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How to promote Instagram page?

Did you start your desired business? Probing into the world of marketing tactics and wondering for the solutions for below questions

    • How easily you can promote the business?
    • How do you make more room to be on the creative side while promoting?
    • How to explore the spark and create new customers by retaining the existing one?

Bravo! For all the how’s  Instagram is here. This lets the users know who and what you are.

First things first what is Instagram

Instagram in short, Insta or IG is a visual representation of business can be presented to the people around the world. It is a video and photo-sharing social networking site created by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger back in 2010. At present Instagram can be viewed

    • iOS
    • Android

Through the above-mentioned devices, Instagram allows influencers to upload their videos, photos. These can be edited and be organized by having various filters and tagging them according to location. There is even the option of sharing the information publicly or privately. Users can be updated with the content posted using these tags, location and the trending news. They even have the options of following other users and like their content posted.
At present, the competition of Instagram has flown high and has billions of subscribers. To keep the pace with this competition, businesses have a look into the Instagram Algorithm. Match the contents with that and get a good number of traction with that. With all the tractions on the plate, the biggest alarming question is how to promote the Instagram page. Take a slight breath probe further for the ways of promoting Instagram.

Snap up with Instagram Nametag

The avant-garde feature of Instagram which works wonderous is the Nametag. Without a doubt, this will promote the Instagram account offline or online. To squeal you up with excitement, this feature has many uses.
To delve further about creating it, here are a few steps

    • Go to a profile page on Instagram
    • Click on the icon “Nametag” which is next to the archive button
    • There is a choice to change the Instagram Nametag background
    • Select a selfie or an emoji that subdues with a coloured background

Once this is done, you can save the image and use it creatively both offline and online. Below are a few helpful hints to climb up the ladder of Instagram

    • Share the image created on Instagram on other social media platforms like
    • LinkedIn
    • Facebook
    • twitter and more
    • Are you giving a powerpoint presentation, then add your Instagram Nametag at the end of your PPT. This gives an indelible impression for the audience to follow you on Instagram
    • Print the stickers, posters, brochures with the Instagram Nametags whenever there are events. This accredits the visitors to like and follow

Be in line with the competition

Do you know anyone who has the same line of business as yours? Do they have a complimentary service or product?  
Why not team up with them for a better collaborative competition. You can collaborate with one business owner or with multiple owners and win jaw-dropping awe-inspiring prizes. This is a long journey and in this journey, you encounter most of the efficient competitors. Sometimes with the new entrants also who are always eager to tag and follow your account. Tag them in the comments section to climb up the ladder.

Launch the promotional campaign and endorse in Instagram. Prior to launching the campaign have a caption in hand and be on clear terms and conditions. There should be even the cut-off date.

Cross-post or promote on other social media

If your presence is there on Instagram, Bang the other social media channels also. Create a profile of your business in one or multiple social media platforms. It can be on

    • Twitter
    • Youtube
    • LinkedIn
    • Facebook and more

In whatever place you think of the possibilities of promoting the content on other social media networks also. A takeaway from this cross-promotion should be either any giveaways or any exclusive offers. Endorse your social media user with the Instagram account and acknowledge them to follow, and update them with compelling news. Cross-promotion initially is a simple strategy and reaps successful results.

Spruce up your brand personality professionally

Want to showcase your brand on Instagram. Have a clear distinction between personal and business account. This is especially true for the pioneers. They should optimize the account and focus equally on the audience and products. The selfies, travel photos, and friends group should stay away from your professional Instagram account. Think in perspective of the audience and about their likes and dislikes and not your friends or their inside joke. They have to be personally maintained.
Additionally, this doesn’t mean, Instagram account should be flooded with all your products. But striking both the chords can give a nice impression for the audience to follow the account.

Be Hashtags your best friend

The great source for your business are hashtags on Instagram. This is a rule of thumb for every business account. It may be for visibility or for searching, hashtags are the best way to go. Like an adage, an idea can change your life. The hashtags can change the face of your industry. Hashtags need to be relevant. Once there is a good fit, use them in campaigns, get new followers and reach that extra mile with hashtags.

In Instagram 7 out of 10 are branded hashtags. That’s the reason there should be unique and creative hashtags to build up your brand. This makes users be aware of what you are and the profile. Blending the right mix of standard and branded hashtags helps in tracking the engagement level.


Instagram, the buzz word which is becoming popular as a social networking platform. There are millions and increasing the count of active users. By subscribing, you open new doors for your desired business. It helps in gaining a plethora of opportunities. It hits the target audience. However, you cannot post immediately and expect maximum hoi polloi to follow you. If there is a regular posting of quality content, the promotion follows you.

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