How to sell a website for the most money possible

Are you a website holder or a blogger just because you are passionate one about witting? Or did you find blogging as the quickest way to make money? Well, blogging is never easy. But the advantage is that all you need is a little knowledge and some money to buy your domain and a host which can be bought for around $100. So, is your website loaded with all the cash and do you want to make extra cash by selling your website? If yes, then do stick with the article till the end.

Wait, you can’t directly sell your website you need to follow or checkout for few things before selling your website. Keeping it simple, the question is how to sell your website for the most money possible in the best possible ways?

Here’s what you need to do,

1. Don’t make your website tasteless

You need to stand out of the crowd. Don’t build a monotonous website, there are ton already. Think of it this way, will you purchase a dress or anything that lacks uniqueness. No, right. The same happens with the websites too. If you want your customer to purchase your website, your website must be packed with all that valuable content.

2. Wrap it up with some additional features

To increase the value of your website, a website must be induced with these features,

  • Design

You will need to design a website that is compatible with both the desktop and mobile. Do you know that about 4.68 billion mobile users in 2019? The number is too high. This the reason why you need a mobile optimized website. It must automatically fit the size of the screen.

  • Simple layout

Your website must be simple and clutter free. It must be easy to navigate. Give your website a neat finishing. This makes your website to engage for a longer time than a messed-up website.

  • User-friendly

A website must be user-friendly and easy to navigate. Know your users and then design a website according to their uses. If you are in plan to sell your website you need to make sure your website is user-friendly.

  • Videos and visuals

With the videos, you can almost reach to 80% of the audiences. So, ensure that your website is embedded with some sort of related videos. The length of the video must not be more than 30sec – 1min.  This makes both the user and the purchasers to frequently engage with your websites.

Then the videos, visuals like infographics make a website alluring. But don’t overload the images. This makes a website ready to use a website for your customer.

  • CTA

Call to action is another important aspect that you need to include on your website. Call to action is like directing your customers the next steps to follow after reading your content.

3. Mobile first indexing

Want to be at the top on search engine ranking?  In order to thrive through the competition, you need to optimize your website to mobile first index. With the mobile-first indexing, Google will search for the pages that are mobile friendly enhancing the search engine rankings thereby increasing the website rankings. Mobile first indexing is not only for mobile, it means that you need to have a website that is compatible with both mobile and desktop.

4. Show them your money

Selling your website when it doesn’t generate any money isn’t a great idea. In fact, a customer will prefer to purchase your website only when it is profitable. For this, you need to monetize your website. To monetize your website you can use some of the following.

To monetize your website one of the best things you can do is to place ads. There are advertising platforms that can get your profits. One of those profitable advertising platforms is Google – ads. Google Adsense is the topmost advertising platforms. Google Adsense is user-friendly and easy to set up.

But, place the ads depending on the traffic to your website. In recent times many are using ad-blocking software that might affect the revenue of the website. So, have a brief analysis of the website traffic and then run ads.

You can also choose other advertising platforms like direct ads where sites profits are to sell the ad space directly to the companies.

5. Test, test and keep on testing before selling

Despite the website monetization, you need to test your website to make sure that your website brings up the most possible profits. The question is how to test your website?

There are many website testing tools like split testing. With this, you can test both the performance and the profits of your website. This tool will let you know which version of your website has got you the most profits.

In order to increase the conversion rate of your website. There are few things that you need to check out on your website like ads, headlines, shares, leads, call to action to check for the ways to be profitable.

Test in such a way that your customer can’t stop buying your website.

How to quote a price for your website?

Keeping aside the domain and hosting cost, have a look at your actual profits. The higher the potential of your website, the higher the price you can quote.

Handover a website to your customer that brings the additional profits not the burdensome website. You check out for all these options before selling your website. Make your customer happy with the profits through your website. Selling a website is an option where both you and your customer can be benefited.


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