How to use Twitter for business?

Businesses whether it may be small or large face many challenges. Isn’t it? As a business owner, you are more concerned with making people know about your brands. Increasing sales as the main motto. Maximizing visibility to generate leads.

At most, it’s all about marketing!!

How to remain noticeable to your potential audience? You have to market your product through various social media platforms. Twitter is one such platform that attracts more clicks. This simple, and efficient sharing media has

  • Millions of monthly subscribers
  • 3 billion account users
  • 83% of global leaders

So, while having a Twitter account and gain the tractions from numerous users have a proper plan. Frame the plan according to the below questions

  • Who is your targeted audience?
  • From where your followers come from?
  • What type of lifestyle do they prefer to lead?
  • What are your followers’ likes/hobbies and dislikes?

With all these in mind, many small businesses take a lot of time from their work and climbed the top of the ladder.
From such proven examples, here are few tips for your businesses also.

Fast track the followers with lists

There are many people whom you need to follow for business purposes. It may be your customers, peers, suppliers, competitors, and neighbouring businesses. There will be much noise with the increase in follows. It becomes a daunting task to keep track of all the important tweets as the number grows. For this hang hold of twitter lists.
Through the Twitter lists, you can group the people you want to follow the most than anyone else. You can have separate lists for

  • People in the same industry
  • Social media leaders and trainers
  • Customers
  • Users from the professional niche and more

Create groups and focus on the most vital tweets on the way and don’t lose the track by organizing your lists. Possibly create 20 different twitter groups with 500 account users in each list.

Reach out your Email lists with ads

You have now chosen and made the lists of people who wish to hear from you. The ultimate driving machine has come up now. Target your ads with these people. They have already exhibited their interests. When displaying ads, use them and upload the email lists. Have email addresses of already registered users and target them for promotions. This is a paramount way to use Twitter and sprout it all over the valley again.

Have it your way – the Landing page

With only 160 characters you have to create a Twitter bio? Astonished first and then vexed. Wait, consider having a Twitter landing page. It’s like a diamond which keeps on shining. Twitter profile uses your business web link and dro the people off at your front door.  Like a car which drops at your doorsteps. You can opt to create a special Twitter landing page and see this as a web address.
Converse with them about the products and brands about your businesses. Like you welcome your customers or suppliers with a warm heart. You can greet from here and scoop your brand and businesses. This is how you use Twitter. Do you know what to include on the landing page?
You can include whatever you want unless it gives a professional look. For more convenient use include

  • A personal message
  • Information about your products and services
  • Details about how they can become loyal customers
  • The people behind you and your Twitter account.

Even though there is a lot of space on the landing page, keep your message short and crisp. It should be to the point to leave a lasting impression. This is like an icing on the cake.

Care enough and Listen

Social media is all about conversation. The foremost thing ingredient in communication is listening. Without a dialogue means not having social followers. So on Twitter Listen to your followers and be active. This can be done by

  • Reading tweets and keep an eye on replies and comments
  • Check the mentions and direct messages
  • Searching for your name is like going for a fishing expedition. Sometimes, people talk about your business without associating with your business name
  • Follow everyone, who talks about you on Twitter

Using #Hashtags- a constant pursuit of perfection

There is a saying that with Hashtags you can rule the world. Don’t you agree? Studies have proven that if you use 1 or 2 hashtags with your tweet, there will be 25% higher engagement level. Use the hashtags that are relevant otherwise it turns to be a bad idea. While selecting the Hashtags, narrow down your hashtag options to 1 or 2.
Did you use the hashtags? No, Why? It’s okay to start using them now. This increases your visibility and reaches to more people. Based on the industry keyword you can dig down the search. No later than this, Try this effective approach and reach the top of the ladder.

Publicize – because it is worth

Twitter is a great place to interact with customers. This means you can contact them and network with them. This is a big feast for you. Advertise your product on twitter and know which of your customers are on Twitter. In this way, even your customers can find you. Make it simple for people to know your business and the brand. Given them offers on and off. Include CTA’s wherever possible. Include Twitter usernames in all the possible locations

  • In your website with an appropriate link
  • Your Email signature or newsletter/press release
  • Business cards, receipts, brochures, banners, invoices etc

Final Thoughts

When building a brand on Twitter, it is important to have your own visibility. listen, react and speak to your potential customers. Ensure that the appropriate steps are taken. Have stunning and professional images, current logos, and contact information. Clarity is the main recipe for success is business growth. This is your business card where people know where you are and what you are doing. Use the contextual text and tweet your potential audience on a regular basis.

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