Top 10 Event Management Software


Are you an Event manager looking for simple techniques that can mold your event management? Event management software can help you with that. In fact, event management tools are an event manager’s lifeline.

So, what is an event managing software?

Event management software is used to manage all the conferences, trade exhibitions, meetings, and other small events. Event management tools make everything easy for an event organizer. It assists the organizers to achieve success. It does the job from registration to the reporting. It serves as an all in one solution for your needs.

Here are the Top 10 event management software that can help you in perfectly managing an event.

1. Eventbrite

Eventbrite is a US-based event management and ticketing website which has helped organize millions of events. The software allows the user to create, browse and promote local events. Eventbrite will help you join thousands of organizers at a place.

Event management software will help you,

  • Plan clearly
  • Grow your event by Increasing the number of attendees
  • Manage sales

Say No to paper invitations. With the help of Eventbrite you can easily send invitations, sell tickets and track RSVP’s ( it is a response from a person regarding their presence in the event).

For event promotion, you can spread all the details of your event with the online event listing and social media promotion tools.

Grow your event  by

  • Reaching new audiences
  • Selling tickets anywhere
  • Promote your event by email invitations
  • Inbuilt social media sharing
  • You can also target your event recommendations to reach more customers

Also, Eventbrite will help you manage events through mobile. Yes, you have a mobile version of Eventbrite software which allows your attendees to check-in faster with the on-site ticket scanning.

2. Cvent

Cvent is a global platform through which you can manage an event from the start to end. Cvent is also a strategic tool for increasing visibility and compliance. Cvent is not only an event management software but also manages the marketing and finance systems.

Cvent management software will assist you to manage an event by

  • Finding event venues
  • Budget management
  • Event marketing
  • Online registration and hosting
  • Easy check-in
  • Onsite engagement of customers
  • Measuring  the success of your event with the Event analytics

Cvent simplifies the planning of your event, increase the number of attendees thereby Cvent makes your event a huge success.

3. Eventzilla

Eventzilla is an online event registration and management software. It is an all in one event registration and management platform. Eventzilla is a perfect event management software for conferences, fundraisers, social events and more.

With the eventzilla, you can,

  • Sell tickets anywhere
  • Manage secure payments
  • Reduce the number of no-shows with the automatic reminders sent to your attendees
  • Learn more about your attendees to increase their engagement
  • Attendees can view, cancel and edit tickets by themselves. This is a great feature of eventzilla which allows an organizer to sell even more tickets
  • Download all the details of an attendee. You can also check the insights and ticket sales


Whova is an all in one event management solution that makes an event more trendy, organized. It attracts and engages customers effectively. Whova helps organizers save time while managing logistics.

Whova is an award-winning event app that makes your attendee happy. Whova event managing app allows you to actively interact with your customer and build your connections. You can provide all the info of your event like date of your event, personalized agenda, live polls, messages, and photos.

5. Bizzabo

Bizzabo is a modern event management planner. Bizzabo provides all the tools for organizers to plan an event by capturing all the insights while improving the number of customers.

Bizzabo helps you create,

  • A trusted plan for your event
  • An integrated event data plan
  • Customized user experience

Bizzabo provides a bunch of tools like registration, email, event networking, polling, reporting, event insights etc. Bizzabo is the number one rated software as it is the most user-friendly software.

6. Caterease

Caterease is powerful and affordable software. You can actually access caterease from wherever you are and whenever you want. Caterease provides an update in accordance with the issues faced by a planner. The updates provided are absolutely free of charge. Caterease is a powerful tool that will help you track all the info from event registration to the end of the event.

Caterease organizes all the fastest database and advanced programming language which is very simple to use for an event planner.

7. Ploxel

Ploxel is a ticketing platform which allows you to sell, manage and promote your event online. Ploxel helps you to sell tickets online to run your event.

Ploxel offers you the features like,

  • Selling tickets online
  • Making instant payments
  • Manage attendees

Also, there’s an app by Ploxel called “ Ploxel check in” which is available for both iOS and Android. Ploxel check-in is a simple ticket scanning app which is the fastest way to manage your attendees.

8. Zoho Backstage

Zoho backstage creates a rewarding event experience. It helps you to engage, entertain, and educate your attendees. Zoho backstage is an enterprise event management software experience, that will help you create an experience with audiences.

The Zoho backstage will help you in,

  • Website building
  • Event promotion
  • Attendee registration

Zoho backstage will maintain a meaningful conversation with attendees, interactive presentation for lively sessions by inviting participation through slide likes, comments, and Q&A.

9. Konfeo

Konfeo is a great tool for organizing events, conferences, training, workshops, music events, and sports events.

The Konfeo event management software provides three important and unique features for their participants and organizers. They are:

  • Speed: The convenience of the speed of the software
  • Security: Securely saves collected data.
  • Reliability: Konfeo is very convenient and user-friendly software

Konfeo is an advanced application to organize events which is very convenient to use without any desired training.

Konfeo is mobile-friendly, which allows you to access all the info you need from where you are.

10. Everwall

Everwall displays your social media wall authentically in your event. It enables you to engage with your attendees with a fully designed social media wall. Everwall says “Don’t make your event-goers wait”, use your social to drive engagement.

Everwall is a customizable software. You can choose 12 layouts and customize them with your logos, images, colors, fonts and more to feel the true experience of your event.


Event management is definitely not an easy task. But it can be easier with the right planning and the right event managing software. You must definitely check out these event managing software and choose the one according to your needs. Don’t forget to check them out because you can be a successful and organized event organizer.

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