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Top 10 Best Tools For Millennial Freelancers

Are you tired of working for someone else leaving your passion behind? If yes, Have you ever thought of being self-employed in the field that you wish to work for or in the field that you are experienced in? Yes, you can do that. Freelancing would be a great choice. Work smarter rather than working harder. Freelancing is where all your creativity pops up.

Think of the ideas, get your clients, meet them, collaborate and share your ideas. Find ways to get the work done in less time. Plan out the things to manage all the due dates, task management, handling clients etc., The question is how to make this freelancing easy? Stick with the article till the end. Because this article is all about the tools where you can manage all your clients.

1. Trello

Trello allows you to work collaboratively and get most of your work done. It is inbuilt with dashboards, lists and cards allowing you to organize the work. Trello is a flexible website that helps you to set your priorities.


  • Be it work or finance you can organize anything on Trello. It also allows you to work effectively
  • Easily collaborate by jotting down all the due dates, comments and attachments to your trello cards
  • Stay organized from beginning to end

2. Buildfire

Buildfire would be the right option if you are a mobile app developer. It will help you design a high-quality mobile app on the go and design your app while you handle your business. This is compatible with both Android and iOS. It is an open source platform where you can customize the existing features.

With the build fire, you can build,

  • Custom app: It will help you customize your app depending on your preferences
  • Business app: A mobile for your business can help you gather data, and create a workflow
  • Media app: Create a mobile app for your media and get most of the audiences
  • Event app: With an event app you will have a great interaction with your audiences and
  • Employee communication app: Create a mobile interaction app to build a better connection with your team.

3. Upwork

Upwork is a website which helps you to get started as a freelancer and earn a maximum of income. Choose the category that you are experienced in and apply.

You can also build a team for your tasks, Have experts in your team and you can also file a contract to hold on to the company you like.

But, it’s going to cost you a little. However, the basic plan is free. For advanced versions like a plus ($49.99/month),Business($499/month),Enterprise(quoted price).

4. Slack

Have better teamwork with Slack. Collaborate with your team despite whatever the work you do and from where ever you are. Slack is a place where all the information is shared and most of the important decisions made. You can also make announcements.

The feature called “channel”, allows you to have an organized conversation. You can have a separate conversation with your team and client. These chat threads are kept in the sidebar where you can easily share updates to clients.

Search for the posts in the channels even you if you have left the conversation. You can also connect to different tools through a channel. Integrate with other tools like Dropbox, Google drive and many more. Fulfil your team needs with the help of Slack API. Slack uses standard security services like SOC 2 Type 2, ISO 27001 and HIPPA. It also supports two-factor authentication and data encryption.

Price –

It offers free services as well as plus ($5.36) and standard plan($2.86)

5. Rescuetime

Be it freelancing or any, time management is most needed to maintain a work-life balance. In the era of the digital world, it has become easy to manage everything right on your fingertips. Rescuetime is one such website which allows you to track your habits and be more productive. It is also a mobile application which will run as a background, tracking the time spent online. It will give you a picture of how long you’ve spent on websites. It will also provide you with detailed records of your daily activities.


  • Set alerts to know the time spent on activities
  • Highlights accomplishments
  • Helps you to avoid distraction on unnecessary websites
  • Detailed reports on time spent in meetings and answering emails
  • You can pause it when you are out of control
  • Set offline tracking
  • Also, track your team activities

Price –

It has a free version called Rescuetimelite, RescueTime premium ( $9/month, $72/year with 4months free membership) and RescueTime for organizations (30-day free trial and then quote a price).

6. Buffer

Are you tired of visiting different social media pages to post? If your answer is yes, Buffer is a perfect tool for you. It allows you to manage all your social media at a place. It is a website which is very useful for businesses and marketing teams. It is a place where you can schedule posts, manage posts and analyze the performance. Buffer is compatible with both Android and iPhone.


  • Schedule and analyze your posts all at a place from where ever you are
  • Schedule and Set a time to post. Buffer will automatically post in the desired time
  • Analyze the performance of your posts
  • Invite and collaborate with your team
  • Schedule posts directly to Instagram and Facebook


Pro ($15/month), Premium ($65/month), small business ($99/month), Medium business ($199/month).

7. Spinbackup

Loss of data is terrible. With Spinbackup you can protect and backup all your data. Do you know that 49% of companies face the problem of data leakage? Yes, the number is high. The only solution is to safely backup and secures the data. Transfer your data to secure cloud storage on AWS or GCP.

It easily integrates with data backup websites like G – suite (Google Docs) and Office 365. With daily cloud to cloud backup, it safely reserves your data on AWS and GCP. Protect your data with automated cloud backup. It also protects the data against ransomware and other data with cybersecurity. It offers advanced data encryption and data storage.

Price –

G suite security+G suite back up ( $5/user/month) and Backup ($3/user/month).

8. Brand24

Brand24 is a social media monitoring tool which gives you access to online mentions and sales. Get real-time reviews of your brand mentions across the social media and influencer sites. If you’ve launched a new product and want everyone to know about it, influencing can do it for you. Brand24 allows you to have access to online influencers. You can also know your positive and negative mentions. It will help you reach your customers fast by engaging with the real-time comments about your brand.

You can also share your projects and analytics with your team. Find your customers before they find you. It’s is common that a customer tends to make a purchase only after searching for the product online. Brand24 will allow you to find customer needs with its special listening tools. So, you can totally analyze and generate them into leads.

Price –

Plus ($49), Premium ($99) and Max ($499).

9. Invoicely

Are you tired of paper invoices? Here’s a solution for you. Invoicely will help you manage your business and finances hand in hand. It is a free and secure software that will help you manage your finances. It provides you with fully featured and customizable business reports. This will give you an idea of where your business stands. Your client completes the payment through your invoice. It accepts all credit cards and other payment options.

Invoicely will track your bills, expenses and trips. Set automatic payment reminders and make a payment. Add taxes, discounts and let invoicely calculate everything for you. Not only the invoices you can also customize your logo, pages, login screen and icons.

10. Google Docs

Google Docs is a productive tool packed with spreadsheets, documents and slides. It is a free tool which allows you to store and share the files. It saves the files automatically without specially saving them. It will keep a track on to whom you have shared the file. As it is a cloud-based tool, you don’t need a connection to view the document or file. There’s an option of saving the files to offline mode in case of poor internet.

Unlike Google Docs, Office 365 is also a productive tool but it isn’t a cloud-based. Office 360 will cost you about € 80/year.

These are the few tools that can be helpful in your freelancing journey. Happy Freelancing!!

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