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Top 10 Content Marketing Trends

Everything changes with time. As time changes, there will be a lot of changes going on in this world such as stocks go up and down, Google’s algorithm changes and many trends keep evolving. Not only in 2019 as the years pass by content will always be the king. you need to keep an eye on content as content marketing is going to be even more important and Content creation and distribution strategies are going to change thoroughly.

Though many doubt efficacy of the content, many marketers and channels still use the content as a medium to connect with their prospects. So, the content will still continue to evolve in 2019 and beyond.

Technology today is actually surprising marketers and businesses with its evolving trends. So, you need to be constantly updated with the trends and you need to be able to implement them at any time in your marketing. With the trends in technology, there will also be changes in audience preferences.

So, how would you come up with the trends in content marketing? How can you change your marketing strategies to keep up with the trends?

Here are the top10 content marketing trends that you can implement,

1. Content marketing strategy

All you need is a steady and scalable plan to achieve success in the world of marketing. Content strategy is the planning, creation, development, management and delivery of content. The reason for a content strategy is to attract targeted customers by creating meaningful, engaging and valuable content. Delivering the right message to the right customers at the right time is very important.

It is said that 63% of businesses don’t have any strategy. This way you be pulled out of the game called marketing. A content strategy is not just an editorial calendar. In fact, it is a plan that involves elements like,

  • Setting goals for your content marketing that will help you orient with your overall business generating the traffic, leads and conversion through the medium(blog, email, or a website) that you have produced the content.
  • Use key performance indicators (KPI) to measure the ROI of your content.
  • Audience segmentation
  • Repurposing the content
  • Content curation
  • Strategies for customer acquisition

2. Authenticity and Transparency

Authenticity, transparency and value are paramount of content. The content you provide must always be relatable to your brand. It should be the voice of your business. Everybody produces content but the gist of uniqueness can drive traffic to your website. Create a content that,

  • Aligns with your brand goals and missions
  • Help you target the right audience to accomplish their goals
  • Makes your audience comfortable to engage with your brand in the future

86% of the consumers say authenticity is the key and 94% of the customers stay connected with your brand when you are loyal and transparent to them.

Companies who don’t provide transparency are more likely to move off from the game of marketing.

Content marketing is never about selling products or brand promotion, it is all about providing value to your customers. Having a conversation with them shows your level of transparency. This will provide an essence of trust in them.

3. Artificial intelligence and chatbots

Artificial intelligence has already taken over the industry of content marketing. It’s still going to make huge changes in the coming years. There a lot of powerful AI technologies available but they are still not accessible. As the years pass by, we will see the real impact of artificial intelligence on content marketing. It is going to affect the analytics of content marketing. AI works by collecting and interpreting all the huge data.

Want to build a better content marketing strategy? Then Artificial intelligence can help you. It collects all the audiences data which help you deliver the content according to the audience preferences. With the data collected, you can build a highly targeted audience and create the content according to your audience preferences.

With the change in technology, the use of chatbots has become more common. Further, 40% of the large companies are going to use chatbots which will help them grow a large number of prospects. And importantly chatbots will help a customer choose their favourite company and have a conversation with them.

4. Make your content ready for voice search

Do you know that there are about one billion voice searches every year? The number will still increase as the number of mobile users are still increasing. By 2020 all the searches will be through voice as most people love to use digital assistants. It has already shown an impact on overall syntax. The way the voice search is changing depends on the intent of a user.

Here are the three reasons why people use voice search

  • Mainly due to it’s on the go services
  • It doesn’t contain any sensitive information
  • Induces interaction

Want to find a cafeteria? Voice search can help you. Just hold on the voice search button and say cafeteria near me. Voila!!! There you go, Google provides the list of all cafeterias. Choose the one which is very near to you and enjoy your coffee. Not only for content writing it will help all the business like restaurants, hotels, retails etc.,

5. Micro Influencers

Influencer marketing is often misunderstood by many of the business. You don’t need any famous traits, look into your local or the national leaders in your niche. Influencer marketing is not about bribing an influencer to post your content. Instead, try partnering with them. Basically, an influencer just collaborates to promote your product or brand. Do you know what’s trending now? Influencers are now ready to create the content for your business channels (blogs, websites, social media) why late, try out now and get influencers to the game.

6. Personalized and interactive content

Your content must be in such a way as if you are having a conversation with your customers. 78% of the customers say that relevant content is an important factor in making a purchase decision. Personalized content can get you 500% more spending from a customer. But lack of relevancy can make everything go in vain.

  • Interactive content is what shows the uniqueness of your brand from your competitors.
  • Drives engagement and leads
  • Increased trust and credibility

7. Brand storytelling

Storytelling is a special skill, not every writer can master it. Storytelling will provide an essence of human connection. The brand value is created with its story. Be a brand narrater and create a strategic statement that pulls a conversation. Brand storytelling is the detailed info on who you are? what your brand is about? And your uniqueness from other brands. Write your brand history and brand evolution. Explain them your future goals, beliefs, products and services.

Add relevant quotes and details to combine with the posts, interviews, campaigns etc, use brand storytelling to create a relationship with your customers.

8. Growth lever integration

Growth lever integration is partnering with other companies to develop tons of content for an end to end users. This strategy shows a real impact when you choose the right partner. The main goal is they must align with the value and with their own.

Make sure there must be an overlap between your audiences and your partners. This will provide the perfect integration for an end user and also it will make sure that any product you created will resonate with the audience. The product announcement starts with the blog post. You can either swap the guest post from your partner or post from each side. Launching a video, event, webinars are the best ways to maintain the partnership.

9. Incorporate various types of content

Content is not just blogging or writing articles. It’s providing content on social media, email marketing etc., People consume a various type of content online every day on different devices and on various channels. So it is very important to develop content according to the channel.

A video is the most consumed content online. They watch almost 5billion videos on youtube and spend 100 million hours on facebook watching videos.

Podcasts are rapidly increasing as they are easy ways of consuming the content from wherever you are.

Again the use of interactive content is the game changer.

10. Content cluster

Providing snippet content for micro-moments has become the most popular. It doesn’t mean that you need not provide a long form of content. A long form of content serves to your passionate followers. The more interested they are in your niche the more they are intended to attract to your page.

According to Google latest algorithm long form of content is going to be the veer of content marketing.

Content marketing is vastly used by most of the marketers. Most B2B marketers use content to drive traffic. In order to perform well in your content marketing, keep with the trend, have a strategy and implement them at the right time.


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