How to Tweet on Twitter to Someone?

Twitter has become an integral part of our life. In fact, it has started as a short messaging service. Now became as a microblogging platform. Twitter handles are published everywhere from new broadcast channels to online publishing platform. Hashtags are visible everywhere from live events to marketing campaigns.

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Twitter is there on your personal computer, smartphones, tablets. It’s a multi-media social networking site aid to posts information. Converse through 280 character short messages. You can post videos, images and updates daily or frequently. You can like others, interact with them. Retweet your favourite post so that it gets broadcasted. Send a direct message to others.

Sending a Tweet

Did you signed-in to the Twitter account. Next what? Tap on the Tweet button. A box appears. Here you dip into the following actions

  • Type the message
  • Select the photo or video
  • Insert a Gif, share location
  • Blow your trumpet with a  poll
  • Use Twitter handle if you want to mention someone in a tweet. It begins with the “@” icon. Twitter provides auto-suggestions of users
  • Use hashtags along with relevant keywords. For instance, suppose you are commenting on the painting, you can use #art. or if it is for food you can go for #yum. They are numerous hashtags for each category. These hashtags are usually visible at the bottom of that screen.
  • To publish that tweet tap on “Tweet button” on the lower right-hand. The number of a character used is reflected at the bottom adjacent to the Twitter button. So, it makes easy to see how many characters you have used and how many are left to carry on.

Follow others

Search the username in Twitter to follow them. When the correct fit is found visit their profile. Click Follow.

Writing a Tweet and retweeting

  • To send a tweet, start typing the message in the box. It on the top of your home page.
  • Press “add photo” to insert a picture from your desktop.
  • Tap “tweet” to send.
  • A single tweet is counted as 140 characters and subsequent link or image is counted as 22 characters.
  • Followers can see your tweets automatically on their timelines. Whilst everyone else glances them by visiting your profile page.
  • Retweets, shortened as RT appears in the timelines of your followers, so if the high-profile account retweets your tweet, there is a possibility of thousands of viewing them. They find their way to your profile to know more.

Replying a tweet

What do you do if you read or see something awestruck?  Don’t you reply? Your task is also done easily on Twitter.

  • Tap on the dialogue button located at the lower left of the tweet and reply
  • A text-box pops up in which you enter the message
  • Click on the reply button
  • Twitter handle of the people or person appears. It makes certain that the message will be directed to Twitter users

Mobile Tweeting

This is the era of smartphones, tablets and desktops. The characters are limited to 140 characters. You can even send SMS texts. Add the mobile number in your Twitter settings. Link that to your account. Next, send your tweets to Twitter’s phone number. Some of the services even support images in your SMS texts. Skip the expenses of texting if you don’t have a tablet or smartphone. The app in the mobile support sending DM’s, writing comments, and posting tweets. Read your timelines and view other profiles.

Delete Tweet

  • On the profile page through the website go to your profile page on the top LHS of the window.
  • On mobile call for the option “me”
  • Click on the delete

Mentions in the Twitter

Having Twitter mentions is efficient ways of analysing your brand’s presence. It includes and increases conversation rates. Mention resembles the replies. To mention someone’s username in the tweet, use @ followed by the username.  If there is a mention in the username it behaves like a reply. To broadcast all your followers, use the name in the middle.

Send a direct message

Someone you prefer to have a private discussion. This can also happen when you and the other person follows each other. To message in private follow the steps below

  • Click on the drop-down menu adjacent to the following button
  • Tap “Send Direct Message”
  • Type your message in the window provided
  • There is no 280 character limit
  • Add a GIF, video, or a photo by using their respective icons.
  • Click send. This will send the message to that specific person

Questioning on Twitter

Twitter can be used to engage the audience and interact with you. They can even include questions. Twitter allows various options for queries and the public you desired to be. You can mention someone to signify you are asking them the question. Additionally, you can send a direct message to them and have a private conversation.

  • Compose the new tweet in the box on the homepage. Click the “Tweet” button to pose the question. This will be visible to every follower
  • If you are asking a specific person use “@” followed by the nametag. Though it is visible to everyone, you can intend the recipient.  Depending on the setting, the intended person receives the email notification also
  • Visit the recipient’s page and tap on “silhouette” symbol. If the person is following you, there will be a direct message. To send the direct message use this.


Twitter is a powerful and efficient tool for interacting with friends, breaking the news. It is a fierce resource for updating yourself and partaking in discussions. Sharing your tweets and experiencing the feeling of others are more fun. Once you get the hold of it, it is simple to post and interact with the audience. In fact, like a pro. Best of Luck and Have fun!!

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