How to use Twitter?

Are you a fashion freak who wants to have your online presence? Are you the one who wants to cut the clutter in the social media world?  To fulfil your quench twitter is there. In this internet world, Twitter is once-in for all. The digitalized world has turned the tables and making a valuable impact. It is important because it is engaging the like-minded customers and sharing great content equally. It is a great platform to have a real-time conversation with the millions of people globally.

Twitter is the place where links are bestowed, memes are added to the fire, and news is spread. It is a place to have a friendly conversation with the tweeters, friends, journalists, artists, athletes. Tweet the best content for the day. From Malala to President, you can tweet anyone and follow them. Twitter is by default a public domain, that means your shared content can go viral within a fraction of seconds.

Once you are in, this Platform offers a plethora of useful tips. Enjoy the Platter and show a great online presence on Twitter.

To add the posts and tweet,  you should have a user account free user account. All you need is a

  • Computer with WiFi
  • an email account

Create a Twitter account

  • Log into their home page “”. You can even download the app from the mobile app store. Sign in with your name and phone number. Additionally, if you wish to be anonymous you can modify your username as many times as possible
  • Enter the phone number which you have access to. This will help to ease of the next step where it will ask to enter the code sent as a text message
  • Your account will not get trolled and dismantled if you create a password
  • Select the interests or choose Skip for now. If you enter your interests, it will auto-suggest the all the single-minded tweeters
  • Pick out the avatar which best describes you. This will be your Profile picture. There are countless on twitter. Tap the “Edit Profile” tab and opt for the header photo. Read the Twitter terms and conditions once and select the one which is not in violation
  • Bang out with your bio and let the future followers know what you are up to and who you are within the realm of possibility

Posting that First Tweet

Writing your first tweet. Don’t know the way out. Here is the little mechanics for it.

  • The character length for the tweets is of 280 characters. For the long content, it might seem something substantive, but it is not. You can convey more even in a short and crispy way. Short is beautiful. For lengthier content tweet multiple times and create a thread
  • If you have to curate the lengthier tweet tap on “+” button on the lower-right. This will sequel group of tweets.  You can convey a larger point from this
  • Want to add a video, image, gif or a poll. Tap the compose new tweet tab. It permits 2:20 length video, approximately 500mb size.  Up to 4 photos can be added
  • While sharing the link, it will consider the character count. Leaving a space will save you from including the totality of the weblink as a character count
  • Use Hashtags conveniently. This will be a saviour for the larger tweets. The most prevailing one is shown on the home tab left side. As you know, they are clickable. Hit the hashtag and see the related tweets

Searching on Twitter

Twitter is not for getting along with your friends. It is all about following. You can follow your friends, family, favourite artists, authors and more. Even the parody accounts and robots can be followed. You may be following some of them while setting up the account, but,

  • Search for the celebrities or the personalities from the right-hand box on the homepage. For instance, If you are a book lover and a fan of Dan Brown, you can follow him for the latest tweets from him
  • This will auto-suggest the people you like to follow. On mobile, it can be visible in feeds. If it is a website it appears on the side of the screen
  • Using mobile? Then click on the connect feature. Twitter will send you recommendations based on your likes and tweets
  • Follow as many people as you wish. The count can be endless. But once you have followed 100-250 accounts, there will be a correlation between the people you follow and the tweets that show up in your account. Craving for more-Don’t stop keep adding but slowly

Lists and Hashtags

Twitter is a tremendous hangout area. It is a platform for open and rich interaction. View what’s happening in the public. Twitter is a friendly platform, where it filters occasionally and lets you see your favourite people’s tweets. It is a nice peculiarity that aids you in networking everything that occurred while you are offline. Still, you want to be on par, Here are few tips

  • Visit the person’s profile page and see what they have tweeted recently
  • Search for the event’s hashtag and click on the “Live” button and see the most recent conversations and tweets in larger
  • Turn on the push notifications for not missing the latest news and activities on the mobile app. This is really useful when you want to be up-to-date about the close vicinity, at the same time busy with your daily schedules
  • Use a Tweetdeck, a customizable app. You can make a limited number of private lists and see their tweets. There is an option in twitter also to make customized lists and keep your affinity intact

Go Private

By default, Twitter is public. Whatever you Tweet will be viewed by everyone. At times it vexes people a lot. You think of other ways of displaying the messages in private. For this change the account to private. By turning on privacy settings, you have to give manual permission to follow you and view your tweets. Most often most people love to be on the public.
If someone is annoying you with their tweets, bagging on you continuously- you can just block them, report their behaviour or mute them. All of these options are accessible to you.

Final Words

Twitter is becoming popular and intimidating day by day. Being merely an SMS-platform in the earlier days grew to become a web platform. Seen the tips for using Twitter for personal use and known the qualities that Twitter has, made it so powerful platform. Follow the above few important tips and enjoy Tweeting!!

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