Tips to Adjust Your Content Marketing Strategy for 2019

In this digitalized world, content marketing strategy in one-in-all strategy. It is all about sharing information. The data can be of educational, insightful and entertaining. This ultimately earns traffic to your website and improve brand recognition.
Thus, effective content marketing tactics are constructed on two pillars that primarily comes under

  • A set of stringent, robust personas
  • Knowledge about the typical buyer’s journey

Whatever strategy you follow remember that the targeted users are keeping an eye on your brand to make a buying decision. Hence, each content you write should attract one or two persons in each stage of their buying journey.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is a kind of marketing strategy for distributing by creating a relevant, valuable and consistent content to allure clearly defined users. The sole objective of this is to drive successful customer satisfaction.
To be more specific, content marketing is the act of sharing insightful advice in a consumable format. This includes

  • Blog articles
  • Podcasts
  • Videos
  • Webinars
  • Posts on social media platforms
  • Infographics
  • Emails
  • Cartoons like meme
  • Quizzes
  • Assessments
  • Apps

However, among all these blog articles is the cornerstone for content marketing. It has become like a buzzword in the business world and among the common people. It gives access to more superior-quality information for low or no price.You can read it on a particular blog page completely free.

Benefits of creating a content marketing

This is very useful for businesses to attain their goals which includes

  • Generating Leads
  • Creating or maximizing brand awareness
  • Establishing thought Leadership

The secret for all this to add value to the content. But apart from business purpose, there is more to content marketing. Good content improves customer relationship by adding Tutorials, FAQs, and community updates. Create a shout out or share testimonials by promoting your company’s brand in a genuine way.
Secondly, with the content market, easy way of communicating has increased. Earlier it was TV and Newspaper which dominated the media and mass communication. But now it is all replaced by social media. Upload a video on Facebook, LinkedIn, or Youtube and reach millions of people globally and freely. Everything you need to pitch in for sales and PR is right on your fingertips.
Thirdly, From 2017 it is important to create content for building a brand. There is a drastic change in society and people. If they want to purchase a product they are first exploring the internet and reviewing the product, studying about your brand and then taking the next step. Content marketing is setting industry standards and impacting buying decisions.

Checkpoints for a successful content marketing

Remember that all content is created equally. To make sure you get the desired and overwhelming outcome follow these few checkpoints

  • It is not promotional information. The data used for promotional activity neither excites nor inspires.
  • Create content which is useful as the customers are always focusing on WIIFM.
  • Content marketing should close the gap by giving a solution to the business problem or a challenge. Merely giving information does not suit to the company’s growth. It will be a waste of time and effort for the organization.
  • Well-Written content will really pays off in the end. Poorly written content by putting all the pieces of thoughts only gives poor results and hurt the company’s reputation. Hence ensure that it is always error-free and in a wise thoughtful manner.
  • Provide testimonials and quotes through real metrics and statistics and create your content that is unbiased to the business goal.

Keep these rules in mind when creating new content and review it very often.

Tips for a successful content strategy for 2019

Content marketing evolved to communicate with people in a more official manner. With all the above you now come to understand that, it should be specific to the marketing objectives. Now let’s explore further and know how to create successful content marketing.

Have a perfectly defined goal

Before heading towards the journey of writing a content you need to figure out why you are writing it. A predefined goal will always leads to a successful content marketing strategy. Always have a well-determined questions like

  • What does the measuring strategy mean to you and your brand
  • Do you attain it with traffic or new subscribers
  • How many App or podcasts downloads do you need in a month/year
  • Will the targeted customers changed to conversions
  • Any social shares or engagement or video views

At the beginning itself frame all the answers and draft it by having a unifying strategy otherwise it will be difficult to reach the customers and the content falls flat. Understanding the goals helps in taking important decisions and cultivate a well-defined content marketing strategy.
When we talk about content marketing, the first thing that strikes our mind is blog writing. Essentially, new customers are more attracted to the blog posts than the email marketing campaigns. Hence, nowadays many companies are creating blog content and earning while blogging. But the ultimate aim should be to have a well-defined goal in mind. Once you have determined your goal, it becomes easier for you to decide on many users, viewers, listeners you need to attract in order to hit that target.

Publish evergreen and thorough Content

Are you involved with any kind of content marketing? Yes! Then you might of heard about evergreen content? No! Are you wondering what it is. Then evergreen content as the name suggests is the everlasting and timeless.They are in-depth examination of challenges/problems, solutions, statistics, research, topic or trends. If the audience search for a particular interest, this evergreen content help in finding massive information that brings value to the blog.
Maybe you are thinking we are publishing that evergreen content on a daily basis which is sustainable. But there is where you have mistaken. So, when we are speaking about this type of content it sticks in the mind of the users forever. It always looks like fresh content and relevant even for a longer duration of time. There will always be an increase in traffic.
Do you want to invest your time and money by knowing what features best describe evergreen content and what formats are available in this.
Here you are.

  • It is original and unique
  • Useful and relevant
  • Long-lasting
  • Detailed, thorough and informative
  • Searchable and able to rank with high quality keywords

Thus, it enables you to have a stringent online presence and build maximum rankings on Google.
Formats of evergreen content

  • Top-tips
  • Lists
  • How-to’s
  • Product reviews
  • Videos

Create the content for audience

Once you have clear set goals and know what type of content you want to create. The next step in the line is what type of audience you want to target. Who will be viewing, watching or listening to your content is the basic question you need to figure out. Clearly understand that who you create content is more important than what content you create. The most key in content marketing strategy is to know the key challenges of your audience and giving a solution for your targeted users. Educate them and transform by giving informative insights into your product. The first and foremost thing to do is to know the demographics and psychographics of the buyer persona.

  • Demographics are quantitative traits like age, location, gender, job title etc.
  • Psychographics are like attitude, values, interests, belief system

To find these information Google is there for you.
Having a clear understanding can nail the content and storytelling efforts. If you want to reach out to the audience in this digital media then be present wherever your audience is? The platforms like Linkedin, Quora, Instagram, Reddit, Snapchat makes your brand marketing easy.
To have more new customers welcome feedback and comments from the existing customers on to your blog

  • How do they think about the content in your blog
  • What are their most pressing needs
  • Is there any solution for their needs

When you analyze all this there are better chances for responding to the customers in a more informal way and help them. This inturn makes to care about your product more.

Build relevant content

If you already created a blog and publishing the content then it is a time to revive and see what type of content it is? To work on this, you need to explore what type of content types you are producing now. For example, if it is a Lifestyle blog then the pillars will be

  • Tips for self-motivation
  • Health and fitness guide for busy entrepreneurs
  • Interviews and stories about the most influential person
  • Any round-up posts

With these content pillars, ensure that you are hitting the correct niche for marketing your content.
The best tip to choose the niche your content is to know which topics you are most interested in. If you were about to give a speech on what interests you, what do you choose? Select a topic about which you want to write endlessly. This adds relevancy to your content. People automatically want to check your blog as they seem it to be similar to their search.
Another best approach to check whether the content is relevant or not is to analyze whether it fits to your goals.
For example If you own a blog regarding coffee plantations, instead of just posting the images of your coffee estate, you can also publish related information on how to make coffee using different ingredients, any coffee news or culture. Anything published in “World Atlas Coffee”, Some quotes and thoughts about coffee and takeaway cups and more.

Write catchy headlines

Writing content is one thing and but making it readable and ranked is another. This is where the title of the page comes into the picture. In this busy world, there will be a shortage of time and no one finds time to read the whole article. So what catches the eye of the readers is this headlines. This is what sells the content. They get displayed in search engines, on social media and even in emails. With this, there are a lot of questions which arises regarding catchy headlines

  • How many words should headline consists of
  • What words to use or words to avoid
  • Should you optimize for social media or search console

The answer for most of the questions you have are here under
Prior to venturing out the nitty-gritty of the headlines, first write the rough draft, for your working title and stay accurate. Moreover, these titles have to resonate with your buyer personas. For that know what is accurate for them. Once you are set with the buyer persona, try some of these suggestions and nail it.
Use alliteration
Implement a strong phrases and words
Make the format clear and visible
Headlines that include the word ”WHO” generates more traffic than the word ”WHY”
Though there are no fast rules as per the length of the article, it is always better to have less than 70 words.Writing a captivating headline

  • Aids search engines know what the content is all about
  • Social media platforms can know what you are sharing
  • Grabs users attention and have more clicks on the products

Build a more proficient Email List

Whatever content it may be, if it is not reached the intended user, then it will be useless in creating it. But before plunging into and leveraging the social media platforms it is better to solve the mystery with emails. Through emails, you can reach out to your potential customers and communicate directly with them. First things first, you need to start list-building and amplify the content. For this, you need to maintain a subscribers list and measure the analytics about the email campaigning. For this, they are many tools available in the market like

  • Mailchimp
  • Aweber
  • ConvertKit
  • ActiveCampaign

Like any other tools this can be downloaded and check. If it is not working you are free to uninstall this. But always go for the cheapest one and upgrade it if it working as per your desired. Every content you need to write has to be aligned with the goals you have. What is that you need to accomplish with this piece of content over a period of one year. The main aim for having a with email marketing campaign is to drive people for businesses by creating a brand or product awareness. So to allure the audiences we need to send the email types like

  • General campaigns and newsletters
  • Automated messaging
  • Communication that is relevant according to the demographics you have chosen

So based on these inputs you should send emails frequently. However, there are no hard and fast rules for sending an email of once or twice and create a valuable content.

Blog, SEO and social media

These 3 can work wonders if you want to succeed online. You need content to write a blog, boost SEO and for posting on social media. If you haven’t implemented any of these then it is the time to think over it. Anything you want to publish then it has to be supported by SEO strategies and on-par with social media marketing. While creating content make sure that it is powerful with all the relevant information.
Moreover, when the content is published on social media platforms then there are chances of getting
More views
Earn backlinks
Improves ranking
When there is a link to your blog from social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Linkedin, and other social networks then there will be increased in traffic. Social networking platforms help the search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo!, understand which websites are trustworthy and can be ranked according to the keywords.
In addition, create your own blog as it opens up the queries for coaching, training, inquiries, and other job queries. This all happens once you have set the right set of audience to your blog page by integrating with social media and SEO.

Content Production

Remember that the content which you need to create has to pass through all the stages of the buyer’s journey. This builds a strong relationship in the long-run between your brand and the client. The stages are

  • Awareness
  • Consideration
  • Decision
  • Retention
  • Advocacy

By using all the stages, diversify the content by a mix of content types that appeals to your audience. It can be a
Video: Live event, videos, podcasts, and online forums or conferences, webcasts
Visual: Infographics and slide presentations
Interactive: Quiz, reviews, surveys, comments, Test
Text: Interview, research Educational article, feedback, news, recap and more
PDF: Manual, whitepaper, E-book, Product comparison, Template etc.
By knowing all these, you have created the content by determining the types.
Once the article is published and you want to repurpose the article once again to the customers, then you can do it in any other formats like
Infographic, video, or slideshows
Creating a content clustering of the long-form article into shortened form
Connect all the shorter form of articles and create a whitepaper or long-form article
Thus using all these publish the article which is shareable.

Content Distribution

You have done a great job creating the content by spending your valuable time over the months and years. Next, it is time to distribute so to reach the targeted audience. It can be done through earned, owned and paid media. Integrate these three and provide omnichannel communication. By aligning your messages through these channels gives a clear picture to your audience who you are and your product line. Identifying the most relevant channel and resources saves your time and effort. Identifying and Specifying the right media channels saves your budget in a longer duration.
For example use
Pinterest for infographic, Original illustrations, and schemas
Instagram for visual story. This is most relevant to B2C and in specific areas like lifestyle, travel, beauty etc.
Snapchat for attracting younger generation
For distributing such content they are tools which you can access to ease your job
Through have an automated email campaign and create a personal touch instead of wasting time by manually sending them.
If you want to add email signature in a professional way use
By using share, promote, and track your tweets on twitter
Advocate your employees to curate your content and have digital engagements with and amplify your marketing strategy.

Create content that outranks your competitors

Getting your website on the top pages of the Google search console, is quite a lot of daunting task isn’t it? To achieve this you need to captivate the viewer’s eyes and build contextual links.
Before heading to the journey of creating content explore Google, Twitter and Facebook and analyze what type of content is ranking among the top 10 lists. Study your tough competitors and be in trend. It is always wise to be updated with all the industry news and know what’s happening all around. Know how to keep up the pace with the demands and changing circumstances. With digitalization in its place, the world has become a small place to live in. So every time you need to innovate something new that amazes your customers. This brand should help them in some way or the other. Studying your competitors and developing a new brand with a novel idea can have an edge over their content. This is how your content stands as unique amongst the others.
While engaging have something curious to know that surprises your audience. This can be a
Content length
Promote your content by making it better in all aspects. Content that does not surpass or ranks better in Google does not fit under the umbrella of high ranking sites. Hence spend more time in creating a content that outshines your competitors. Don’t rush to hit the publish button. Have a scheduled plan as to when and where to post them to gain more exposure than your competitors.


Content marketing is a powerful tool to promote your brand allure new customers by retaining the existing one. It is one of the fastest growing marketing strategies in this era of ultra-tech society. If you are veteran digital marketer then you will be updating yourself with the coming technological changes.Every minute you need to update yourself with the emerging new trends and innovate your content ideas accordingly. Note that the successful content strategy starts with a simple assessment. So make a thorough plan and head towards the wonderful journey. Along with brand awareness, educating audiences, generating leads, building trust you need to update with the changing trends. By starting with a plan head towards storytelling, embrace AI and video marketing and at last proclaim yourself as a great creator of content marketing strategy.

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