Top 5 Analytic Softwares For The Business


Are you a business holder? If yes, then you are in the right place. Whether the business is small scale or large scale, you need to prepare and manage your business insights. But, the question is how do you maintain those business records? Bid goodbye to the paper records and use these online analytics software tools that will not only help you in maintaining the business records but also measures the analytics of your business. Give them a try and thank yourself later.

With the increasing trends in the market, customers always want more. You need to keep up with trends and have a look at what your customer is in need. This is where analytic software tools come to the action. A business is not about what you need it’s about why your customer needs it.

These software tools will help you record all your reports and allows you to measure and optimize your business. The software analytic tools are handy and easy to use.

Here are the Top 5 Analytics software for The Business,

1. Looker

Looker is a data science software. It uses LookML, a simple model language which lets the data management teams to easily manage, save and download the data without additional knowledge on SQL ( Search Query Language). With the looker, you can deliver the data directly into the tools that your team uses every day.

Create a report in just a go and can be accessible to all the members of the team. Looker can discuss the task related to business development and stay connected with all the members in the loop. It helps to use the data and drive business toward development.

Looker extracts and loads all the data sources without any heavyweight transformation and additional SQL. It provides a user-friendly experience that anyone can use without any training. Looker provides dashboards, explorations, and insights shared by your team.

Benefits of looker

  • Ease of use
  • Easily understandable LookML language
  • Create, Export and import Visualizations
  • Wellground support

Pricing: Quote based plan

2. Zoho Analytics

Zoho analytics is Business intelligence, reporting, and Analytic software which was previously known as Zoho Reports. Zoho lets you create appealing visualizations and dashboard insights. Transform the bulk of data into reports and dashboards. You can measure your business, trends, identify outliers and dig all those hidden insights.

With Zoho, you can

  • Blend data from multiple resources
  • Analyze your data visually
  • Ask Zia(Zia is an intelligent assistant)
  • Collaborate online
  • Embedded analytics

You can also manage analytic on the go from anywhere you are with the Zoho analytics app. This app is available for both platforms such as ios and android.

Price: You have both the free version (for 2 users) and the priced version ($25.00 / month).

3. Hotjar

Hotjar is a powerful tool that combines all the features such as user recordings, heatmaps, analytics, feedbacks, and funnels. You can use and pay for these tools but you also have all these features in a free version that can support about 2000 visitors.Though some features are limited, the provided features are sufficient to fulfill your needs.

Hotjar is a website and analytical tool that helps you optimize the conversion and usability rate of a website. It combines both feedback and analysis providing how visitors interact with their website and elevate the number of visitors.

Identify UI problems and understand the problems that are annoying them. Allows user interaction and understand the area of issues and improve the areas required.

Features Of Hotjar

  • Visitor recordings
  • Heatmaps provide the info where visitors click
  • Conversation funnels
  • Form analytics
  • Create polls

Pricing: Quote based plan

4. Sisence

Sisence is a business intelligence software that makes it understandable and easy to rapidly open up the business insights from complex data of any size and source. It helps you create plans and strategies. Sisence is a user-friendly software that can be used by any business, say it a startup to fortune 500. You can bring up all your data into visual dashboards. You can modify the data to valuable insights and share with your colleagues, business partners, and clients through the interactive dashboards.

Features of Sisence

  • Instant insights and values
  • Blend in all the data, analyze and impact the data
  • Interactive dashboards
  • Solves the crucial metrics by using filters and calculations
  • Mashup with the web portals

Pricing: Depends on the operations of your website and the company size. Enter the business details and get a quote.

5. Datapine

Datapine is a roll of BI and data visualization. It helps you create an understandable data, actionable insights, which allows you to make analyzed business tools, implement strategies to achieve goals in desirable ways.

Users can scale data analysis software by which they can arrange the data to easily maintain their business intelligence. It has the drag and drop interface, and unlimited dashboards.


  • Centralized data and analysis management
  • You can visualize the data you need any time
  • Creative dashboards


  • Drag and drop
  • Filters
  • Data visualizations
  • Modern dashboards
  • Performs required calculations
  • Embedded analytics

Price: Quote based plan


The trends in business keep on increasing, there will always be something new in the market. With the trends even the needs of a customer change. In order to keep up with the trends and know what your customer in need of, use the analytical software tools to see what a user is searching and what a user is clicking online. Analytic software will help you easily manage all your insights and dashboards at a place with the visualization techniques and calculations. You can also review them whenever needed and improve your business.

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