How to outsmart the Facebook Algorithm in 2019

Facebook, a social networking site, is evolving continuously and ensuring its users to stay engaged. You can share your memorable photos, post comments, and links to interesting content on chat live, web and Short-form video. Like Instagram and Snapchat there are even Facebook stories which you can share for 24 hours. That’s amazing right. The content that is shared can be publicly accessible or privately shared with the selected group.
With so much to do on Facebook, it has come up with the set of calculations to determine which content has a lot of influence. As such, the Facebook algorithm is continuously evolving and ensuring that users stay engaged with interesting content.
Organizations need to strive for betterment and appeal their audiences in order to be heard over content from friends and family. So how to make sure that the Facebook algorithm indexes your content.
In fact, paid services will always promote to raise the algorithm but you need to allocate the right budget for it. For a more long-term sustainable strategy incorporate these few points and boost Facebook algorithm.
From the last one year, there have been many changes in the Facebook algorithm. It is curbing fake news and regaining trust with meaningful social interactions.
Sounds Great! But For publishers and businesses who post their content frequently, caught up with this. That indicates a huge drop in traffic. For those companies who rely only on ad revenue had faced a big financial crisis.
Now From the starting, you are hearing about the Facebook Algorithm. Did you pay heed to know what it is all about? Let’s dwell further and know What’s this facebook algorithm is and how to hit that.

The Facebook algorithm

The Facebook algorithm is simply a formula, that it devises to rank the accessible content and newsfeed. This algorithm shows only the relevant content to make people stay engaged on the site. For a user, it seems to be more appealing but for an organization, it is a massive failure, as it is often de-prioritizes their feeds in favour of high prioritized content that is more interesting. Moreover, Facebook ranks its algorithm based on the following factors

  • Assessing the available content at a particular time on Facebook
  • Deciding the quality of the content depending on the relevancy
  • By predicting the initial engagement level, and makes them available to users
  • The content gains the overall scores and plans which newsfeed it appears

Now that, you know about facebook algorithm and had some understanding about the new algorithm, there are few strategies to expand your reach.

Create an authentic content

As soon as there is content by you on Facebook, the algorithm monitors it and views how many users engage with it and determines the relevancy of the content and arrives at a conclusion whether to display for more audience or not.
One way to send the engagement signals is to ask your friends and family members to make initial engagement. Provide some initial training and guidance to some of your colleagues who are less familiar with social media.
In addition, share those posts link to Facebook friends that you want to increase the engagement level. Ask them to comment, or like and share through email. Even the internal messaging forums are a simple way to lure the teams involved.

Utilize organic targeting

The great option for working with the Facebook algorithm is to work on organic targeting.
If you don’t know organic targeting, simply post different messages to various sections of your audience, segmented by buyer’s personas like

  • Gender
  • Age
  • Education
  • Relationship status
  • interests
  • location

This gains you to push specific messages to certain demographic groups rather than the entire group. By working out this option, you can provide each user with the information you are looking for and without spamming your other followers. Ultimately focusing on quality content and increasing the  Facebook algorithm.

Test wisely

Before initiating a Facebook campaign, have an idea about demographics and targeted idea.  Layer them all and ensure that you are reaching to those relevant demographics. Gender-based demographics that have high value can be tested. FB approximately requires 50 engagements in a week to optimize towards the goal. If the audience you target is very low, the initial conversion volume is small and struggles to understand the targeted users. This results in reduced delivery and high costs. The key point is to know which has been suitable to test and which are not.

Video content

Video content on facebook work wonders! isn’t it? It acts as a mediator, encourages for more engagement and aids to bring in more personality to your social platforms. Facebook also takes watch time as the key indicator for all the engagement levels.  This means that even though the audiences don’t like to post, share, or comment, their view time is also taken as an indicator. It thinks the content is trustworthy and worth spreading to others.
Hence, if the video content is not your Facebook planning then incorporate this for further expansion.

Trigger emotional response

The content which is posted should make people feel something. People though use facebook for many reasons but in many cases, they want to while away the time and gets entertained. Moreover, there is a reason, why cute videos of animals like cats and dogs lure people and make them feel fuzzy. It is a note to remember that, the more engagement the content gets, the higher the facebook will rank it and there will be more views. So plan to bring more emotion into your content by using appropriate tactics like:

  • Nostalgic content
  • Create outrageous, hilarious and awe-inspiring content
  • Generate Content with adorable kids, heart-warming interactions and animals


Social media algorithms are playing a fanatic role for all business owners and marketers to make a valuable impact online. Although algorithms are difficult to learn and understand, make a grip of it to get the picture and find success in your way. Facebook has also made took this giant step. Get to know and discover each set of tips above and more to get that valuable response to your business. Use the above tips effectively and create a brand image for yourself for long-life conversations.

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