what is ethereum cryptocurrency and its importance

You might have heard of the bitcoin cryptocurrency. They were very popular back in 2017. After the bitcoins, there were many alternate coins that came into the light. One of those alternate coins is Etherium cryptocurrency.

To know exactly what is ethereum cryptocurrency, here is an example for you.

We browse through a lot of sites every day online. Security is the mainstay. Securing your sites with a password is very important. At times you may get tired of typing a password often and tend to save it. So that next time you open the site it directs to your page without typing a password. Have you ever thought about safety? To let you know, you are saving the passcodes on the servers, which are owned by third-party services like Amazon and Google. This is all done to reduce hosting and uptime expenses. It gets easy for hackers and government to steal and change all your important security codes and financial information.

To prevent all these, Etherium is used to replace the third party services that store the data and financial information.

Ethereum cryptocurrency

Ethereum is an open source public-based distributed computing and operating system. It enables developers to generate decentralized applications(dapps). The concept of ethereum is put forth by “Vitalik Buterin”.Blockchain generated by ethereum is Ether. Its complete programming language will allow the developers to design the programmes where ethereum blockchain could automate few outcomes.

Ethereum is divided into two separate blockchains.  The newer version is Ethereum theft reversed (ETH) and Etherium classic (ETC) which is described as the original ethereum.

Ethereum blockchain

In a bitcoin blockchain, it stores the whole history of the transactions made whereas in ethereum it stores the most recent transactions and each node holds a copy of this history. The network will keep a track of “state” of every ethereum. It stores information such as users current balance and all the smart contract code. Smart contract facilitates the exchange of money, shares or anything that has a value and it is a self-operating computer program that protects from the fraud.

Etherum stores all the account information like funds which can be transferred to another account and your current balance. Your funds will always be somewhere it’s that you can’t find them in your account. You can get them back when you have to do a transaction.

Ethereum is equipped with the decentralized virtual machine called Ethereum Virtual Machine(EVM).

What is Etherum virtual machine?

EVM is stored with C++, Java, Go, Haskell, Javascript, Elixir, and Python. As earlier said when a programme is used it is processed by many computers. The contracts made are printed in a specific language and compiled into a “bytecode”.

These codes are read and processed by the Ethereum machine. Every node in the network holds a copy of the original transaction. So, when a user performs a function online, each node should equally contribute to display the changes that took place. EVM showcases the results of changes made during programming by a third party service.

The calculations are usually done in the bytecode language ( a language that a computer can read). Unlike bitcoins, Ethereum is also generated by Mining.

How does mining work in ethereum?

Ethereum mining is done in the same manner as bitcoin mining. Miners use computers to answer the puzzle and complete a transaction. When a transaction is complete, miners are rewarded. They earn an ether based on their computing power. They run the header metadata of a block by a hash function. This changes the value slightly leaving a huge impact on the hash value.

If a miner finds a hash that matches their target, they are rewarded with ether and the block is sent through each for the validation. After this, the block is added to the ledger.

In case, if a second miner finds the perfect hash, then the first miner has to stop working on the current block and continue the process for other blocks. Process of puzzle solving to complete the transaction is considered as proof- to- work. This way there will be no chance for the miners to cheat and generate an illegal puzzle answer. Each node in the block verifies the hash value.

A miner gets to find a block for every 12- 15 sec. The algorithm automatically gets adjusted depending upon the difficulty of the problem.

Ethereum uses “ethash” as proof of work. These are jotted with the high memory which gets harder to mine with ASICs. These are the specialized mining chips that are profitable for bitcoin mining.

By shifting to proof of stake. Ethereum might not need a miner. The developer can adjust the algorithm that a network currently uses to validate and protects the transactions.

Importance of ethereum

Ethereum shows similar performance as the bitcoins. The importance of ethereum has got increased due to faster transactions and less fees compared to the bitcoins. As the transactions made are confirmed by proof-of -work from the miners leaving behind the fraud.

It is used by most of the developers and business as ethereum allows to develop decentralized apps without any special registration. Tweek your business irrespective of the type of business as you can create decentralised apps for healthcare, real estate, finance and many more. Make smart contracts with your client without any legislation or judicial action.

It even allows you to generate new cryptocurrencies called tokens.


Bitcoins have already created a buzz. Ethereium has already occupied a space in the world of business with its plethora of properties. It is safe and secure enough to be used by the business.

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