What are the ways to design a logo for your startups

Logos are the face of your businesses. When starting a business it is the most important thing to look into. Though they are very small to look it conveys a deeper meaning about your company. They quickly and effectively tell what tour company does. As your company is just a startup, your logo has to prodigiously portray your company in a better way to reach globally. World over the trend as of now is all about Startup. This culture is plunging in more fastly and efficiently. A custom logo your company designs has to accomplish this before moving forward.
Creating an identity visually can be time-consuming and there involve various elements to take into concern that includes

  • Typography
  • Symbolism
  • The colour combination and more.

First thing first when designing a logo, opting for the best design is a daunting task. It should always be a perfect logo. To help with this you are on the right page, just go deeper and look into the concepts of designing a wonderful logo which lands you and your brand in the minds of the potential users.

Online tools

Before going for logo creation, just plan for the budget and the available time. Based on that there are various logo creation tools. Though there is not enough budget there is a lot of time to work upon. With a few hours of time, you can still have a logo that is quick and easy. There are various DIY tools available in the market which is powered by AI. USing this you design a logo on your own. There are only a few steps to follow. Such tools are Designhills, Looka or Logojoy, Renderforest. These are flexible to use for any netizens without any hassles. A logo can be designed for any blog, company, websites, Adbanner YouTube and more. There are templates available in the database. Pick the one which suits your business and brand and enjoy creating it.

Hire a freelancer or crowdsource

There are many websites where you can hire a freelancer. They are the real persons who create your logo for your brand. The quality of the logo will always depend on the persons you hire, their ability, the time it takes and the pay you chose to pay. The responsibility is always on you to pick the right fit. Choose the designer whose designs are more appealing. You can discuss with the real persons, talk to them and let them know your wishes and work accordingly. The sites which help in getting freelancers for your work is Freelancer, DesignCrowd, Upwork, Fiverr. These sites are one of the simplest and safest ways of getting your logos designed.

Clearly define your brand and business goals

Though the logos are prodigious they need not be your priority. At least till the time, you sorted out the things. The first figure out the goals like

  • What is the vision for your company
  • Down the line of five years, where will be your business be
  • The main fundamental purpose of the company

For example, you just launched a B2B interior design company, but as the company progresses, you may like to enter into a retail space. But at the start, if you only concentrate on interior design then it is a massive debacle. Hence, create a logo based on your future goals. Even have a name for the logo which is relevant for such activities in the future.

Work Together

Designing a logo requires a lot of effort than you think. You have to look into different perspectives to design that visually attractive logo. Having a dedicated team effort is not easy, but it is effective though to have a design team which the company prides for. These teams should adopt the mindset of the designer and think in terms of

  • Who are the targeted users
  • What are they attracted to
  • What other brands are they opting for
  • What point of references are they sharing

This team have to versatile in multiple areas of the organization. This has to help the entire project and the people involved like copywriters, designers, marketers and other departments. They all have to go on the same page until the project is completed. Designing a stunning logo does not happen overnight. It requires a lot of thought process and multiple experts.

Go with the crowd by being unique

The best place to venture out for ideas is your competitors. Check out what they already worked on, what works with your potential audience. What to avoid. What makes those logos different where customers are attracted. How you can implement in your areas. At the same time don’t copy them.
Ensure that your logo is unique and sets you apart from the crowd. If all the departments are synchronizing with monochrome, opt for some quirky colour to stand out. If everyone else is conservative, have some fun and furore logo that attracts attention.
The designed logo has to depict the brand personality. If you want to make your logo stand different in the crowd, try images that illustrate two distinct images. For instance, If you ever observe Shoot my Dog’s logo, it looks like a person normally taking a photo, but with a different view, it looks like a dog. Don’t just simply collage that picture, thinking that your competitors have used it. Make sure it fits with your product and start experimenting.

Keep it elegantly simple

Let’s face the music and remember the four keywords Keep it Simple. If your logo has to be effective, it needs to be supported by a number of qualities. One among them is a simple design Most often, designers forget this simple mantra and end up by creating a complex logo. A complex logo may be appealing for the first time users but if it continues, it ends up in confusion.
They are very hard to remember also, hence if you want your logo to be etched then keep it simple.
To give you an example of this, let’s consider the logo of the company Apple. That half-eaten apple is memorable as it is simple. It is that missing bite which took the company to the next stage. It tells about the brand, character, vision and mission ultimately driving to the deeper meaning. Without the bite the apple is stale, with the bitten apple it is iconic.
Another easy process is to draw lines. Lines are the keys for typographic images. Using simple lines can also be simple and appealing. It is a great place to start.
Always think ahead and take an extra mile by turning your logos into the brand marks.

Use appropriate colours

The first impression your logo gets is by the colour you use it. 85% of consumers think that the most important factor for shopping is the colour they have. Colour evokes feelings and leaves indelible impressions on the user’s mind. without a second thought, the colour obviously impacts the way people view your brand and perceive it.  Red is the colour which ignites hungriness in you. Hence, most of the restaurants use red in their logos and interiors. Take McDonald’s like a classic example where the background for the golden arches stood red. The most attractive design elements are the colour of the logo and the fact it looks similar to the two bent golden french fries interpreting as a letter “m”. It is a simple way to advertise without the viewer even realizing it.
In the same way all the clours like
Yellow describes optimism, clarity and warmth. Businesses use Yellow to grab attention and make their users feel warm and comfortable when using it.
Orange portrays confidence. Nickelodeon uses orange to grab the attention of children.
When you think of purple, the trust and royalty come into the picture. It sparks imagination, mysticism, grandeur and opulence. That is the reason why Cadbury, Viber, Relyon, Zoopla, BenQ uses purple in their brands.
Blue signifies calmness and strength. Many software companies like Dell, Cisco, Vimeo, WordPress, GE uses blue as it signals a level of professionalism and reliability.
After understanding about colours, the big image which stands in front of you is how many colours d you need to implement. The number certainly depends on you. Additionally, it depends on the direction you are moving and landing your business in the near future. However, unless and until you are selling a rainbow, don’t make your logo look clumsy by including all the colours. 2 or 3 colours is ideally a fit for most of the popular brands.

Font Typography

Similar to the colour psychology where it makes you behave and think differently, even typography trigger strong emotions. For companies, the correct typography tells about your brand personality.
Based on different researches and studies, you need to understand the basics of logo look. Among all these fonts are also one of the crucial features that come into the picture while designing a logo. There are thousands of fonts available.
That is why it is difficult for designers to select one. All the basic fonts come under the categories and have an emotional tone.
For instance

  • Sans Serif: objective, modern, traditional, clean, respectable and reliable

They are suitable for businesses who are striving for brand awareness. It demonstrates trustworthiness. They are ideal for academics, financial companies, editorials, and broadsheets. Some of the popular serif types are Georgia, times new roman, Garamond

  • Script type: creative elegant, and affectionate

Script fonts are mostly preferred to trigger creative and emotional ideas. They convey history, feeling or experience. These are most often used by visual brands. They are artful and fancy but also difficult to read. A few options are Lucida Script, Lobster and Zapfino

  • Decorative: expressive and unique

These are ideal for any businesses. They convey your brand personality easily. By modifying, twisting, fine-tuning and tweaking you can demonstrate that you are casual, fun, unique, and direct. Common decorative font types are Jokerman, Gigi, Bombing
Thus you have seen how each font has its own personality and mood that transforms your brand. It can be careless, playful, serious and refined. You need to choose a design that fits your company.

Multiple designs

Change is the spice of life. Similarly, startups move and grow very fastly. But in regards to the logo, patience really pays off. The first design you created initially will win but months and years later, that will not be relevant to your brand. You realize that this will not impact your brand anymore. This means you are entering into the risk zone. For this to beat, at least create 2 or 3 logos well in advance. Though designers are creative it is a tedious task to put their mind to work on a similar topic and think in a different perspective for another. So to reduce this, conduct contests and offers company stocks to the winners. This generates brand loyalty. Involve the existing customers also in this. When people feel belonging, they are more prospects for your product. Ensure that you advertise your contests on all the social media platforms and get high-quality experts for this.


Designing a logo increases visual brand awareness for your business. It is different from the traditional method of displaying the company’s name in a rectangular box. It is the first impression that your targeted customers can easily recognize and memorize once they see your product. It affects the perceptions of the users about your brand. A well-designed is a combination of different creative ideas about your company. When designing a logo one thing to remember is about the long-lasting relationship. Yes! it is the logo which unites your brand and customers for a longer period. Once you understand the above points it is easy to position your logo in the minds of your targeted customers. Remember that, if you are picturing yourself without login the market place, it is a difficult job. Hence, the ultimate aim of the logo is to increase the company’s visibility in front of your users. Hence, follow the above measures while designing a product for successful endeavours.

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