What is the need of video in content marketing

Marketing and video go hand-in-hand like bread and butter. In that, YouTube plays a vital role and stands second in the search engine after Google. It is, in fact, a free platform owned by Google. You are in the missing slot when you want to boost your SEO with content marketing and not utilizing the potentiality of video marketing. In order to know and understand the relevance of video, first, have the knowledge of video content marketing.
Almost all the companies and brands are implementing video marketing strategy. Though this idea is from the old era, it has shown in presence on every channel and platform. It has become a focal point in marketing campaigns instead of being a once choice in the overall marketing plan. This is especially when you consider social strategy.

All about video content marketing

Creating an online video, distributing the educational information delivering to the customers to make them repeat buyers is nothing but video marketing. It is no at all a one-time hard work but a well-organized and coordinated effort. Content marketing spans various channels including email, web, social networking and video.
Want to spread the news with a powerful means, then video marketing is the solution. When executed well, it works wonders!

Types of video marketing

Even before filming, you need to decide on the type of videos you want to make. Check out this list for better options

  • Demo Videos that showcase your products
  • Brand videos showcasing the company’s vision, mission, or products or services.
  • Event videos by hosting conferences, forums, round table discussions, exhibitions, fundraisers or any other type of event.
  • Capturing expert interviews or with thought leaders particularly to your industry is a great way to build trust and loyalty with the prospective audience.
  • Explainer videos to help your audience better know and understand why they purchase your product
  • AR (Augmented Reality) videos is a digital layer which is appended to what you’re presently viewing. for instance, consider the IKEA place app. For instance, Point mobile’s camera to your living room, and AR would offer views on the sofa’s that would be helpful for you.

The options are countless and with these videos in place, create a more personalized experience.

Reasons for having videos in content marketing

Here are a few reasons why companies have to implement video content in their marketing strategies.

Building emotions

Videos inherently deliver that tissue worthy emotional feelings. Unlike text, there is direct contact with the users. On a deeper level, videos do everything that drives action. It resonates with potential buyers than any other kinds of content. In it, you’re not just mere words on a social media feed, you represent a human being.
This is a world filled with AI and automation, your audience craves for more human interactions. Even though you are sharing a demo video on your product, it makes a lot of difference. Use personality and creativity instead of heart-wrenching tales to capture the attention span of the users. But how you actually create one and build a loyal relationship is the big million dollar question.
You now came to the conclusion that without doubt, emotions drive powerful actions. So use emotions in the videos in a strategic and smart way.

How do you tweak the audience with emotions
The first thing for creating an appealing video is to decide what you wish your user to feel. For instance, if you are feeling crabby on Thursday morning and you wish your audience also feels the same, go for it! Use that for tricking that inspiration.
Ha! Kidding.
Apply emotions with a more meaningful purpose and think twice before dwelling into it. Plan the videos in terms of

  • The aim, mission, and vision of video
  • A takeaway for the viewers from the video
  • A well-strategized direction

With emotional videos drive awareness and increase the shares. Moreover, videos evoke anticipation and surprise. There are many chances of these types of videos to go viral. These videos that brought more impact has a pinch of

  • Amusement
  • Happiness
  • Hope
  • Excitement
  • Affection

So include little triumph and laughter and see your views climb up.

Impact on SEO

Without a second thought, video content will surely optimize your search engine. According to studies, incorporating a video on your website to rank on the first page of Google search results by 53 times.
So much to say about video content that you have been hearing about it time and again over the past few years. Does video content impact SEO ranking? The obvious answer is a big “YES!”. But in the digital marketing to work everything as you desired there is an absolute necessity of energy and time. Reaping the advantages of SEO is not that simple you need high-quality content and a lot of perseverance and patience.
Let’s dive deeper and look exactly how video marketing can impact SEO.

Google ranks the pages not only on the text but by assessing the aptness of your page. It checks what are the other media formats there to provide users. It can be a mixture of

  • Image
  • Video
  • And text

to show the giant search engine “Google” that your content is valuable and varied.
According to research, 80% of online internet traffic is generated by video in 2019. So, to achieve your goal the trick is to implement video content in your marketing strategy. That is research on keywords and include those in your meta tags.
Adding a transcript in the form of text for your videos not only helps Google to know the relevancy but also for viewers. When developing scripts for your esteemed videos include primary and secondary keywords with relevant synonyms.

Changing technology requires more videos

You are in the 21st century. This is continuously changing and proving to be innovative. There are many surprises waiting for marketers. The key that unlocks the success for these innovations is optimizing video content. It can be optimized even for smartphone consumption, making it extremely accessible for the on-the-go audience.
Technology is a combination of skills, techniques, processes, approaches, and methods used in producing services and goods or in achieving aims and objectives. In this world of seeing everything through the lens, a technology-driven video demonstrates how the product works.

Marketers now have every probability for creating engaging videos that have a wider reach. It is possible with personalized technological devices such as a tablet or mobile. With excellent features like Facebook’s and Instagrams autoplay, videos are highly attracting the attention span. Whether it is executed on social media, via email or on your website.

Consumer Attention

When it is declared that the content is the king and queen. Crown jewels are nothing but the videos.
Videos took your customers on a long journey of learning about your business till making an actual purchase. In fact, this is not at all a quick journey. It is not, you board a plane over tonight and end-up reaching the destination in the morning. Video content like any other marketing tactics takes time. That’s why content in any form is vital. It takes the flight from the start of the journey until the end gently directing them where to land after each stop.
As there are many important metrics that tell videos are a powerful tool to retain and capture users attention. Video symbolizes your brand’s story in a far more alluring way than text, image or infographic content. This makes your brand to stay in the minds of the consumers for a longer time.
There is even a saying by Benjamin Franklin which conveys if you solely tells your audience they forget If you educate them they are chances of remembering but if you show and involve them they will surely learn. Videos have that power of making the audience involved in what you are saying. You can reach, capture and build their interest for your brand. Fundamentally, videos are noteworthy and share-worthy that generates increases engagement among consumers.

With all this kept aside, capturing customer attention is the big challenge lying in front of you. This can be done by
Making relatable and trustworthy content. Tell an authentic story that pictures your brand. You must inform your value for your brand and on what terms does the brand stands on.
Show don’t tell your viewers why does your brand matters to you a lot. Project a more personalized narrative that breaks down all the communication channels. Establish a soft tone and voice that is relevant to your brand and captures attention.
Don’t sell instead focus your efforts in conveying a commercial message. Give more prominence to your audience. Make the content keeping in mind about their wants, needs, likes, and dislikes. Create an exciting experience by giving your customer something to learn and care about.

Build trust

Trust is the primary key for more conversions and sales. But developing trust should also be the goal. The whole concept of content marketing either video or text is based on building long-term relationships. Stop selling and earn loyalty and trust. Let them come to you instead of you going to them for more useful and interesting information. This is the age of millennials and elite people, so don’t just focus on the content or on earning more traffic, concentrate even on ignition.

The spotlight is always your audience who loves to spread and advocates your content. To earn that focal point videos are the best. Videos are mainly to engage and ignite emotions.
When elite people come into the picture, then it is the youtube channel which promotes your brand. This giant social media channel for videos captures young men of 18-34 age people. Moreover, over 500 million hours of inspirational videos are watched on it daily. So if you are seriously thinking of promoting the brand, through content marketing you must be even stringent about making videos too.
Using promotional videos can trigger and foster trust. As this is the ultra-tech society, security is the main issue. Some consumers are frightening about frauds and cheating. They are sceptical about the products. Effective and professionally presented videos are more conversational in showcasing your product. This creates a feeling of individual approach. This is the basic reason why 57% of the audience stated that videos gave them more assurance to purchase online.

Generate higher ROI

Good news always awaits!  83% of companies say that inspirational videos offer better Return On Investment. Even taking videos and publishing videos is not the easiest task it pays off in the long run. With the change in technology, even the online Video Editing tools are uprising constantly.  They are improving and making a way for high-quality videos. With these tools in place, you can make a decent video with your smartphones.
Another heart-warming news is that videos need not be perfect, it is the beautiful content which matters. Latest videos show that users are mostly disinterested with the videos that don’t give full information or explain clearly about the product. So some videos though lack quality work pretty well.
Second, understanding the metrics like

  • Play rate
  • Viewer engagement
  • Impressions

are most mattered in video platforms these days. And as such, they are typically on the top-notch in your list considering the success of a video. Analyzing your video analytics aids you in taking fast decisions and choices about video content.

  • Not getting the required impressions?

Promote the post on through social media to expand the reach and get maximum views.

  • Is your Play rate seems to be lower?

Try a different option for the video thumbnail. See if it works wonders

  • Do you have low engagement level?

Various version of the videos are in the order

Few of these metrics are great for having a deeper knowledge of how your content is doing or performing. So, if you are initiating now then do it fast and it’s a good start.


Many top researchers say that 83% of consumers prefer to share video with friends if they interest them. That is why videos are dime a dozen and many media publishers are adding more videos to their websites. Moreover, it is a tedious task to create relevant content based on the cost. However, by the end of 2019, online video marketing accounts for 80%of traffic. But the

  • Cost
  • Resources
  • Time

are often a hindrance. Are you a publisher? Then you must agree on the terms that video with text can drive the highest engagement. If these videos are placed on the landing page? See the difference by yourself. This is especially true when the content is always appropriate to the content. For instance, many have the habit of reading the text while watching a video side-by-side.

Many marketers opine that meaningful videos decrease the bounce rate and increase the dwell time on your website. Another publisher stated that users spend 2.6 more times on websites that have videos than those which doesn’t have.
Finally, videos are intriguing, engaging, appealing and what not it is all for present-day marketers. Now tell what is that which stops you on your path? is that a stand-alone picture or an exciting video? In the world where technology plays a major role and social media is moving faster than a jet speed. People scroll through the feeds on their way to the office, during breaks and before bedtime. In this busy world, it is difficult to take out time to flip through every message,  especially when they are equipped with fascinating advertisements from various companies.
Videos are pleasing. Over 75 million people are watching online videos daily only in the U.S and more than 500 million are scrolling facebook pages globally. That’s a number which is very hard to ignore. So it’s time for a roller coaster ride and changes your marketing strategy.


Video content has become a household name for every business. They have gained more popularity in the recent past. Without denying the truth, it is likely to skyrocket every marketing strategy. It makes a beautiful sense in the impersonal world, where people are detaching themselves, businesses are focusing on more personalized videos. Thereby developing interactions. Businesses are really striving hard to make a meaningful connection through this virtual world. Videos are not only for the hilarious purpose, but it also increases a close bonding between you and consumers. The primary key here is to think beyond the brands and profits.

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