16 Mar 2021

How to Build Up Good Credit

Good credit is important if you’re about to buy a new home, finance a car, or get approved for a higher limit on your credit card. Unfortunately, when we make bad decisions with our credit, we can suffer for years and end up in a destructive cycle that continues to

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27 Feb 2021

How to Find Influencers With a Little Help From AI

Our life in the 21st century is full of AI. Alexa and Siri help us manage our daily life. Activity monitors can remind us to move around when we’ve been sitting for too long. And Google and Facebook know what ads to show us based on our search history and

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30 Jan 2021

How to Source Products to Sell Online

Planning to start a new e-commerce business? You must have found a niche product with a competitive edge to make great profits, right? But wait! Did you find reliable suppliers to source your products if you are not manufacturing them? Well, product sourcing is the most crucial step when starting

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21 Jan 2021

Top 10 Accounting Software for Business Owners

Many entrepreneurs know how important it is to keep track of their business’s finances. Accounting software helps business owners monitor the accounts payable and accounts receivable, file their taxes, bill clients and assess their profitability. With so many accounting software to choose from, business owners can make the right pick

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31 Oct 2020

Things to Do if Potential Investors Don’t Seem Impressed with Your Presentation

It’s frustrating when you start to present your ideas to potential investors and realize that they don’t seem impressed with what you’re saying. They don’t even hide how they feel. You can sense the lack of interest based on facial expressions and gestures. Since you’re still presenting, you might get

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05 Sep 2020


What are competitors? Every business faces some sort of competition. But the question is, who is your competitor?  The answer to this question is, anyone whom your customer may prioritize over you to purchase the goods or services is your competitor. Instead of another business offering a substitute, it may

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14 Aug 2020

How to Keep Your Personal & Business Contacts Separate with BYOD

Keeping your personal life and work-life separate can be a challenge when using your own device at work. However, it is not impossible to achieve this across any device that you decide to use. To help you find the perfect balance, we will be providing you with insight into some

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27 May 2020

10 Tips to Reduce Card Not Present Fraud(CNP)

One of the most challenging tasks for businesses that are operating online is preventing fraud. Especially the Card Not Present fraud which pushes merchants into huge losses both in terms of money and business growth. Card Not Present fraud AKA CNP fraud occurs when customers complete their transactions in the

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21 May 2020

Types of eCommerce Fraud to Prevent(InfoGraphic)

Infographic created by First Data, a merchant services provider.

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09 May 2020

Why is supply chain management important?

Define supply chain management:  The journey of a product from the place of its origin, manufacture and to the consumer can be traced through supply chain management. It handles and manages the flow of goods and services actively streamlining business activities to maximize customer value and gain a competitive advantage

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