How to Hire a Software Developer at a Startup

Developers are the backbone of today’s software product. These software developers communicate, drain out your requirements, and flesh out your ideas and deliver a well-developed product. They are part of every SDLC process. They design, implement and maintain your product even after deployment. Making themselves a part of your company’s team from the starting day.  They, in fact, simplify the technologies and amplifies the opportunities of developing a well-functioned software
If you know the significance of developer and in need for your company do you know the method of hiring? Is it not a big challenge for you as a manager?

Of course not anymore.

In today’s world, everything is moving fast especially technology. Hiring skilled software developers is a moving target. Skilled developers are at the top of everyone’s mind. The challenge is finding curious candidates who solve interesting problems by enjoying it.
For this, there is always a demand for software developers. Hiring them is not as easy as this is a candidate-driven market. Though it’s not easy, it is not impossible too. As a manager of the startup, you can try it for yourself. But remember these imperative things before dwelling further

  • Passion
  • A strong Believer in startup culture
  • Hire an intern and make him a full-time employee
  • Conduct a practical interview
  • Outsourcing is not a bad idea

Once you have a thorough idea of who that passionate employee is, find the best place to advertise and follow the below few steps.

Get some hiring advice

Search the candidates in a much effective way by using proactive strategies.

  • Reaching out to an acquaintance, who is a successful developer, can help in figuring out for a potential hire. Contact them and see if they can offer any insights or advice about the requirements of a good developer.
  • Talk to friends or colleagues who have hired a good developer. Do you know anyone who recently hired a software developer? Go and have a chat with them and seek a few answers and suggestions from them about
  • Qualities of a good developer
  • Common pitfalls in having an eye on
  • How did they find the best developer
  • What interview questions did they ask when

Ask some tech savvy to guide you evaluate these potential hires. Are you a coder? No, then take some help in spotting the ideal fit. If you know any professional developers seek their help in the interview process. Invite them to interview the candidate with the key technical questions. Evaluate their performance on the project.

specifying requirements

The next crucial step in hiring a developer is understanding the purpose of hiring. Having a clear picture serves as an instrumental in finding the right candidate and getting them to apply to your job posting.
Are you from a technical background? Then defining your requirements will be second nature but for a non-tech entrepreneur, if you consider Taffy and  Flamingo are shades of Pink, you are on a rocky start. Educate yourself first, need not go in-depth but learn the basics. Do your homework and choose the programming language or the right stack you want your software product to be coded in.
For instance, are you on the lookout for the developers who builds a robust web app for your e-commerce platform? Hire PHP or WordPress developers. PLan to hire Flamingo developers. In addition, if it is for chatbot or blockchain integration then hire Python developers.

Organizing Hackathons

A great way to pool developers is to arrange Hackathons. The main goal of creating such events is to give developers a chance of establishing a hardware or software code and develop a well-designed product until the end of the day. Many software developers including interface designers, graphic designers, project managers and other experts participate in this. They collaboratively deploy these software projects.
In addition, online hackathons have the highest number of participants compared to other traditional events. Moreover, if there are no required funds, then you can also opt for sponsoring. Through these sprint-like events, you’ll be able to find the appropriate coders and the coding skills to operate. Showcase your integrity and solve interesting problems. This eventually builds a relationship with implied talents.

Compliant with programming tools and languages

In this ultra-tech modern world, programming languages stale much faster than fashion in London. Among the top 10 up-coming fashion capitals of the world Paris, NewYork, London and Milan are considered as the most preferable one. In a similar fashion, a recruiter should look for the desired developers who update themselves and be on the top of the list.
Don’t ask simple questions like “How do you print two duplicate characters from an array of string?” If you tend to do so, overhaul the interview process. Rather, focus on the stringent issues, like how the candidate approaches a particular problem when faced. Check whether the candidate is a problem solver or not.

Live Coding

In fact, being able to design, think, plan, code and communicate in the presence of the skilled interviewer is the stressful and toughest job ever. From the point of view of the interviewer, these tests are the most valuable source. The Live coding tests candidates

  • Calibre
  • Logical and analytical thinking abilities
  • Their talent for coding under extreme pressure
  • A weapon of communicating and collaborating effectively within a team

Generally, Live is conducted through screen sharing. Candidates are briefed about the project and observed as they finish the task appropriately. The ultimate aim is to have a constructive dialogue rather than providing a correct answer to the question.  At the dawn, the goal is not to construct or produce an excellent piece of code. Indeed, it boils down to augment an understanding of conversational setting and other dynamics.

Ask for programmer portfolio

A passionate developer must have a programmer portfolio. These showcase their coding skills via personal projects and gives a lasting impression. They can be of varying sizes and shapes. This ranges from a web page to their complex projects. Portfolios are the bread for the candidates

  • Development level
  • Reaching career goals
  • Focus on acquiring specific skills

Have a conversation, and see how he describes each project.

  • How did they use or integrate other tools or libraries
  • Did they well-collaborated with any other developers
  • Have they worked on any unfinished projects

Good communication always pays off and portfolios are the best source to present and explain the things.


Assessing developers has become an important step in any hiring process. According to the report, 60% of the recruiters say that it has become a challenging task for the startup to find the right fit. In fact, the majority of false hire drills down to the lack of specific technical skills.
Can hear you saying, Wait Can’t rely on the resumes, well no. Above can be a few hints for you to go through before finding the one. Numerous abilities in a developer can make one perfect talented programmer, in addition, to the technical skills.

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