How to Run Two WhatsApp Accounts in one mobile

Can you imagine, without a mobile phone in your hand for just a second? No right. Similarly, can you at least think of people without installing WhatsApp in their mobile? What a weird question is it? Not a single individual will ever stay without installing WhatsApp in their mobiles. This is what WhatsApp has proved over the years since its inception in 2009.
Jan Koum and Brian Acton prowesses have shown the way for the innovative messaging app WhatsApp.


What made WhatsApp unique in spite of having messaging services offered by your mobile operators. You send many messages to friends,  family and colleagues in a day. IN fact, there are 4.2 billion people who use their smartphones just for texting. Quite impressive. Isn’t it? But what has made WhatsApp so prowess that when you think of texting, the immediate thing that strikes your mind is this app. Listed below are few of the peculiar features which WhatsApp holds.
It operates through Wi-fi, where you can send personal messages to a single person or Group. You can add approximately 256 members into the group and send group messages.
You can even share images, videos, location maps, emoji’s, directions, contacts. What not you name it and you can send it.
This is the world of busy people. Hence push notification is much essential. You can view notifications even when the phone is locked and be updated on alerts, discounts, and special offers, advice, instructions, and any new perks.
WhatsApp has replaced traditional calls. For both local and international calls, you can use both video-chats, VOIP calls.
In the world of groundbreaking innovations, markets are lulling people into a wrong sense of security. But WhatsApp with its end-to-end encryption has taken utmost care of security.
With all its characteristics in its place, Facebook messager and WhatsApp is processing 60 billion text messages across different platforms. But do you think it is a single player in the market, that’s why it is gaining popularity among different users. No, you are wrong. They are different messaging apps like Viber, Kakao Talk, Skype, Wechat, Telegram, Chaton and more to say.
But people are getting attracted to WhatsApp and even installing two where they can use it for personal and professional.
Now, are you wondering, how on earth is it possible? Believe it or not, It is possible, as we have two sim card slots, one to maintain professional contacts and another for personal. Even individuals who are trying to maintain two WhatsApp can do so with few of the below steps.

Dual WhatsApp

  • Open a Google play store and type WhatsApp. A list of options will be listed down like WhatsApp Messanger with an icon, WhatsApp apps, WhatsApp status saver app, WhatsApp status video etc. Install WhatsApp Messanger and register your primary mobile number.  
  • If WhatsApp is already downloaded, ignore the above option and move on to the further steps.
  • Go to settings and type Dual Messenger or app Twin. Here you can switch to dual apps. It displays various available apps which you can set as twin accounts. Like Facebook, Skype and more. Tap on WhatsApp.
  • A pop-up menu appears asking to install second WhatsApp app. Click on Install. Click on confirm when the disclaimer pops-up after tapping install.
  • Now the icon with dual WhatsApp account has been installed. Now open the dual WhatsApp app. It displays the terms.
  • Tap on agree and even verify your secondary WhatsApp number. Click on OK. A six-digit verification code will be sent and it verifies.

If your WhatsApp doesn’t support Dual App or App Twin, Don’t worry you can still have a chance to go for it.  There are many third-party apps available in the play store.
Parallel space
Switch Me

Dual WhatsApp for iPhone

The latest version of WhatsApp has dual sim where you can have two numbers. Hence, you can install two WhatsApp fin iPhone also. One number for works and another for personal calls.

WhatsApp2/ Dual Messenger/ WZpad for iPhone

  • Are you using WhatsApp for the first time? Then download the app from the App Store. Open the browser “Safari” and type “iOS.Othman.Tv” Click on WhatsApp2 and then tap the green button to install.
  • A prompt to install pop-up. Click on Install.
  • After downloading, Go to Settings>>> General>>> Profile. Enable Trust VNE Software.
  • Now, setup WhatsApp2 according to the prompt and you’re done. Use WhatsApp 2 on the iPhone.

Alternatively, you can install WZpad app or Dual messenger from the App store and download WhatsApp.
As the year passes by, WhatsApp became a popular messaging app. Not only it serves as texting and messaging services. It is also a cross-platform where communication between Android and iOS users is easy. As a result, every household and business owners are preferring to have WhatsApp installed in their mobiles. Every employee and manager wants to keep business affairs and family affairs as a separate account. So, they are desiring to have multiple accounts for WhatsApp and not to be distracted while chatting in one of the group. In iPhone, you can have 2 accounts without jailbreaking your device.

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