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How to post on Instagram from pc

Do you love posting pictures on social media? Can hear you. The voice is so loud. Who doesn’t love to post pictures? Pictures convey a message and with which your friends will get to know all your important events. Posting pictures have become easier and more common with mobiles. Posting pictures are compatible both with the mobiles and from desktops. Yes, you can post your pictures on all social media platforms through your desktops. But the one that is on hold in this process is Instagram. Instagram doesn’t have any special method to post pictures. It doesn’t allow you to post from your pc.

If you are social media marketer and it is very important to keep your social media pages updated. For a good quality picture, we prefer DSLR captures. This is such a hell of a ride again. You need to transfer your files from the camera to the pc. From pc to google drive. Finally, you need to download the desired image to your phone and then post on Instagram. Isn’t this a dehydrating process.

Every problem has a solution. Even though it doesn’t allow, many tech-savvy have found a way to still post through PC or Mac.

Here’s how you need to post on Instagram from your pc.

Google Chrome

If you are posting through windows, here’s how you can do it

  1. Open google chrome
  • You usually have to begin with the start button.
  • With this tool, all you can do is the only post. There will be no chance of editing the photos.
  1. Click on the drop- down
  • On the right corner of your chrome, click on the drop-down button
  • From the drop-down button go the More tools option
  1. Select More tools
  • Select the more tools button
  • Go to Developer tools
  1. Go to developer tools
  • Click on the developer tools page. Where you will find a pop-up screen at the bottom with a lot of codes and tools. This is called the developer tools page.
  1. Click on the mobile icon
  • This will be on the top left corner of your developer tool snippet. Appears as a mobile phone overlapping a rectangle. By clicking on this icon, it turns blue displaying the mobile version of the page.
  1. Log in to your Instagram account
  • Go to the instagram login page and log into your account. And follow the further steps given to log in.
  • On logging in it appears as if you are using Instagram from your mobile.
  1. Click on the +
  • This + is present at the bottom of your screen. By clicking on this it will direct you to the file manager, from where you can select the photo you want to post.
  1. Select a photo
  • Select the destination where you have your picture.
  1. Upload the picture and edit
  • Click on open and then upload the picture. There no special editing options available when posting from chrome. You just have the basic options like rotate screen and adjust the screen.
  1. Click next and add a description
  • When you are done with uploading the picture and editing it. Click next which will direct to a page where you can add the description, location or tag people.
  1. Click on the share button
  • Click the share button from the right corner of your screen.

Voila, you have now shared your favourite picture on Instagram. Now, once you are done with posting. Return to the formal state.


  1. Open safari – To open safari, click on the compass icon at the bottom of the screen
  2. Make sure that you have enabled the Develop menu
  3. Press shift+cmd+N to open a private window
  4. Click on the develop menu present at the top of the screen
  5. Click on the user agent where you will see a pop-up menu
  6. Click safari- iOS12 – iPhone. You can also use any other latest versions available
  7. Go to, this will take you to the login page
  8. Go through the instructions on the page this will take you to the login page
  9. Click on the + button which is present at the bottom of the screen which will direct you to the finder page
  10. Select the destined file location where you have saved the image
  11. Click on the choose button which attaches the photo itself into the post
  12. This type of upload is equipped with very few editing options or you can apply the premade filters
  13. Click next which will direct you to the description box, where you can add the description, tag your friends etc,
  14. Click on the share option

Hurray!!! Your post is added to your feed

Anything that seems to be harder seems to be easy and interesting at the end. This isn’t a hard way to post. This is, in fact, one of the easiest ways to post directly from your drive or from the desired file location. Posting on Instagram can be made easy this way.

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