ad appear in the top of a search page by using “Targeted search page”
  • With an automatic strategy, Choose a domain that would help you rank on SERPS through “Targeted Outranking”
  • A manual bidding strategy will allow you to set a cost for 1000 impressions by cost per thousand viewable impressions

Click based strategy

  • Maximize your clicks with the automated strategy. Set your budget and it manages your bids increasing the number of clicks
  • You can also manage the bids manually on each ad group with the specific keywords

Views- interaction based

  • This strategy can be used if your ad is a video-based campaign. You can set the price for a view and any sort of interaction this called the Cost per view bidding (CPV).

Choose a strategy depending upon your PPC goals and the type of your Ad.

4.Design an enticing PPC Ad

An ad campaign develops an interaction medium between you and your prospects. Make sure to create an impression in your audience’s mind. Your ad copy must create engagement and drag potential customers. Create a compelling Headline. People tend to see a lot of things online. To stand out, your headline must grab the customers attention. Your ads must be relevant and concise. Include relevant words that could be remunerative your products. Don’t forget to include a strong CTA. In your, CTA includes phrases that can persuade your audience to click on your ad copy.

5. Display your ads at the right time

Your ads must reach your audience in the most opportune time. This depends on how well you know your targeted audiences. Check their active timings spent online. To know, first set a 24/7 schedule. This will cost you a little bit. When you get the reports. Check the active timeframes. Next time when you get to post your ad, make bid adjustments and post it in the respective time period. The decided time will either get you average or higher CPC.

6. Location targeting

Google Adwords will display certain ads depending upon the IP address and location of an individual. If you running a local business like food delivery or a clothing store. Target your local audiences. If you own a national business you can target worldwide audiences. You can also target audiences based on customer persona. Select certain radiuses around your ad location.

You don’t need to be afraid of targeting audiences beyond your geographical location. There’s no wrong in trying. Maybe you can get a set of new audiences.

7.Device Targeting

It is the era of mobiles. Most of the customers shop online through mobile. Convenience and comfort are the two important factors that made people adapt to these handheld devices. This is the reason why your ads must be compatible with any device. Bidding strategies and campaigns must properly be aligned as the ad appearance changes from device to device.

You can create,

  • Mobile only ads In Google ads you can change “device preferences” you can choose mobile preferred for some your ads.
  • Call only ads A prospect can directly make a phone call to the desired number without being directed to the landing page
  • Mobile text- These are the plain text ads on mobile.

In case if you are directing a prospect to a landing page. It must be mobile friendly. Your prospects convert only when your landing page is attractive.

8. Ad-specific landing page

Landing page and ad copy are interrelated.

Your ad copy would be lucrative only if it is directed to a compelling landing page. Write an ad copy with what is being offered on the landing page. Integrate your ad copy with the landing page as they complement each other. Highlight all the important features, benefits and a CTA.

A landing page will track the data, generates leads and will make conversions. A landing page is like a decision maker page. So, ensure to create one that attracts your potential customer and converts them into a long-lasting customer.

9. A/B split test for PPC elements

A/B split test is performed in every stage of PPC. Split testing will make your ads more specific and relevant.

You can split test your PPC, choose any of the elements to test

  • Headline
  • Text
  • Keywords
  • Links

While performing a split test for landing pages you can choose

  • Design
  • Headlines
  • Pictures
  • Description
  • Call to action

Usually, PPC is performed to get customers to signup to your newsletter, test the type of keywords that works well with the audiences, and to test your landing pages designs to attract the customers. You can conduct split testing for only one element at a time.

10. Keep on Experimenting

Data is one of the huge resources in the market. You can use this data to make the right decisions. Find the right insights and metrics to improve future performance. As technology is ever evolving there’s no problem in experimenting with the strategies and making your hands dirty. In this process of experimenting with the tactics, you might find a strategy that would bring profits.


PPC is as remunerative as organic reach. Don’t forget to monitor your campaigns as you can make changes depending on the metrics. This can be done to optimize your campaigns to generate better traffic.

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