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Top 10 E-commerce Platforms

In the revolution of the internet, people are shifting their lives to a comforting side. Right from paying bills to shopping everything is taken over by the internet. By the way, Are you someone who is planning to open an online store or online business? It’s definitely not easy as peeling a banana. You need proper research, plan, strategy and then execution at the right time. Well, Are you wondering how to open an online business store? For this, you will need a website with the hosting for your business account. To carry your things online you will need web hosting. The website hostings are even more helpful for small-medium sized business. A reliable website is like an armour your business.


An e-commerce website is an online service tool that lets you sell and buy things online. It is a meeting place for both the buyers and sellers. E-commerce or electronic commerce provides services online over the internet. The other services offered by e-commerce are money transactions, funds and data. Right from online banking to booking a hotel room, the internet is ruling the customers. Many businesses are upgrading to an e-commerce website for their business operations and do you know that by 2020 the global revenue of e-commerce is going to reach about $27 trillion. Isn’t that huge?

Benefits of E-Commerce

  • Reach millions of customers
  • Cost-effective
  • Cheap transaction cost
  • Promotes spareless communication without needing any papers
  • Real-time business process
  • Increased speed of the applications
  • No need to wait longer to launch your product
  • Customize sale pitch and product offers
  • Induces business development
  • Target every single person

Here are different types of e-commerce platforms available, they are

1. Shopify

Want to build your business? Then Shopify would be a great tool. Shopify is a platform, packed with all your e-commerce needs. It is equipped with the point of sales features that are required to develop your business. Shopify fulfils all your need right from the start of your business to managing your business.

Elaborating your Journey on Shopify, here are the steps,

1. First things first, Start your business

  • To register your business profile on Spotify,
  • Find a name that suits your personality as well as your business.
  • purchase a domain and create your own brand with the help of free tools.

2. Selling

Too many hands spoil the broth. Yes, selling products on multiple websites makes everything messy. Sell all your products on a single website to anywhere online with your e-commerce. You can also sell through marketplaces, social media or even make an in-person sale. Shopify increases your waves of in-person selling. It is flexible and allows you to set your online store in a simpler way.

3. Market and Manage

It isn’t good to do the guesswork in marketing. With Shopify, you can strategize all your marketing needs with the inbuilt tools which can help you create, run, analyze, facebook and google ads. Shopify allows you to attract the right customers through your website by providing the content and SEO. You can promote your products either by google smart shopping and facebook ads.

It provides you with the tools that will help you drive sales and email customers.  You can also improve your business with the dashboards that track your business. With a single dashboard, you can manage all your orders, products to be shipped and payments from anywhere.


– You can try Shopify for 14 days and switch to a plan that suits your business. Basic Shopify ($29/month), Shopify ($79/month), Advanced Shopify ( $299/month).

2. Woocommerce

Woocommerce is a customizable e-commerce platform to efficiently build your online business. Woocommerce allows you to sell anything online globally. Woocommerce is segregated with WordPress to create your website. You can sell anything on woocommerce be it is a physical product like jeans, digital products and affiliate products. Whether to offer free shipping or shipping to a specific country, you can customize all your shipping settings on your dashboard.

Tax, this is what freezes your customer from purchasing. Woocommerce calculates the shipping taxes by itself i.e, it does the job of calculating the taxes automatically when a product is added to the cart. It uses geolocation to calculate the taxes by detecting the customer’s address. It manages your stock with the WP- centric UI.

With Woo commerce, you can merge with different extensions to promote on social media. Woo commerce secure your data up to date.


–  Quote a price

3. Bigcommerce

Bigcommerce is an e-commerce platform that provides high security, scalability and tracks a product faster. Bigcommerce will give you a different experience in selling your products regardless of the state and offers a wide range of flexibility to disseminate your business.


  • Customize and elevate your growth – You can interact with the expert service team to culminate your issues. This way, woocommerce will help you focus mainly on the innovative side rather than the issues.
  • Scalability and security – Google is always a backbone. Use the power of google cloud platform for the security, bandwidth and speed. With the uptime (measures the system reliability) and DDos ( distributed denial of service) protection, you can mainly focus on sales than on security.
  • Hold on to your tech stack with flexible API – Bigcommerce is an open source platform with a lot of possibilities and integrations. You can bridge content and commerce all in a place.


– Standard plan ($29.95/month), Plus ($79.95/month) ,Pro ( $249.95/ month).

4. Magento

Magento is a part of Adobe commerce cloud. It provides all the solutions, empowering integrated and managed commerce. You can sell physical, digital and virtual products. Wait, Are you in a haunt of tools that can serve all your website need in a single platform? Magento is one such platform that allows you to create content, analyze, advertise, and commerce. With Magento, you can,

  • Reduce business cost – With Magento, you can reduce your business costs, track your business and order management all in a single dashboard. Magento is a one in a kind of commerce platform with the enterprise solution, scalability, and flexibility especially for B2B and B2C business. Magento will help you create a distinctive user experience alluring the customers generating leads.
  • Get into the market – Magento is a user-friendly website that will help you inaugurate your site into the market quickly, mould in accordance with the market needs and get the ROI into your hands. And the best thing about Magento is that it offers a special design for small businesses.
  • Revenue growth -You can easily integrate with other commerce experiences such as Amazon, eBay, You can even manage your sales with product control and distribution in your online stores.
  • Customer experience – Deliver irresistible and seamless customer experience to each of your customers.


  • Brand interactions by merging content with the commerce
  • Expanded reach to the audiences
  • Easy shopping
  • Efficiently automate and access the data
  • High performance and security
  • Progressed web applications



– It offers you a free trial, latter quote a price.

5. Weebly

Weebly is a commerce stop that will help grow your business with the website. Weebly will stay with you throughout your business.

With Weebly, you can easily customize your website with the free website builder. You can choose your own theme that suits your business and also include all your product photos. It is a powerful tool that will simplify your order management and payment. With integrated marketing tools, you can drive your sales.


  • Weebly’s shipping tool will manage everything from product photos, address and quantity
  • Track and supply with the inventory management
  • Coupons and gift cards to increase sales
  • Helps visitors find you with the product search by embossing your badge on the product photos


– It is a free tool. But, if you are need of some additional benefits you can go for Connect ( A domain worth $5/month), Pro ($12/ month), Business ( $25/month).

6. Bigcartel

Are you looking for a creative business platform? If yes, Bigcartel is there for you. Because creativity is the new cool. Magento is a website for artists. You can totally customize your website theme to get your one in a kind of unique design.  You can manage your store, orders, stats and promotions of your business from where ever you are.


– 25 products ($9.99/month), 100 products ($19.99/month), 300 products ($29.99/month).

7. Volusion

Volvusion is a platform where you can sell anything online with ease. You can add products, upload product images and inventory management. It offers variant pricing, rich text descriptions for your products and you can also import products.

Drive traffic to your website with the features like comprehensive SEO, social media and market integrations. You can sell your products and get paid by registering yourself as a seller. Fulfil the orders by a management system. Enable free shipping rates that can drive sales.


  • Customized themes that are compatible with any device
  • Editor tools will let you edit your store content without any special coding
  • Create your custom domain
  • High-end customer experience with easy navigation
  • Categorize the products with customizable tools
  • Advanced search tool for easy customer reach
  • Inbuilt promotional tools

Price – It offers a 14 days free trial after which you can switch to the plans that suit your business. Personal ($29/month), Professional ($79/month), Business ($299/month).

8. Salesforce

Salesforce is a B2C e-commerce cloud website that helps you create a unique digital experience both online and offline. Providing vast customer experiences.


  1. Customer Experiences
  • Reduce the amount of left out carts, checkouts and payments acceleration by optimizing the conversion funnel.
  • Extended your services by integrating with social media and other channels.
  • A global view of your product, i.e, product description and currencies in multiple languages and on multiple sites.
  • Easy navigation
  • Helps your customers easily find what they need.
  1. Artificial intelligence
  • Get a rigid AI power with Einstein where no special data scientist is required.
  • Personalized product recommendations with einstein recommendations
  • Relevant search results with einstein search dictionary
  • Track customer insights
  • Lead conversion with intelligent search results
  1. Innovation
  • Core customer connections
  • Customized, rich storefront and best site design
  • Javascript tools to quickly deliver the information
  • Mobile first indexing for the mobile version of the website
  • API’s for best shopping experiences
  • Elevated shopping experiences
  1. Scalability
  • Reach globally in no time by culminating the risks
  • Elevate your digital presence with the targeted content
  • Customize sites according to the customs, cultures, currencies and languages


– Quote a price depending on the type of your business

9. Prestashop

Prestashop is an e-commerce store that is equipped with all the features that a user needs.


  • Customize your own store by selecting the theme you like, the logo that matches and a professional design
  • Manage products and customer relationships
  • Keep a track on your stats
  • Integrate with social media to attract more customers
  • Market globally


Quoted price

10. 3dCart

3dcart is an all in one software built for all types of businesses. Its mobile friendly themes and the latest SEO strategies help you to increase the business. It is a commerce store where you can customize your store and cart. Hostings and domains are already included where you don’t need any special hosting services. It provides a vast customer experience with high-quality images and product descriptions. It also allows a customer to edit their cart. To grow your audiences it is very important to integrate with the social media.

3dcart is secured with the HTTPS and PCI, two-factor authentication and other anti-fraud tools. The uptime of 3d cart is 99.94% and so it is considered as the fastest e-commerce. It is a flexible software with different payment methods and shipping options.


  • Sell more
  • High conversions
  • Reduce cart abandonment
  • Elevated productivity
  • Secured with VISA PCI
  • Real-time shipping
  • Integrate with social media

Price –

  • Startup store – $9.50/month/user
  • Basic store – $14.50/month/user
  • Plus store – $39.50/month/user
  • Pro store – $114.50/month/user

It’s never too late to get started. Running an offline store is absolutely okay but in the era of this digital world, it is lucrative to maintain your online store which drives the audiences both online and offline. And to run your online store, you will need an e-commerce site to display all your products. You can choose any of the above store options depending on the type of your store.

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