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Top 10 SEO Blogs to Learn

If you are into business or digital marketing you might know the importance of SEO. It is all about driving organic traffic to your website and gaining a position for your website in the search results.

Getting back to the history of what is SEO?

Search engine optimization is the process of increasing visibility and driving organic traffic to your website with quality content. SEO is performed to gain a position for your website in the search engine and is an important marketing strategy to gain organic traffic to the website.

It also improves the quality and quantity of your website. A well optimized and top-notch content is all you need. Your content should be great enough to get backlinks from other websites. This is another way of getting unpaid results.

Do you think a single strategy is enough to win the game? No, it doesn’t work so. Outdated strategies don’t work. You need to keep up with the SEO trends as it might influence your marketing and helps you to stay satiated throughout your marketing race.

Want to learn SEO? If yes, Develop technical, analytical and creative skills. Invest some of your time and keep a track on trends, Google algorithm, and changes in the technology.

It isn’t easy but its worth learning to remunerate your business.

1. Google Webmaster

Google webmaster  is all about indexing the updates. Every detail of the update is jotted in the Google webmaster central blog. You can search for everything you need for your business and also get to know the updates.

As this article is about learning SEO, check out Google’s starter guide to SEO which is last updated on 22 July 2009.

Google has recently released an update on mobile first indexing. Starting from July 1st 2019, the update is going to be enabled by default. The main concept of this update is to display the same type of content for both mobile and desktop versions.

2. Moz

Moz is basically an inbound marketing and analytical software used by most of the business and marketing professionals. Apart from this, it is also an SEO guide. It is a perfect place to learn SEO whether you are a beginner or freshmen who is haunting for the ways to increase website traffic.

It gets covered you with each and every topic from SEO. When you are done with it, you can switch to  learn Content marketing, Social media marketing etc.,

Moz provides the best advice, research and insights from the experts that can help you amp up your SEO.


Mangools is an easy to understand premium SEO learning centre where you can learn anything about SEO. If you are in the beginner stage, this would be a great place and it guides through all the basics of SEO. And provides you with the practical knowledge and will help you do it all by yourself. As a bonus, you will also get a certificate on completion of the course.

It is a meeting point for SEO learners and marketing enthusiasts. You can also subscribe to the newsletter and get their daily updates directly to your mail.

If writing is your cup of coffee, you can write guest posts on SEO. Make sure to pitch unique content.

4.Search Engine Land

Search engine land provides daily news on the search engine. It is a hub for many marketers and experts who share the info on recent tactics, strategies, algorithm changes etc., this is a one-stop place to learn about SEO. Subscribe to their newsletter and get all the info regarding recent updates, and notification on webinars. It also provides you with the research reports and day to day updates in the marketing.

Its popular post is the periodic table of SEO. This blog is not only about SEO you’ve got many things to learn from it like SEM, Mobile search, Bing SEO, Google algorithm and updates.

5. Hubspot

Video tutorials are easy to consume. Hubspot has occupied a place in the market with its uniqueness. If you want to learn visually, HubSpot would be the right place. Learn everything right from link building to building a search authority. It will help you improve your website SEO, get backlinks, and learn how to be #1.

It is a free course and gifts you the certificate after the completion of course. Not only SEO, HubSpot offers you many different courses like Content marketing, email marketing etc., It will also provide you with the info with the latest update in the technology.

6. Search Engine Journal

Search engine journal is a platform where the worldwide experts share the info and best practises. It was launched in the year 2003 and is a community-based platform.

Having a query? You contact directly contact an SEO expert with the feature called “Ask an SEO” and get the best advice. This feature is not only for SEO you get a piece of expert advice on the crucial topics like content and PPC. It further provides the news, announcements and posts on the latest trends in marketing.

7. Quicksprout

Want to drive traffic and get most of your website? If yes, Quicksprout would be a great place to learn the latest techniques of SEO and other updates in the marketing world. Quicksprout was started in 2008 by Neil Patel. Whether you are a freelancer, founder of a business or a marketing manager. Quicksprout will help you sprout traffic and drive leads.

Along with the SEO starter guide, it will also share the tips and hacks that will help you grow your business. It has got about 500 free guides and all the website reviews. So, in the combination of SEO, you can learn anything that could be helpful for your business.

8. SEMrush

SEMrush produces a complete SEO toolkit that will help you take your SEO to the next level. From SEO to SMM it will help you drive sales. It will present you the complete SEO tool kit for any marketing professional.

It will also help you improve PPC, build an effective social media strategy, create great content and provides a list of your competitors and strategy review. Through SEMrush, enjoy all the additional benefits along with its SEO guide.

9. Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO is purely designed to fulfil all the needs of SEO.  This website packed with the complete SEO guides and tools you need for your business. It is also a plugin for your WordPress. Its blog posts and plugins will help you drive the traffic that you need. It’s training classes will help you learn all the skills that are needed for the business. Not only theory classes, but it will also help you go through the practical sessions which aid in the better SEO knowledge.

It has various SEO plugin like WordPress SEO, Video SEO, News SEO and Woocommerce SEO.

10. GSQi blog

GSQi blog will help you improve the SEO, SEM, social advertising and website analytics to achieve the desired goals of your business. It presents you the knowledge of SEO where you can easily implement the changes and you will be equipped with the best SEO techniques that are needed for your marketing campaigns.

It will also help you recover from Google algorithmic updates, penalties and solves the problems of technical SEO.

Pitch your SEO, keep up with the trends, drive the desired traffic and win the game called marketing.


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