How to go live on Instagram?

Have you ever heard someone saying videos are mind-blowing? While conversing, did they say, “You know these videos are like….”? Surely you must have.

This is all because of the Instagram Live which is creating a buzz all over.

For Instagrammers First, it was Instagram Stories and Now it is Instagram Live which shook the world in recent past. The latest news about Instagram is that users spend 8 times more viewing live-streaming videos than any other.
Another research said that 80% of subscribers spend their time watching live videos than reading a blog. Moreover, there are 82% of people who favour videos in contrast to social media posts. These researches all reveal that the future millennial generation prefers videos. Without a doubt, Instagram has hit that bandwagon by launching Instagram Live. This has marked the social media networking giants invade the Live-streaming floor.

Instagram Live allows you to have a nice interaction with the users and build rapport with them in different ways. They are even attracting new customers by retaining existing ones. This is, in fact, an enticing and fun way for businesses who are looking forward to connecting with new followers. For example, Users can send queries in the form of comments. Hosts can have face filters, invite viewers and meet them in the broadcast.

Benefits of going Instagram Live

Additionally, if you want to be ahead in this competitive world, then there is a need to go for Instagram Live. Instagram with its new feature of live-streaming, has some positive benefits

  • The Live-stream on Instagram when created with the interest of the users, draws attention and creates visibility
  • Live streaming creates curiosity among users almost like a thriller book. This makes the users come again and again. Like Instagram stories, Live is also ephemeral. So, there is every possibility for a user to have a heightened urgency feeling and not to miss their favourite part
  • People love to have real live conversations. As they are less possibility of having fake things, and more of authenticity Gen Z-ers prefer to value your product
  • Instagram live tends to give an insightful into the products and have a DM instead of “like”. Viewers can ask questions and have a two-way conversation. Live videos have lengthy views, which lasts for an hour. This has a maximum user engagement level

one in three customers has said that they are loving it and became tantalized in a product r brand after viewing Instagram Live.
After looking into the benefits if you are interested in learning of creating it just hook on to the article.

How to Start an Instagram Live

Instagram Live initially took its shape in 2016. Using it has been straightforward, and with little inputs, you can go live with high-quality, engaging streams. It is deserving of having a follower’s time. Below content guides us on going live on Instagram.

  • Log into the Instagram account from your smartphone. Though you have a desktop version. Watching from the mobile app is much more enticing and fun. If you don’t have an account create one either through the app or by the website
  • Next, navigate to the camera by clicking on the camera icon on the home page. This is the same camera, where you use to upload the photos to create stories. ¬†Instead, you can also swipe into your feeds
  • Once you open the camera, scroll down the menu until you reach “Get to live”. Over here the screen displays “Start live video”. Here you and filter your photos and have boomerang characteristics. Click on it once you are ready with all the embellishments.
  • Subsequent with a test that runs automatically, you will be live-streaming. Instagram forward notifications to your followers and make them know that you are on a live video now. Comments and the number of users who viewed will be displayed at the bottom. Your dream has come true. If you want to comment, Click on a comment, and tap post. To make more visible, tap and hold the comment. You can even turn off the comments by clicking on the three dots. If the keyword filters turned on, they will be appearing as well. ¬†
  • Once the live-streaming has been done, end it by tapping End live video on the top-right hand corner. An opaque screen will pop-up letting you know you have ended it
  • Save it and share your story. If you don’t choose any of the options then the video will disappear.

Viewing other’s Live streaming videos

you can view other people’s Live stream videos by visiting their profiles. If they are live-streaming, it will appear with a colourful ring around their profile picture. A penny for your thought, anyone watching the video can keep an eye on you when you join, comment or like the video.
If there is a shared live video replay it. You can only view but can’t write a testimonial on it. But the trick to hit on them is direct messaging.

Words for the wise about Instagram live

Follow the tips and tricks to have a smooth Instagram live

  • First things first, promote yourself in various social media platforms and let others know you are going live
  • Prepare yourself to have a professional broadcast video. Fix the sound, the lighting of the room etc and the phone’s mobile data or wifi etc.
  • Better plan ahead about what will go on live and have a title for the video
  • At times unexpected thing comes on your way and unnecessary comments crop up. The power of silence is there. Tap the “X” mark and mute them
  • On and off track your progress and see where you are heading in this competitive world. Take the screenshot at the end of the video to monitor the progress.


Text content was king and queen at the advent of Google. Then came the era of photo-sharing. Now its all about live streaming. It’s much more fierce and fascinating. It is eating all the Internet. It is skyrocketing. It is a sure way to go to the ladder. Having all its benefits by its side, create one live video-streaming and see where it lands.

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