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How To Promote Your Blog- The fastest way to get 1000 visitors per day

Are you a blogger? and how often do you promote your blog? to promote your blog is it enough to post it on social media? No, definitely not, it’s beyond that and it’s not that easy. Most of the bloggers get struck at the traffic and make blogging over-complex. As a blogger, your ultimate goal is to write for your visitors. When your content is unable to reach audiences, there is no point in writing at all. Good content is always the king that drives unusual traffic to your blog. Traffic attains the ultimate exposure of your blog online.

The amount of traffic has a huge impact on the number of visitors and subscriptions to your website. You can do anything with your content to promote your blog and one of the key promotion tools is SEO.

Before directly getting into the promotion, here’s a question for you, what makes your content worth sharing?

Here’s  the list,

  • Consistent blogging
  • Write an article which is above 1000 words
  • Eye-catching headline
  • Content which is reachable
  • Effective introduction
  • Add visuals and make it aesthetic
  • Write content that can solve your customer issues

Now, what are the ways to promote your blog in quickest way?

Stick with the article till the end to know all the tips on promoting your blog.

1. Create a useful content

Focus on providing the ultimate content that your reader wants. Write something that a reader wants from you, not what you want to write. In simple terms, Great content drives great traffic. Provide the content that is beneficial to your reader and understandable. Do not stuff your content with hard words. Instead, opt for simple terms. It is not about how many words you write, it about how well you can communicate with your user. Have your own unique voice. Interactive content is a way to connect with your readers, it is like having a conversation with your reader. This type of content may drive more traffic to your website.

Write an eye-catching headline, that attracts your reader to open your blog. Create top articles on specific keywords, how to, why and what type of articles. Summarize your whole content in the introduction because even when someone stops reading they can get to know the core of your content.

Research on high traffic keywords. Find keywords that get more searches on google. If your content is great and is first placed by Google, you get linked to the posts on social media and other blogs.

2. SEO

With the SEO you can attract all users across the world. After finding a keyword and inserting it in the post, you need to optimize your post for that keyword. Website optimization is necessary to get yourself placed top in search engine. After publishing the blog make it available for the people.

You can turn your readers to a long time visitors by asking them to subscribe to the email list and another way to get visitors is by posting on social media.

3. Post it on Social Media

You can share your written articles on social media where a lot of people check out your articles and if your article is beyond what they need they will share it. Unlike email subscriptions, this is one of the easiest ways to get visitors to your blog.

You don’t have to take a lot of stress on building your social media, posting your article does the job which drives the traffic both to your website and social media.

4. Get people to your blog to check your new posts

The simplest way to increase your traffic is by addressing people to visit your page by adding the link at the top of the navigation bar, top of the sidebar, ensure that the post appears on the homepage, category page, and on related pages. Another way is to ask people to share and comment.

The main concept of commenting and sharing is when you share a post and commented by your reader it persuades the other person to comment but not to get more comments.

5. Optimize your content

Google optimizes your content when you publish it. But, how do you make your content available for your audiences? to get better traffic to the website you need as many as people to visit your blog to increase traffic. People always think of it this way, one person visiting your blog and sharing the content doesn’t seem interesting but when 10 people at a timeshare your content, they might initiate to see your article to know why so many shares.

Optimize your blog by including the keywords in the headline, meta description, Introduction, first two lines of a paragraph, images and place it in the required places of a sentence. You can promote your post as many times you like but if the content isn’t good your post will not be linked to anything which decreases your google rank. Make sure to respond to your comments.

For the best results,

  • Have a page with contact address and phone number
  • Add HTTPS in website URL
  • Fix the broken links
  • Page speed just increased
  • Say No to duplicate content

If your content is really great, your bond with the visitors automatically increases great spikes in the traffic. But there will always be fluctuations in spikes.

6. Guest Blogging

The name itself indicates the guest post is writing and publishing an article for someone else’s website. Guest posting or blogging is one of the easiest ways to drive traffic to your website. It will help you present your content in front of new audiences,

Benefits of guest blogging

  • Provides high-quality Backlinks
  • Will let you know what people think of you
  • Increase social media presence
  • Build a blog alliance
  • Increased search engine exposure
  • Increases brand awareness

Also, guest blogging will help you maintain a bond with other bloggers. Focus on the popular blog for guest blogging. Care about your reader, everything just follows.

7. Ad posting per month

Facebook is the number one traffic source for websites. Produce great content that Facebook can drive traffic easily for you.  Ad posting is another quickest way to promote your blog. Run Facebook ads by targeting the right audiences. Use paid promotions to promote your blog. It is said that only one in twenty bloggers use paid promotions. Facebook ads are one of the cheapest ways if you are starting with PPC ads (Pay per click).

Facebook is one of the best ways to promote your blog as it equipped with advanced targeting tools and also provides detailed analytics.

8. Blog network

One of the fastest ways to drive traffic to your blog is by blog alliance. Blog alliance is a network of like-minded bloggers who work together to grow their blog faster. The blogging alliance members work together, share, comment and retweet each others content. They also promote each other pages, guest post etc., Isn’t it a great way to increase the traffic as well as to maintain connections with other bloggers.


You need to keep on running in the race to maintain the traffic you need. Business is all about passion, persistence and patience. Select a niche that you’re interested in not the one which is profitable. Keep your reader and the passion in your mind, don’t care about the ROI or profits. Have a steady focus on providing value rather than the results.

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