How to Setup and start business in France

France is a country which is governed by the government sector. It interferes in various affairs of the business. It is not a country free for entrepreneurs. Many prefer to work in the public sector instead of setting up a business. The governmental charges are skyrocketing and getting insurance is a tedious process. On top of that, to reap the retirement benefits, France is a place to choose.
But as you know change is the spice of life, similarly France is changing from the past though it is a slow moment. The government has got up from the sleep and now increasing avenues for employment and encouraging a more pulsating economy. There are many cost benefits in initiating a business in this country. Indeed, in the recent survey, it is declared that France is the most alluring country to set up a business and create umpteen benefits.

Tips for initiating a business in France

  • Study the market and know the future prospects for your business and design a commercial strategy. They are various opportunities for real estate agencies, restaurants and bars, cafes. You find many in and around France


  • Run multiple chains of businesses in France and have different branches instead of sticking to one. Drop your eggs in multiple baskets instead of focusing on one. This is the mantra for all French business owners. So try to fit in that circle which serves the French market
  • Renting property is another business option to choose from which offers numerous business chains. But while choosing your location to be careful
  • Know how much it cost for insurance. Premium level for professional indemnity and public liability insurance are huge
  • Don’t commence the business until the registration formalities are done. Otherwise, you need to face the consequences by paying heavy fines

Starting a business in France is a big step. In fact, it is not a child’s play. Many entrepreneurs want to jump into the ocean though it is a daunting task. For those who want to take this big leap here are few steps you need to take and be on the France business directory and map.

Know their language

Start learning the French language once you planned to start a business. This takes time and effort but this is the most primary thing to be business expertise. The better you know their language the better the prospects will be. Profits will automatically grow once you are meticulous with their language. It also keeps you update by hooking you to TV, radio and French publications. While learning French, step out of your comfort zone and learn by all means possible. See this as an opportunity for networking rather than monotonous learning. Take lessons from the experts who test your language and rank you as beginner, intermediate, and professional.

Business plan

In whatever part of the world, if you are planning to start a business you need to have a through direction and plan. This lets you know
Where your goal leads to
What’s your mission and vision statement
What does your business mean to you and show investors how you value it
Make understandable and smart goals about the journey of your success. Make them available to your banker whenever they ask for it.
You need to know the place to market in France and who your targeted customers are.
The experience you hold and how much profits you earn down the line


The process of establishing yourself formally in front of the French government is the most initial step. Visit the business registration office or CFE. Depending on the type of business you start and took your stance approach CFE (centres de formalités des enterprises) office. They are five main categories

  • Industrial or commercial
  • Agricultural workers
  • Trades/Artisans
  • Service providers
  • Independent/Freelance expertise

Know the correct CFE for the kind of business you want to set up. You can either register online or in person. Whatever way it is you need to have ID or proof of your business address


Know what are the required paperwork necessary to start a business registration. Know how the tax system in French works and type of business it works for you. Know about any charges you need to pay. Any on-going charges like contributing to national insurance. Know about these and put aside a certain specific amount while you start earning.

Deposit Capital

To open a bank account, in a country like France, you need to deposit € 4000 euros of share capital. After depositing your share capital, it will be unblocked. Then you receive a certificate for your new business that usually takes at least 2 business weeks. If you changed your plan and decided not to go through company formation, then the money will be refunded immediately.

Legal Publicity

French law laid an agreement that when you start a business, you need to announce that in an authorized newspaper or any business publications. It may a bit old-fashioned but you will gradually take pride in knowing how far you have come.


When you deposit the money and receive the certification, you will additionally provide with a company identification number and registered number. These can be written on all the work-related documents and invoices.
Additionally, you also receive a welcome letter from taxation authorities with a VAT number. You can contact a tax officer for any further details as the number will be provided with the letter.


Now, you want to start a business and decided on the location. The easiest and quite popular place in France. Though in the initial stages there are few hustles n bustles. But later it took a big plunge and all the conundrums are easily eliminated. The scope for purchasing power in France is good as the GD growth is much more. They are well-qualified and intellectuals who give productive and quality work at the end of the day. It is one of the countries which a tough competition with Europe. There are a high-education system and a 35 hour work weeks. It has well-connected railways and many airports which made the neighbouring countries like Germany, Luxembourg, Belgium, Switzerland, Italy to expand their business opportunities. So to set-up, a business in France, complete the above process and start asap.

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