How to Hire a software tester?

Hiring a tester is not an easy job any more. No matter how expert HR you are. At times it becomes a tedious job. With the change in technology, the skills of the testers are also keeping on changing. So, keeping up with the pace is not an easy job to do.
There are various questions to enquire and numerous details to delve into.
Hiring is a time-consuming process. A good tester will make the process easy by answering the questions posed. A good manager understands the following criteria

  • What is the best interview process
  • What are the questions to be asked
  • How long does the interview be conducted
  • How do the best candidate be chosen for the team

Job posting

The hiring process starts by writing a clear job post and primarily there are two main tasks

  • Selecting the right candidates for the team
  • Are the candidates collaborate themselves with the team

Hence, it is the process and the structure of the team where the listing of responsibilities is mandatory. An experienced tester may have complete knowledge about the context posted on the careers page.

Requirements of a tester

In the process of hiring, there are certain desired attributes which are applicable only to the testers. Now have a look at some of these traits so that the hiring process will be easier

        • A tester needs to be highly qualified and meticulous. Without it, the job of the tester looks topsy-turvy. The candidate might not know what test cases to use and when.
        • Testers have various tasks to do at hand. They have to prioritize things and need to be organized.
        • There should be a leaning-desire in the candidate. This attribute makes an effective candidature. This makes the process of testing quicker.
        • Being curious is the milestone of testing. Candidates have to find the solution for every problem to make the testing effective. The test cases are diligently written to avoid vague bugs. Curiosity drives the tester to really dig deeper into an issue and figure out the root of the problem.
        • Tester’s have the attitude of never give up. Bugs are often recurrent and the testers who quickly give up is not the right fit for the tester. There should be someone who finds the bugs and also pesters the team to clear these bugs quickly.
        • One of the most important traits of a tester is being creative. Testers have to think outside of the box and think of interacting with the system that the developer might have developed.

      Best practices for a QA manager

      QA manager has to keep the above requirements and job profile in mind and search for the right fit. If you are a QA manager then it is fairly obvious to understand the tester’s skill and follow the below tips.

      Understand The criteria on what you are looking for

      Before initiating the interview process, it is best to have a good understanding of what type of employee you are looking for. The skills they need to possess for a smooth running of the organization. By doing this, there will be a great advantage of filtering the interviewees. First, answer yourself the question which you pose to the interviewee and document them.Ask the same questions. Compare the answers and see how best they can match up to your level. Frame an opinion on the interviews by making choices based on the understanding level of the tester

            • Is there any communication gaps
            • How effectively can they work with the team?
            • How fast can they find the bugs in a well-organized manner
            • Do they have the creative skills along with critical thinking
            • Can they design the test cases effectively

      At the time of the interview

      Hurray!! one step ahead. You are at the interview panel. It’s the interview time now. Interviewing is one of the toughest parts of the whole interview process. This is where the potential candidate can be met and where the skills can be tested. Conducting telephonic interview at the start can make the interviewee know what to expect and what not. This will also help in filtering the interviewees and QA manager can know whether he is eligible for in-person interview. Here are a few questions a QA manager can pose at the time of the telephonic round.

                • Self-introduction
                • Questions about the testing projects done recently
                • The testing tools used in the recent past
                • Why this field etc.

      If there are satisfactory answers, then move on to the next process. The question will be a mix of personal as well as technical.

      Final Thoughts

      Finally, you had a new product and need a tester to run the tests. As a QA manager, there is a need for hiring a software tester. It is a great opportunity to meet new tester. The above-mentioned hiring process might have helped you in selecting the right fit. In this way, you are helping the organization in growing and achieving the desired result.

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